Embroidered Cutesie Collar

Accessorizing with jewelry has never really been my strong suit, but I recently purchased a removable collar and was inspired to create some collars of my own. Not only is this a perfect medium for some machine embroidery, it can really up your style game by transforming a regular T-shirt into something special. Make one for yourself or for the little girl in your life.

Embroidered Collars

Materials to Create a Cutesie Collar

Embroidered Collar tutorial - supplies


Steps to make Cutesie Collar

Step 1: Create Embroidery Design

The new B 590 sewing and embroidery machine has many useful built-in embroidery software features. One of these new features is Group/Ungroup, which allows you to ungroup the layers of an existing design. Then you can isolate and duplicate or remove individual elements of the design. For the video of this project, I used the Corsage design from Scout #80141 and I ungrouped then copied and mirrored to create an addition set of leaves to go along the inside edge of the collar.

Go to the information menu, then select Group/Ungroup.

Embroidered Collar tutorial - select group function

Then select Ungroup.

Embroidered Collar tutorial - select ungroup

All the layers will then separate.

Embroidered Collar tutorial - ungrouped

Next, use the up and down arrow buttons to go to the layer(s) you want to duplicate. Use the breadcrumb navigation to return to the main information menu and select Duplicate.

Embroidered Collar tutorial - select duplicate

I duplicated two layers (numbers five and six) for the leaves and their details. Then you can group them together and they will work as one layer. To do this, select the bottom most layer of the motifs you want to group (layer 8) and then select Group.

Embroidered Collar tutorial - regroup

The layer that is above the selected layer will group together to become one (layer 8).

Embroidered Collar tutorial - grouped layers

Then I can mirror and move my grouped leaves into place.

Embroidered Collar tutorial - duplicate and move

Once I like the way it looks, I am ready to regroup the entire motif. Again, start by selecting the bottom most layer and select Group to join the layers above until everything is in one layer.

Embroidered Collar tutorial - completely regrouped

Now I can duplicate the entire motif and create a mirror image to embroider on each side of my collar.

Embroidered Collar tutorial - two motifs

Step 2: Prepare the Fabric

Download the pdf pattern for Adult or Child size collars.

Cut out fabric for the exterior (embroidered side) and lining. Add a fusible stabilizer to the exterior fabric to help stabilize the embroidery design.

Embroidered Collar Tutorial - cut pattern

Mark the center placement points for the embroidery design on the collar.

Embroidered Collar Tutorial - mark placement

Hoop a sticky stabilizer, like OESD Stabil Stick, and remove the paper to expose the adhesive. Stick the ends of your collar down on to the stabilizer.

Embroidered Collar Tutorial - hoop

Use Pinpoint Placement to place your motifs in alignment with the markings you created in the previous step.

Embroidered Collar Tutorial - pinpoint placement

Once the embroidery is finished, use the OESD Press Cloth to set the embroidery in place and remove wrinkles.

Step 3: Sew the Exterior to the Lining

Attach Patchwork Foot #97D to your machine and engage Dual Feed. Attach the seam guide to the free arm and set the guide for a 1/4” seam allowance.

Embroidered Collar Tutorial - attach presser foot and guide

Sew the exterior and lining collar pieces together. Leave a 2” opening on the inside neck of the collar. Trim seam allowance to approximately 1/8”.

Embroidered Collar Tutorial - sew together

Turn the collar right side out and use a point turner to get a nice sharp corner.

Embroidered Collar Tutorial - point turner

Finally, press the collar.

Embroidered Collar Tutorial - press


Step 4: Finishing Details

Using a ladder stitch, hand-sew the 2” opening closed.

Embroidered Collar Tutorial - sew closed

Hand-sew a hook and eye fastener at the collar corners.

Embroidered Collar Tutorial - hook and eye

Enjoy using the collar to accessorize even your most basic T-shirt!

Embroidered Collar Tutorial - finished

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  • Can’t wait to try one of these! I can think of so many ways to add embellishments……buttons, sequins, crystals, cording, etc, etc. I am so excited!

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