Machine Embroidery Tips and Techniques + Giveaway!

Welcome to our 125 years celebration of the BERNINA company! We’re celebrating by bringing you lots of inspiration and today we’re taking a closer look at machine embroidery! Check out our post full of tips and techniques for successful machine embroidered projects. As a bonus we’re giving you the chance to win great prizes, scroll to the bottom of the post to find our anniversary giveaway!

Machine Embroidery Tips and Techniques

Machine Embroidery Tips

If you’re new to owning an embroidery machine, we have a series of Embroidery Basics to help you get started.

Design Positioning in Machine Embroidery - Supplies

Before you start your first machine embroidery project, make sure you have all the basics! Read up on the 7 Essential Embroidery Supplies here at WeAllSew.

Holiday Banner, Deck The Halls - hooping

The success of your project is determined by how you hoop your project. Learn all about the Machine Embroidery Hoop and how to use one here.

mark center


If you want to make absolutely certain that your design will fit in your project, print a template to assist in placement. Learn all about printing a template in this Marking and Hooping Your Project tip here, and learn how to use printed templates to arrange multiple design compositions in this Paper Templates tip.

Modern Monogram hoop cuff

How do you embroidery something that won’t fit in the embroidery hoop? Learn the basics of the un-hooped method in the Hooping Without a Hoop tip.

Aligning Centers for Hoopless Embroidery

When using the un-hooped method, it’s important to align your center marks as closely as possible. It’s easy to do with one of these Two Techniques for Aligning Centers in Hoopeless Embroidery.

Preparing the Embroidery Hoop

How can you embroidery in tight places like sleeves, pant legs, or an itty bitty onesie? It’s no problem when using the Adapter Set and Free-Arm Embroidery!


Machine Embroidery Techniques

Embroidered Hat with Toolbox

How to hoop a hat? It’s no problem to embroider a hat with the BERNINA Hoop ‘N’ Buddyz hoop insert and a compatible embroidery machine! Learn all about this special hoop in the Embroidered Hat tutorial here.

Embroidered Jeans

Add a fun touch to your denim with the Embroidered Jeans tutorial from WeAllSew.

Want to give some new life to an old shirt? Get inspired to add embroidery in the Embellish a Shirt With Embroidery tip post.

Modern Monogram finished

Or, add an elegant but simple touch to a shirt with the Modern Monogram tutorial.

DIY Embroidered Merit Badge

Turn your favorite embroidery design into a fun patch, ready to attach to your backpack or jacket! Find out how to create a patch with embroidery designs in the DIY Embroidered Patch tutorial.

Leather Monogram Patch

Create an embroidered monogram on leather for a sturdy, personalized patch. Learn how to create a Leather Monogram Patch in this tutorial.

Toolbox Lettering Quilt Label

Last but not least, use your embroidery machine to create one-of-a-kind, customized labels for your quilts. This is especially important when gifting a handmade quilt, as a sturdy embroidered label will record the date and information about the handmade gift. Find out how to make an embroidered Quilt Label here.

Machine Embroidery Giveaway!

One lucky WeAllSew reader will win this fun prize package including one pair of Tula Pink 6″ Bent Trimmer scissors, one Zirkel Magnetic Pin Holder, and one assortment of six Isacord 1000 meter spools of thread! A combined value of $75.00!

Tula Pink - 6-inch-Shears

Zirkel Magnetic Pincushion

Isacord 1000 meter thread spools


All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question,

“What is your favorite embroidered project to give as a gift?”

The the giveaway is open through Monday, November 19th, 2018.

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by November 19, 2018 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Good luck!

387 thoughts on “Machine Embroidery Tips and Techniques + Giveaway!

  1. I did an embroidery- in- the- hoop project that was a Christmas tree ornament with an open pocket. I embroidered a name on each one for my grandchildren and send their parents money each year to put in the open pocket.

    1. My favorite item to give is a reading pillow with a fun embroidered design related to reading. I love to give these pillows to kids. The pillow has a pocket which is what I embroider on and they can use the pocket to store their book or color book or other item. It is great for trips, they have their pillow with them if they want to take a nap and it holds their book to read or color book to help keep them busy while they are driving or flying to their destination.

    2. I love making gifts using my embroidery! A quick gift I often make is a kitchen towel. Being able to embroider has taken my sewing to another level! I enjoy sitting in front of my 780 and creating!

  2. My favorite embroidered project was making reading pillows for all my grandchildren and nieces and nephews this year. I added a special book in each one and cannot wait to see them open them. Love my Bernina 830.

  3. One of my favorite gifts for family members is seasonal embroidered placemats, i.e., Christmas, Thanksgiving and birthday for each member of my three sons’ families. I used designs that were a combination of embroidery and applique from various Bernina collections, and added each persons name, as well, using either the font from the embroidery collection, from Bernina software and/or built-in fonts in my B880 PLUS.

  4. I am in the process of machine embroidering a design along the cuff of pillow cases that will become a gift! The other item I like to embroider and give are pot holders.

  5. My favorite embroidered project to give as a gift was a baby lap quilt and matching bib. I had a little help with the color selection from the would-be mom.

  6. I’m a brand new embroidery machine owner. So far potholders have been my favorite gift. Looking forward to making many different gifts in the future as I learn more about my machine!

  7. I’m not sure if we still my favourite thing to embroider, but I seem to wind up putting names on a lot of the projects I make along with my “signature sewing machine or hummingbird”

  8. I like to embroider napkins as a gift, whether I make the napkins myself or use purchased ones. I can personalize the motif for the season/occasion or the person who will be the recipient. These are especially appreciated by people who prefer not to use disposable products. A simple “Bon Appetit” is a good motif.

  9. Every Christmas I make new lace ornaments for all our childrens’ families. They now have small trees with `Nanas’ Ornaments ‘ on them and it makes me very happy that I have given them memories for their future Christmases.

  10. My favorite gift to give away is embroidered mugrugs. I donate many to our craft sale at church every year and then make many for family and friends besides!

  11. SO far, the items that got the biggest hand claps and jumping up and down from the wee ones were their special tooth fairy pillows! You can customize the theme to each kid. One of them here was into minecraft, so he got a minecraft themed one… etc etc.. I love to embroider on plain shirts for myself..

  12. I’ve only had the embroidery module for my 750 QEE since spring – have made some Christmas ornaments already, but my favorite was learning how to make embroidered Christmas cards at a recent class at my quilt shop in Boise.

  13. Exciting doesn’t even describe the happiness of my Bernina. I started with smocking GD clothing and then BAM! The machine embroidery took over. Bibs, blankets, nightgowns on and on. Now its TShirts, gym bags etc.
    Custom, personalized baby items will always be my favorite gift.

  14. My favorite embroidered project is a rippled butterfly quilt that I just made for my 90-year young mother for Christmas. There were 20 butterflies, each different. It was so much fun deciding on the colors of each butterfly. I framed them in solid Kona cotton to accent the color of each butterfly. I embroidered the butterflies on Kona black and quilted with a crosshatch. It is sooooo beautiful. She is going to cry when she gets it. I can’t wait to give it to her.

  15. I use my embroidery machine to make gifts for family and friends. My favorite embroidered project to make as gifts is pillow cases for the kids with their names embroidered on them!

  16. I like to embroider tea towels that I donate to my church. The towels are sold at a bazaar during our local Pennsylvania State Flaming Foliage Festival. The towels are decorated with recipes or holiday themes.

  17. I make personalized baby blankets with my own design created in Bernina software. I put “a star is born” along with the name and date, weight, etc……. it’s a great keepsake!

  18. The gift I gave one year that seemed to be appreciated most was metallic gold embroidered bookmarks by OESD with the various titles of Jesus. It was Christmas gifts for the ladies in my Bible study group.

  19. I love doing embroidered quilt labels which tells my name, the name of the recipient, and the date or occasion. It’s so easy to forget things as time goes by.

  20. My favorite embroidered project to give as a gift is a personalized Christmas ornament. usually, I embroidery the person’s name on the ornament and then I embroider something that has to do with a hobby or sport they enjoy. I also made one for my Kayak Club Christmas party that had a kayak on it and said, “Adventure Awaits!” I love Bernina!

  21. I new way to use your beautiful Bernina embroidery machine. I needed my doorbell fixed. It did not ding any longer. So, the lady across the street volunteered her husband. Well…I said I will trade you services. She had pillowcases that she wanted me to embroidery her grandchildren’s names on the ends. My doorbell was repaired to new. And, I had fun putting 5 children’s names on pillowcases for wonderful Christmas gifts. I call that a win/win!

  22. My favorite gift is a small basket with a roll of embroidered toilet paper, matching embroidery on a bar of soap (resized to fit) and a guest size towel with embroidery to match (probably resized a bit larger).

  23. As a new owner who just had her first lesson, i am looking forward to making personalized napkins for the family for the different holidays. Also, have to make a Christmas stocking for our newest granddaughter.

  24. My favorite project that I did as a gift was to embroider 4 designs on organza and put each in a 5×5 frame that were hinged together and then had a votive candle in the middle. I gave one to my mother and another to my mother-in-law. My other project that was really fun to do is tiny Easter baskets that I put on the table for each person and then they got to take them home after the meal.

  25. One year I made kitchen towels for the adults/families and for the kids make embroidered designs on bath towel sets, hand towels and washcloths. I’ll try pillow cases this year.

  26. My most memorable project was a Christmas gift for my son who not only just completed his pilots license, but is building his own plane. It said “Pilot”. He was thrilled. It is now so worn he has asked for another, with his plane below it!

  27. I make a doll for all the newborns in our family. I embroider the hat with the child’s name and an appropriate design. Daisy’s name was embellished with a daisy. Those Isacord threads will look great in my collection.

  28. My favorite gift to embroidery are beach towels or other items with my grandchildren’s name on them. They love them and they are easily identifiable for them to claim when they are in a group at a swimming pool or at the lake. Great for college too, so they can ID their towels and sheets.

  29. My favorite gifts to embroider are dog bandanas or dog coats for my friends and family with furry family members. Hand towels with their family crest or monogram is another favorite.

  30. My favorite embroidery gift is the label I embroidered for my sister’s quilt, which was the first full sized bed quilt I ever did. It states simply that “God’s plan made us Sisters”, along with the Scripture reference and some flowers in an embroidered square. It has her name, then, love from me.

  31. I love making pillow cases for the grandkids and putting their names and some kind of design. And I also give them towels with their name and a design on them.

  32. I love to make personalized baby bibs, using the baby’s name and a sweet applique too. I’ve made at least 100 of them and they are worn for years! They make great gifts that are unique and special!

  33. Thank you for all the ongoing suggestions & project ideas. My favorite embroideried item to give away is FSL ornaments at Christmas time as my GrandTwins have always enjoyed them. Second favorite is to do embroidered baby quilts.

  34. My FAV embroidered gifts are Christmas stockings… with the names embroidered on the cuff. I like to give Christmas stocking ANY time of year. They are great for new babies, bride and groom, new pets, holiday visitors, etc. Just make sure you set aside sufficient fabric to make matching stockings as the family grows! (Or sometimes I will include several blank ones for the future with an offer to embroider when needed.)

  35. I am a very new embroidery user. My favorite project is to make labels for my quilts. Thank you for these instructions and comments, they so helpful for beginners like me.

  36. My favorite embroidered project was a quilt of England and Ireland with the names of the shipping lanes, an embroidered galleon and compass. I also marked the towns where all the family members were born.

  37. My favorite embroidered gift was a quilt of England and Ireland with the names of the shipping lanes, an embroidered galleon and compass for my parents. I also marked the towns where all the family members were born. I love to give embroidered gifts that are personalized for the receipient

  38. New to machine embroidery so far I like all that I’ve made. I have made bookmarks a couple of trivets and tags for back of children’s quilts I have given away. Looking to do a major project with a hot air balloon for a fleece jacket for a pilot my husband and I crew for. The design has 66,919 stitches. Your stabilizer e-book is very helpful.

  39. My favorite embroidered gift is bags of all kinds … tote bags, cosmetic bags, zipper bags, travel bags, grocery bags, swimming bags. All embroidered with fun personalized images, designs, and/or monograms, etc. for the person and occasion. A thoughtful one of a kind gift and useful too!

  40. Seasonal potholders have been the most personilized gift done with embroidery and applique! It was so fun and exciting to choose specifics for that special gift.

  41. I actually have two projects I like to give. First I give trinket trays with the person’s monogram embroidered in the center (used that as my going away gift to my work buddies when I retired). Second is a monogrammed makeup bag using laminated fabric in the inside. Works for both men and women depending on the style.

  42. It’s a toss up between personalized baby blankets and reading pillows! I find designs based on baby room decor or parent likes, or in the case of the pillows, birthday party theme. My most recent pillow design used flamingo-based fabric, since the invitations said “Let’s flamingle’. I also make pillowcases with the party theme, and it’s been a big hit. Love my toys.

  43. I have the Bernina 870 sewing and embroidery machine. I do a lot of embroidery as well as using embroidery motifs to quilt my quilts. I just ordered the upgrade of the Design Plus software Version 8. OMG. Am I going to be busy!

  44. I have been making small animal wall hangings for my grandsons since they were babies (they still are). I add a new one for each of their rooms each year. The collection is growing.

  45. My favorite embroidery project to give as a gift is tea towels or kitchen towels. They are great for holiday gifts and houseguest gift when I travel and stay with family and friends. I recently embroidered a baby blanket for my newest grand daughter and that is my favorite right now.

  46. One of my favorite things to embroider is a personalized Birthday bib for the little people in my life.
    I find a cute embroidered appliqué to match the party theme, one that shows the number and of
    course their name. It is worn at the party and enjoyed throughout the year.

  47. I embroidery a Christmas ornament for each of our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren, plus a few extra. At least 25 each year. This year will be the new OESD ornaments.

  48. I too am brand new to machine embroidery, so new that in fact I haven’t embroidered anything yet. It’s kind of intimidating, but I’m looking forward to learning. I would like to embroider designs or sayings on tote bags for gifts.

  49. I like giving monogrammed towels as gifts. They are great for weddings, housewarming, and graduations. For teens and monogrammed towel wraps or beach towels are great.

  50. My favorite gift to give is towels with childs name embroidered on them or fleece blankets. My grandkids love that they have their name on them. My daughter finally had me make one for her husband because he was the only one in the family without a towel that had his name on it.

  51. My favorite embroidery project for gifting has been coasters made with wool felt- I double layer the felt for sturdiness, and make sure all edges are caught in the stitching. It is a ‘take’ on the old Penny quilts. The are cute-and quick!

  52. My favorite gift given last Christmas was an ITH cross-body cell phone purse….an Embroidery Garden’s pattern. It has several small pockets for driver’s license, credit cards etc. I stuffed them with gift cards for my 5 teen & young adult granddaughters. By the way….I LOVE MY OESD EMBROIDERY PRESSING CLOTHS! Game-changer!!

  53. My favorite project to giveaway is Christmas tree ornaments. I incorporate the recipient’s name and current year into the design to make each one special.

  54. I make a unique gift for each of my kids, they are older now. I made a paint brush holder and embroidered something special to them and then use it for the Christmas cash. I also make stacking bowls with embroidered items.

  55. I use my embroidery machine to make wall hangings for new babies. I make a three panel quilt with a fun design in the first and third panels and information about the new arrival in the middle panel. My 790 handles everything with grace and ease. Love my Bernina!

  56. I made Poinsettia towels last year as Christmas gifts – its was an easy one thread option that made it quick. Anything quick and easy is always satisfying!

  57. Wow I love giving quilts but I have been embroidering sun catches and free standing lace for gifts. Easy to mail and everyone loves them. Now there are so many different designs. A fish for our son and the medical icon for our daughter and a pig for her sister who was attached by a pig !!!
    Next I will work on potholders and mg rugs.

  58. My favorite item to make is pillowcases and machine embroider the grandchildren’s names on them. I also love to embroider children’s aprons and chef hats.

  59. My favorite embroidery project is making mug rugs and making it personal by embroidering the recipients name on the top of the rug. So delightful to receive an embroidered item with your name on it and lets me be creative with the fabric.

  60. My first embroidery project was putting names on the warm up suits for our son’s swim team. Also made a name tag key chain. I embroidered each name several times onto fabric that matched the outfits then cut each name out with extra fabric to press and glue 1/4 inch seam so they could easily be top stitched onto the garment allowing simple changes to be made later. The keychains were made with grosgrain ribbon stitched onto the back of the embroidered name and the keychain hardware crimped in place. They were a great hit with the team! I’ve been working on the 125 Anniversary quilt and soon plan to make reading pillows.

  61. I have only had my first Bernina since April and I bought the B 770 QE since I love quilting. Before this, I’d never given machine embroidery a second thought.

    Now, of course I can’t wait until I’ve saved up enough to buy the embroidery module, software and everything else that goes with it!

    There are so many projects I’m looking forward to making as gifts. For example, quilt labels, monogrammed/personalized gifts, freestanding lace gifts, embroidered bags and jackets, etc, etc, etc! LOL I’m sure you get the idea! All of it–oh and the beautiful embroidered quilting motifs for my quilts!

    Thank you for the giveaway; if I were to win it, I’d be so excited to begin my collection!! And, I’d be even more motivated to save up for the module faster! Who needs to eat? LOL

  62. The first things I made were monogrammed several sets of towels to give as gifts. After that I migrated to sewing birthday cards, now I am making free standing birds, flowers, and butterflies.

  63. I do quite a few tea towels as hostess gifts. They are so easy to personalize and always are appreciated. I first learned how to do machine embroidery in the1980’s on a Bernina 600. It was a great little stand alone machine( the first one my dealer had sold!!) and the lessons from that dealer at that time have stayed with me and served me well.

  64. I use embroidery on almost everything I do. Of course I embroider my quilt labels but I also make matched pot holder, towel & apron sets, shirts, etc. for gifting. I like quilting and frequently jazz up some of the more “bland” fabric blocks by creating custom fabric with the name of the quilt recipient. I LUV the larger hoops and my MagnaHoop borders too.
    With my Bernina 830 the possibilities are endless!

  65. I made small sachets with fruit designs that represented the beautiful agricultural valley where we live to take to Europe as a token of appreciation for the hospitality of friends and family where we stayed or dined. On the back, I embroidered “With Love”, my name and town. When finished, I filled the sachets with dried lavender and herbs from the garden. It was great fun!

  66. I haven’t done any embroidery yet but I am going to try to do a label for a quilt I am currently making. Thank you for all of the suggestions, I got many helpful ideas.

  67. My favorite to date are Christmas Stockings! They are so easy to personalize and can be made elegant or fanciful….so many fabric choices and the embellishments are endless. Happy Holidays!

  68. My answer to what is my favorite embroidered project to give as a gift are Snowflakes made with superwhite thread and water water soluble stabilizer. They are great on the Christmas tree and decorate stockings.

  69. I like to personalize a lot of different things. I just did a baby quilt and put the name on it. The mother to be was very excited it was the only thing with the babies name. When doing something like this it always make a beautiful gift.

  70. I have done made thread lace Christmas ornaments for my family and co-workers. They were a lot of fun to add onto homemade jams for gifts too.Everybody really enjoyed them.

  71. I have not embroidered anything to date, but I have an interest. I think it would be fun to make personalized placemats and Christmas ornaments for nieces and nephews.

  72. I made merit patches in a golfing motif and added it to a modified hand towel – added a loop with a small carabena clip for my high school grandson’s golf team…. to attach to the golf bag. The athletes name was then added in the towel margin.

  73. I just finished a stand-alone gingerbread house, stitched entirely in the hoop, and it turned out so cute! Although it took a couple of days to stitch, I plan to make more to give away as Christmas presents.

  74. For smaller christmas gifts (i.e. where I’m not making a quilt or wall hanging), I love to make simple yet elegant gifts rom embroidered quilt blocks. Once I make an embroidered block (either quilted in the hoop or not), I’ll use it as the center of a pillow, or frame it as a picture. Simple typography and blackboard style embroidery designs are my favorite for this. They are quick and easy to sew using minimal to no color changes, suit most people’s decor, and can be personalized to match someone’s taste and decor. I’ve also incorporated them in pot holders, ipad/tablet cases, and homemade gift bags.

  75. this year I made Anita Goodesign’s Halloween wall hanging..I’ve had so many compliments on it and my daughter has laid claim to it as her inheritance

  76. My favorite embroidery gift was chambray button front shirts for my sisters trip to Hersey PA with Hersey kisses and ‘the girls trip’ embroidered above the left pocket! Thank you for great machines!

  77. My favorite project was embroidered HIS and HER bath towels for my daughter’s wedding shower. My second favorite project was embroidered lace crosses for her wedding favors (225 of them).

  78. I love to make each of my grandchildren a one of a kind quilt for their 3rd birthday. I’ve embroidered trains, animals, hotrods, etc what ever seems to fit each unique personality

  79. I love to make a soft baby blanket with fleece and embroider with baby name, and date of birth, and vital statistics. Not only is this a useful item, but it can be saved as an heirloom as the child grows to adulthood.

  80. My favorite embroidery project is to embroider the initial of the child in a fun alphabet and bright colors in a removable patch to apply to the bib of overalls or a dress bodice. When the child outgrows that outfit, it can be removed and sewn to a larger size. So it can be enjoyed multiple times.

  81. I love using machine embroidery on as many gifts as I can! From towels, sheets and pillowcases, bags, clothes, quilts… if I can find a way, I will personalize it. 🙂

  82. I have actually never given an embroidered gift before. I just purchased my first Bernina yesterday, and was browsing the site for ideas when I came across this giveaway! I see that people embroider towels and mug rugs, both seem like a good place to start!

  83. I love to make seasonal placemats embellished with embroidery. If there is a child in the house, I try to add their name. It is a great way to use up smallish pieces of fabric!

  84. I like doing Christmas ornaments in the hoop. Love the colors, the metallics! When I give these as I often do, I believe those ornaments rekindle happy memories of times we have shared no matter how many years have passed. I certainly cherish all the handmade ornaments on my own tree and joyously remember who gave them to me — all the way back to students I taught many, many years ago.

  85. My favorite embroidered gift was jeans for my Granddaughter. She loves flowers so, I embroidered flowers down the side of one pant leg. She loves them!!

  86. My dream project is to make my 4 great grand daughters memory quilt. Ages 1 yr. to 10
    Something for them to enjoy and pass along to their loved ones one day.
    One is already learning to sew. It is a pleasure to see another generation learning
    skills that can bring so much joy. They can use skills learned to help others in
    volunteer sewing for the benefit of less fortunate ones.
    Experience the joy of giving.


  87. Last year, it was coasters, mug rugs, Christmas Cards, kitchen towels and Personalized lap blankets. My 790+ ran morning until late in the night. I’m working on an advent calendar (started much too late). Every time I take a class, I get energized! I plan on more Christmas cards, coasters and towels. The blankets were cost effective to make, greatly appreciated but too costly to mail! I have been making a lot of in-the-hoop projects; zipper pouches, zipper animal pouches, Christmas Ornaments, etc.

  88. I use my 770 to quilt my quilts. I was so excited to learn how to do it. My quilts are no longer just meandered, they have beautiful intricate designs that are professional quality. It makes me proud to give my quilts as gifts.

  89. I think embroidered hand towels make great hostess gifts.
    I’m trying to get back into doing more embroidery again with my 9 year old Bernina 440QE with embroidery. Thanks for the inspiration!

  90. I love to make embroidered gifts. I have made monogrammed scarves and towel sets, tea and dish towels with applique and embroidered designs on it. I have started making a monogrammed tote bag as a gift bag when I make a gift. I also enjoy making quilts containing embroidery designs.

  91. This machine has lots of special features that make it great for any project. I would sure like to have it to take to sewing/quilting classes so that I don’t have to lug that big heavy embroidery machine with me. I belong to a quilting class and we are always making lots of beautiful things together.

  92. I enjoy embroidering things for my family. I did matching wall hanging quilts for each of my 4 siblings, my daughter and my mother a few years ago. It’s so nice to see them in their holiday pictures. We live far away from each other and I like to think it helps connect us a wee bit more.

  93. Towels with “church towel” embroidered so whoever takes them home to wash is reminded where to return them. Just got a 770 with an embroidery module & very excited to play with it!

  94. One of my favorite Holiday Gifts is embroidered Kitchen towels….I love the heavy homespun towels in a Red/Green/Tan plaid and a beautiful Cardinal on a snowy Balsam Branch….you can almost smell ‘Winter’. They make great gifts.

  95. Whenever one of my friends or relatives experiences the loss of someone they cared for deeply, I always make them a matching set of Christmas tree hanger or topper and a centerpiece for the Christmas table with the lives ones name on them. The greatest compliment I ever got was being told that she had actually served a Christmas dinner to the centerpiece as though it was her beloved husband sharing Christmas dinner with her still.

  96. My favorite Bernina embroidery gift I received was a sweatshirt with a girl on a sport bike, knee down, hair flying, with my racing name underneath. It inspired me to get my own full-meal-deal Bernina 750QE.

  97. Like to make a big surprise for my friends on a golf shirt, as a gift to them, by personalizing it with embroidery of something they enjoy. This will actually boost their spirits and it helps their golf score.
    A Big smile when they see it and read it. A Really fun project.

  98. I have not learned to embroider on my machine yet. I have had it for a long time and am just now beginning to use it. I did use the stitches in the machine to embroider the Christening gowns I made for my grandchildren with heirloom techniques. Am now taking up quilting and planning to use the embroidery applications for quilting!

  99. I love to personalize aprons for my friends as gifts. One friend who has an unusual name, was touched because she said she can never find her name on things.

  100. Embroidered towels are one of my favorite go-to gifts. I usually monogram them, but sometimes another embroidery or appliqué is a better fit for the recipient.

  101. I enjoy making mug rugs for friends and neighbors. I also like making in the hoop purses. I have made Santa purses and a Disney purse. I am also making Christmas pillows and tea towels as gifts.

  102. I love embroidering fun stuff for my grandson as well as cup towels, shirts, jackets and anything that can fit in my hoop. When I got my embroidery/sewing machine had no idea how much fun I would have.

  103. I raise service dogs and foster animals while they await their forever homes. They all deserve a little gift of an embroidered scarf to begin their new life.

  104. To impress the guys, I love to embroider their names (or nicknames!) on game bags, cooler bags and hunting gear. Bright orange thread looks fantastic on camo.

  105. I like to make a baby blanket for family and friends’ new babies. I use satin for 9 patches on the top-pink for girls and blue for boys. Each patch has an embroidery with baby’s name, birthday, weight and height in the center square. The back is either minky or no-pill fleece. The babies love the silky top and the fuzzy back. The embroideries generate conversation between baby and parents.

  106. I love to make small pillow covers and I embroider designs using glow in the dark thread, which makes the pillow “glow” when the lights are off. I also love to embroider anything French.

  107. At the present time I do not have an embroidery module for my machine but am looking into getting one so love to read about all the projects, techniques, etc. My favorite thing to get are embroidered towels and this would be one of the first things I would want to do after getting a module.

  108. My “favorite gift projects” seem to change, depending on the person and the occasion. But, happily, they ALL seem to incorporate machine embroidery! My latest project is creating small, fun, stitched items to tuck inside the gift bags our local Quilt Guild gives to welcome new members! It’s great fun, using machine embroidery to enhance everything from pincushions to potholders, tissue pkg covers to coasters! I love all the experimenting and creativity, using cheerful thread colors and fabrics, and exploring different embroidery designs, as I get more proficient at learning and utilizing my machine’s many capabilities! The We All Sew tips and tutorials have been a GREAT help with that! All in all, I’m having great fun with this whole adventure, and for a good cause!

  109. My favorite for wedding gift is the tube pillowcases. I use the wedding color as the band around the cuff. On the cuff, I embroider the names and wedding date along with a joined heart embroidery. Then on the wedding card, I explain the pillow cases are to be put on the pillows on every anniversary to remind them of the love felt on their wedding day.

  110. My favorite gift is an embroidered initial zipper bag. It can be used for lots of things and the recipient likes to have something with their name or initial on it

  111. I create embroidered quilts and then quilt “in the hoop” with my Toolbox softwre. My sister’s 2017 Christmas present was a king sized quilt with matching pillow shams and pillow.

  112. I’ve only made one item via the old school method in a wooden hoop dropping the feed dogs and moving the hoop myself. it was a bathroom towel my mother in law loved it! I am so looking forward to an easier way to embroider items!!

  113. I am a graduate of apperal design, and I still do not have a machine that can embroider. I am entering this contest because not only do I make clothes that I would love to embroider on, but I am making bed and lap quilts that would be wonderful if I could embroider on them as well to give that personalize touch to my gifts and projects that I would like to start to sell. I am really interested in leather projects as well. I love your products and am hopeful to own some of your machines. Quilt/Embroider, Serge and Long Arm. Love them all.


  114. I like to free standing lace snow flakes or personalize nice bath towels. Right now I am making a bed runner of embroidered tulips on batik quilt blocks. Fun!!

  115. I have a bernina that is 35 years old with no embroidery capabilities. It would be wonderful to win this new machine and try my hand at embroidery sewing!

  116. I make a lot of gifts on my Bernina but the quickest, easiest gift to embroider is a mug-rug; just about everyone, rather at the office or in the home, uses or needs a mug-rug. They can be customized to one’s taste or likes and they can coordinate with the decor/hobbies. Another easy embroidered item is small zipped holder done in the hoop; good gift ideas. Making them personalized with a person’s fav team or school is more fun to do as well. 🙂

  117. Tea towels make a quick and easy gift. They can have a complicated design or a simple one-color design. I love to make them for gifts because everyone can use a pretty tea towel and they will think of me whenever they use it !

  118. I’m not sure I have a favorite item to give. I love any in the hoop projects, embroidered towels, making hooded towels for my grandkids, gosh there are so many ideas. This year I think I will make some ITH embroidered potholders and pin cushions. I better go get busy.

  119. My favorite embroidery project I’ve made are the 3 Christmas stockings I made last year for my daughter, her husband and our new grandson! They turned out beautifully and it is fun to think they will use them for years to come. And I got enough extra material to be able to make another if a second grandchild happens to come!

  120. My favorite embroidered item to give for a gift this year was a first anniversary pillow I made for our youngest son and his wife. On the front, I embroidered a photo of them that I digitized myself! And on the back, I embroidered “Mr. & Mrs. since 9/2/2017.” They have it proudly displayed on their couch!!

  121. I’m on my way home now with my new-to-me Bernina 830. I’m sure there will be a lot of embroidered Christmas gifts at my house this year. Since i havent had a chance to embroider anything yet, i think i will start off with doing some tea towels to for my son to go with his new kitchenaid mixer. Can’t wait!

  122. I made name tags shaped like flip flops to use as name tags for beach shoe bags for our oldest daughter’s wedding. They were gifts for the bridesmaids. I digitized a couple of different flip fop pictures I found and embroidered them on fabric that coordinated with the bags our daughter bought. It was a fun project!

  123. I enjoy embroidering towels, of all kind, as a “one of a kind” gift. Sometimes I will custom dye them before I embroider them to make them really unique for that particular person.

  124. My favorite gift is a Christmas ornament. This year it is stand alone lace angles. They go to family members both young and old. I hope that when the children grow up and are ready for their first tree, they will think of me as they decorate it.

  125. My fave embroidered gifts to give are pouches. It’s fun to incorporate a couple different designs then arrange. You can never have too many pouches.

  126. My favorite gift is a personalized hooded towel for babies or toddlers. Loved getting one for my girls and now love giving those. For adults, love monogrammed jewelry rolls and totes.

  127. I enjoy embroidering tee shirts for my great grandkids. I decorated my great grand daughter’s blue jean jacket with flower and butterfly patches from OESD’s Florals II by Laurel Burch.

  128. One of my favorites is monogrammed bibs for babies. They make such great shower, birthday or Christmas gifts. You can make them fun and functional or dressy for important events.

  129. Thanks for all of the great info!! (as always!)

    I really like making small embroidered zippered bags & pouches.Us gals (even guys) cannot have too many bags for all of our goodies from make-up, sewing supplies, pens & pencils and other important life goodies, right?!?

  130. My current favorite ‘thank you’ gift is a pillow cover- I can customize fabrics and embroidery to the recipient, and sending the cover itself (or taking it on an airplane) is pretty easy-and the recipient can easily get a pillow form that fits. After all, we can all use another pillow, right?

  131. I am a beginner at sewing machine embroidery on an old machine. So far, I’ve only made 3 baby bibs which I gave to my daughter-in-law and daughter as baby gifts. I have a lot to learn! But it is a lot of fun!

  132. I just got my embroidery machine last week and am trying to take it all in. I was looking for a list of supplies that I needed. Thanks for the great ideas everyone!

  133. My favorite gift to make was large lined gift bags for my grandchildren and across the middle I embroidered their names. It had a double drawstring and when they all went home they each had a pretty bag to carry their gifts home.

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