Group and Ungroup, Tips on New BERNINA Embroidery Features

Group and Ungroup, a BERNINA Software feature

Wow, it just got easier and more convenient to make changes to an embroidery design project right on the embroidery machine screen! I like to combine designs and make changes, and now by simply using the Grouping/Ungrouping function, I can make changes to each individual element of the combination. And that’s not all, the Rearrange function will change the stitch order of design elements.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my embroidery software programs, all of them—yes, I have more than one. But these new time-saving and easy new tools make change no problem!

Using these built-in tools to combine designs and lettering for this Tea Towel Host project was fun, and it makes a quick hostess gift. I really love the Ungroup function for lettering—no more needing to bring each letter on screen individually when I want to change things up.

The new embroidery features for Group/Ungroup and Rearrange are included on the B 880 PLUS, B 790 PLUS, B 700, B 590, and B 500.

Group and Ungroup, a BERNINA Software feature, design

Materials for Quick Tea Towel Hostess Gift

Embroidered Tea Towel

Setting Up the Design

Save the embroidery designs to a USB drive in the BERNINA EXP format and insert the stick into the machine. Select the USB icon on the screen, and touch design #82020-67 (the honeycomb design).

Group and Ungroup, select motifs

The design opens in the hoop size closest to the design’s size.

Group and Ungroup, select motifs, open motifs

Touch the Hoop Selection/Hoop Display icon and choose the Midi Hoop from the hoop selection and close the screen.

Group and Ungroup, hoop selection

Touch the Information icon, touch the Altering the Size icon, and change the size to 120%. Touch the yellow “I” in the breadcrumb trail (navigation display).

Group and Ungroup, resize motif

Touch Rotate Motif and using the using the Upper Multifunction knob, turn it to the left to rotate the design approximately -30 degrees.

Group and Ungroup, rotate motif

Touch the yellow “i” in the breadcrumb trail to return to the Editing Menu.

Group and Ungroup, i menu

Touch Duplicate three times for a total of 4 honeycomb sets.

Group and Ungroup, duplicate

Touch Layer 1 in the Layers Panel to move and position the first honeycomb set using your fingertip, stylus, or the Upper and Lower Multifunction knobs.

Group and Ungroup, reposition

Continue to select and position layers 2-4 as shown in the image below.

Group and Ungroup, reposition multiple

Scroll down and touch the Group icon. Touch Layer 1 and touch the Group icon (one with the +). Continue until you have all 4 honeycomb sets combined. Touch the Add Motif icon (the + above the combined design) to add a new design.

Group and Ungroup, group motifs

Select and touch design #82020-72 the Bee.

Group and Ungroup, add motif

Move the bee into position on the lower honeycomb set.

Group and Ungroup, position bee

Touch the Add Motif icon to add the lettering. Touch the embroidery machine icon, touch the Alphabets folder.

Group and Ungroup, add alphabet

Touch Font Swiss Block. (This font is on all the machines listed in this blog, but will have a different number.

Group and Ungroup, Swiss block

Touch lower case letters and enter text “bee happy”. Touch the green check to Confirm.

Group and Ungroup, enter text

The lettering appears on the Editing Screen.

Group and Ungroup, edit screen

Touch Altering the Size and change the size to 80%.

Group and Ungroup, resize lettering

Touch the yellow “i” in the breadcrumb trail.  Scroll down and touch the Group icon; touch Ungroup. Now you will see there is a layer for each letter and each can be worked with individually.

Group and Ungroup, ungroup lettering

Touch each letter layer and position into the Honeycomb shapes to create letter tiles. Use the Multifunction Knobs to fine tune the position of each.

Group and Ungroup, reposition lettering

The Zoom (+) will also help with positioning by enlarging the area for a closer view. Touch Zoom (-) when finished.

Group and Ungroup, zoom in

To group the lettering together, touch Layer 3 (the letter “b”) and touch Group, touch Group +.  Repeat this step until all the letters are grouped on Layer 3.

Group and Ungroup, regroup lettering

Arrange the stitching so the lettering “bee happy” stitches before the bee design.  Touch the yellow “i”.  Scroll down, touch the Rearrange icon. Now touch Layer 3 (be happy), and touch the down arrow one time. The bee design will now be Layer 3 and the last design to stitch out.

Group and Ungroup, rearrange stitchout

Close the Information Screen. The design is ready to stitch.

If you desire to change the colors of the lettering, touch Color Information. Select your brand of thread, and you can easily input thread color numbers and change the appearance of the color on screen.

Group and Ungroup, color number

Continue to work through the color sequence to change the elements that you wish to a different color.

Group and Ungroup, recolor

I changed all the lettering colors to Isacord 1701.

Group and Ungroup, stitchout screen

Remember the machine will stitch whatever color you thread the machine with—you are in charge!

It’s time to stitch.

Prepare your tea towel for embroidery using the temporary spray adhesive to attach the Ultra Clean & Tear Stabilizer to the back of the towel. Hoop the prepared towel in the Midi Hoop. Following the prompts on the embroidery machine, attach the hoop and stitch out the design. There you have it—a quick and easy gift or a new item just for you. “Bee Happy”!

Group and Ungroup, a BERNINA Software feature, design

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