Sewing Needle and Thread Tips

Did you know that July 25 is National Thread the Needle Day? There are several meanings of the phrase, “Thread the Needle,” but our favorite is definitely the literal meaning—taking a thread and guiding it through the needle to sew! That’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite tips and tricks for needles and thread. Plus, we have a giveaway with some great items just waiting for one lucky winner to “thread the needle” on their next project. Be sure to get your entry in!

Machine Threading

Threading an 8 Series BERNINA

The first thing to be noticed about an 8 Series BERNINA is that it is different. Starting with the Triple Spool Holder and the telescoping thread guide, it’s clear from the outset that this machine won’t be threaded like your typical sewing machine. And there is a good reason for it! Review the threading process for the 8 Series BERNINA machines, with tips and tricks along the way to get the most out of the threading options offered.


How to Thread an Overlocker

Do you dread to thread? Overlockers or sergers of all kinds have a reputation of being impossible to thread, but overcoming this dread of threading is key to your successful experience with this machine. The BERNINA L 450 and BERNINA L 460 Overlockers were designed with ease of use in mind. Many added features make this machine simple and understandable. To learn how to thread an overlocker and break the myth once and for all!


BERNINA L Series Overlocker: Will It Thread?

One of the best things about an overlocker is the vast number of threads you can use through the loopers. Using decorative threads in conjunction with the ability to change so many settings on the machine means the stitch possibilities are limitless. Air threading makes changing the threads so easy that there really is no reason not to give all the threads a try. See how easy it is with different threads, allowing for numerous creative possibilities!

Longarm Quilting: Threading and Basic Techniques

New longarm users are always interested in the threading of the machine. Some longarms are a little different from others, but we want to share how easy it is to thread our BERNINA Q Series machines. The threading is all in the front, so there is no need to go to the back or reach all the way to the back. Learn how to thread a longarm step-by-step!


Needle Tips and Tricks

Sewing Needle Guide: What to Use and Why

Regardless of how simple or sophisticated your sewing/embroidery machine is, the needle is at the very heart of the stitch formation process. Its role is to deliver thread from the top and through the project while the machine’s hook gets a hold of the thread to intertwine it with the bobbin thread. With the right needle, your machine will stitch away without a glitch. With the wrong needle, even the best machine in the world can skip a stitch . . . or more. See what types of needles one should keep on hand in the sewing room to cover regular sewing, embroidery, and quilting.


How to Pair Thread Weight with Needle Size

How many times have you been quilting, thread painting, or for that matter working on any project, and the thread keeps shredding, breaking, or skipping stitches? The most common response is that something is wrong with the thread or something is defective with the machine. We have all been there but the most likely culprit to your dilemma is the wrong size needle paired with the thread you are using. Learn how to pair thread weight and needle size to achieve the best results possible!

Needles and Threads for Machine Embroidery + Free Embroidery Design

When first starting machine embroidery, you’ll be adding a lot of new goodies to your sewing basket, including more needles and threads. Both the needle and thread work hand-in-hand to give you the best results. Learn about the top three needles and top three threads for machine embroidery.


What Needles to Use on BERNINA Longarm Machines

BERNINA Q Series machines use domestic needles to create those beautiful BERNINA stitches. This opens up the opportunity to use a wide range of needles, threads, and techniques. Check out the types of needles and threads to use on your BERNINA Longarm. The sky is the limit!


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