Overlocker Tips, Techniques and Tutorials

April is National Overlocker Month, and we’re sharing some of our top tips, techniques, and tutorials to help you sharpen your skills! Plus, we have our National Overlocker Month giveaway waiting for you at the end of this post, so be sure to read all the way through and get your entry in today!

Overlocker Tips and Techniques


Welcome to the world of overlockers! Maybe you have never worked with a serger before, or it could be that you just haven’t tried one in a long time. Either way, we are starting from square one and slowly walk through all the cool techniques your overlocker can do. With our Overlocker for Beginners series, you’ll be serging with confidence!

Top 10 Overlocker Mechanics Tips from WeAllSew

Keep your machine purring and in tip-top shape with our Top 10 Overlocker Mechanics’ Tips!

Do you dread to thread? Overlockers or sergers of all kinds have a reputation of being impossible to thread, but overcoming this dread of threading is key to your successful experience with these machines. Learn how to thread your machine today.

Top 10 Overlocker Needle Tips at WeAllSew

Check out our Top 10 Overlocker Needle Tips to help you create the perfect stitches!


As the old School House Rock song teaches us, 3 is a Magic Number, and this is a great way to think about the basic stitches on an overlocker machine. The three basic stitches are: overlock, flatlock, and rolled edge. Using three threads, we can easily adjust settings to achieve these three different stitches. Learn how it’s done on our Three Threads, Three Ways with a BERNINA Overlocker blog post. Then you can get creative with a whole bunch of different ways you can use them!

Overlocker Care Cleaning - overview

Showing your machines a little TLC is key to maintaining a trouble-free relationship. Just like your sewing machines, your overlocker needs some regular cleaning and oiling. Unlike your sewing machine, knowing when to do this varies more from person to person. You will learn quickly that an overlocker/serger creates much more lint than a sewing machine because with every stitch it is also cutting the fabric. Hello, dust bunnies! Find our top tips for Overlocker Care and Cleaning here at WeAllSew.

Overlocker Tutorials

L 890 Garment Sew Along Part 1 Introduction BERNINA WeAllSew Blog Feature 1100x600

Grainline Studio put together a fun garment sew along on the BERNINA L 890 to celebrate National Overlocker Month! Join BERNINA expert, Jen Beeman, as she walks you through the steps to sew up the free Airy Top and Comfy Dress patterns that she created to accompany the L 890. Three different garments will be sewn up using these patterns and just your L 890 Overlocker—no sewing machine needed!


Quilters often think they would have no way to use an overlocker/serger in their process, but see how it can make tidy and speedy work of the binding process with our Speedy Binding with an Overlocker tutorial.

5-Minute Mask with an Overlocker

Make a 5-minute mask on an overlocker/serger, all you need is two pieces of fabric and elastic with this tutorial.

Overlocker drawstring bag tutorial from WeAllSew

Quickly stitch up some drawstring gift bags. These bags can be made in themed fabrics for a shower or birthday party, and they can be stitched up in different sizes too! See how easy they are to make using your overlocker here at WeAllSew.

A wardrobe staple for everyone is a T-shirt. Learn how you can create a custom T-shirt on an Overlocker with this easy-to-follow tutorial and add more favorite T-shirts to your wardrobe.

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