Sewing Needle and Thread Tips

Did you know that July 25 is National Thread the Needle Day? There are several meanings of the phrase, “Thread the Needle,” but our favorite is definitely the literal meaning—taking a thread and guiding it through the needle to sew! That’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite tips and tricks for needles and thread. Plus, we have a giveaway with some great items just waiting for one lucky winner to “thread the needle” on their next project. Be sure to get your entry in!

Machine Threading

Threading an 8 Series BERNINA

The first thing to be noticed about an 8 Series BERNINA is that it is different. Starting with the Triple Spool Holder and the telescoping thread guide, it’s clear from the outset that this machine won’t be threaded like your typical sewing machine. And there is a good reason for it! Review the threading process for the 8 Series BERNINA machines, with tips and tricks along the way to get the most out of the threading options offered.


How to Thread an Overlocker

Do you dread to thread? Overlockers or sergers of all kinds have a reputation of being impossible to thread, but overcoming this dread of threading is key to your successful experience with this machine. The BERNINA L 450 and BERNINA L 460 Overlockers were designed with ease of use in mind. Many added features make this machine simple and understandable. To learn how to thread an overlocker and break the myth once and for all!


BERNINA L Series Overlocker: Will It Thread?

One of the best things about an overlocker is the vast number of threads you can use through the loopers. Using decorative threads in conjunction with the ability to change so many settings on the machine means the stitch possibilities are limitless. Air threading makes changing the threads so easy that there really is no reason not to give all the threads a try. See how easy it is with different threads, allowing for numerous creative possibilities!

Longarm Quilting: Threading and Basic Techniques

New longarm users are always interested in the threading of the machine. Some longarms are a little different from others, but we want to share how easy it is to thread our BERNINA Q Series machines. The threading is all in the front, so there is no need to go to the back or reach all the way to the back. Learn how to thread a longarm step-by-step!


Needle Tips and Tricks

Sewing Needle Guide: What to Use and Why

Regardless of how simple or sophisticated your sewing/embroidery machine is, the needle is at the very heart of the stitch formation process. Its role is to deliver thread from the top and through the project while the machine’s hook gets a hold of the thread to intertwine it with the bobbin thread. With the right needle, your machine will stitch away without a glitch. With the wrong needle, even the best machine in the world can skip a stitch . . . or more. See what types of needles one should keep on hand in the sewing room to cover regular sewing, embroidery, and quilting.


How to Pair Thread Weight with Needle Size

How many times have you been quilting, thread painting, or for that matter working on any project, and the thread keeps shredding, breaking, or skipping stitches? The most common response is that something is wrong with the thread or something is defective with the machine. We have all been there but the most likely culprit to your dilemma is the wrong size needle paired with the thread you are using. Learn how to pair thread weight and needle size to achieve the best results possible!

Needles and Threads for Machine Embroidery + Free Embroidery Design

When first starting machine embroidery, you’ll be adding a lot of new goodies to your sewing basket, including more needles and threads. Both the needle and thread work hand-in-hand to give you the best results. Learn about the top three needles and top three threads for machine embroidery.


What Needles to Use on BERNINA Longarm Machines

BERNINA Q Series machines use domestic needles to create those beautiful BERNINA stitches. This opens up the opportunity to use a wide range of needles, threads, and techniques. Check out the types of needles and threads to use on your BERNINA Longarm. The sky is the limit!


National Thread the Needle Day 2021 Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all of our WeAllSew fans who entered!

Congratulations to our winner(s):

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1,264 thoughts on “Sewing Needle and Thread Tips

  1. Next project I’ll be “threading the needle “ will be for Kimberbell project. Christmas table runner.
    I’d love to win thread and needles:-)

    1. I am Threading the Needle and filling many bobbins to quilt Primrose by Edyta Star for a new teacher, Ashley. She is engaged to my grandson so the quilt will remain in the family as a treasure. Using the 880 as I want to quilt it specifically for the pattern of the quilt. Lots of stitches of love!

      1. I am threading the needle for a bow tie and a clutch purse made from my niece’s wedding dress for her daughters. My niece passed away from breast cancer.

    2. My next project I’ll be threading my needle for is The Puppy quilt by Elizabeth Hartman. What a wonderful addition the giveaway would be!

    3. I will be threading the needle to make a Christmas tree skirt for my daughter-in-law in blue / white / & silver adapting a Krista Moser 60°diamond pattern.

    4. My needle will be threaded for hand stitching the binding on the back of my “Tulips od Provence” appliqué quilt wall hanging.. I also do a lot of hand appliqué so hand needles are always used, and my 880 is going every day so it uses lots of needles too.

    5. I will be “Threading the needle” for pillowcases for children in the hospital. Have to admit they are fun to do after completing a challenging project, and I feel good after completing them.

    6. I’m threading the needle to finish a “flat house” to go with my granddaughter’s “flat people”. Reminiscent of paper dolls, but with material and machine embroidery.

    7. Love all the tips Bernina provides; provides inspiration and reduces nervousness to try new things. My next project will be threading my brand new Q16 and doing practice squares.

    8. My next “threading the needle” project will be finishing a quilt for my brother’s birthday. This will include making a label and putting on the binding. The threads and needles would be perfect!

    9. I am very excited to ‘Thread the Needle’ to create a slipcover for an old ottoman that I’ve had for years to make it look more modern!

    10. I’m going to dive in and attempt the Bernina Anniversary Quilt!I just got the kit, and cant wait to get started!! Well, I am a little nervous….but it will be great! Yay!

    11. I am threading to make quilts for mission project for Lutheran Family & Children’s Services of Missouri. Last week I spent 15 hours sewing binding with my Bernina Artista 690.

    12. For “threading the needle” I am making my daughter a top and working on a quilt for me. I am using Liberty of London fabric for the quilt and Rifle fabric for the top. I love to sew it puts me in a happy place.

    13. I am starting a table runner for my friend who just moved and doesn’t sew….we chose fabrics for her new place together…50 years of friendship, sewn and STITCHED with love!

    14. Next project that I will be threading the needle for is making 4 memory quilts for my 4 adult children, using their dad’s old jeans and flannel shirts!

    15. My needle and threads are making face masks for my grandson to attend preschool. He is so excited about in person preschool and is so happy to have special masks. Thanks to Bernina helping us through the pandemic.

    16. I’m threading my needle for a weekend of piecing for two separate quilts. I’ll begin piecing for the original Diamond Quilt by Amanda Murphy. Then, I’ll piece block 8 & 9 for Nebula quilt-along by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts.

    17. I am threading my needles for making the Long Tall quilt using hummingbird batiks for my best friend of 40 years! It is a Cozy Quilt design!

    18. “threading the needle “ project will be learning to use my embroidery unit from setting it up, hooping, finding
      the design in the pc, transferring a design to machine, threading and stitching it out on linen napkins. Exhausting quest.

    19. A needle must be threaded carefully and slowly as I show my granddaughter how to repair a strap on her lovely smocked dress (which matches one on her doll.

    20. I have a Quilt of Valor, and a picnic quilt for a wedding to finish before 8/23/21. The picnic/wedding quilt will be the next project I am threading my 880+ needle to finish.

    21. My next project is a table runner with coasters for my Federation Woman’s Club members made from fabric printed with “Vote for Women” and the 100th Anniversary Stamp of the right to vote for women. Lots of other projects waiting in the wing.

    22. Have many projects lined up , a quilt for my niece who was just married. Items for our guilds treasure sale. More items for my 3 grandchildren. Some portraits quilts.Love creating with fabric and threads!

    23. Next project to work on is a special pillow for a local women’s group I’m in. It is a little quilting, a little embroidery, and a little sewing. It will be for the president as a special reminder of all her hard work.

    24. I am finishing up a table runner, which means I am going to quilt for the first time on my B590. If successful with this I want to quilt a twin size quilt. My next project will be a Dresden quilt. I can’t wait. Embroidery is also on my list to start adding embroidery to my quilts. Love sewing!!!

    25. Next project I’ll be “threading the needle” for is a Kimberbell Halloween project. By the way, I recently bought my first Bernina and absolutely love it!

    26. I will be threading my needle to work on
      my T shirt quilt. Threading the needle us the hard part for me and I find your tips to be helpful.
      Thank you😁

    27. Presently, I’m “threading the needle” on my BERNINA 790+ to sew a panel of a “rock climbing” Rubicon Jeep in a mountain canyon with black sashing and “rock” designed borders for my son-in-law (owner of a Rubicon named Ruby-Do) as a throw on the couch for his occasional nap. I will be quilting this project with recommended thread and needle.

    28. Today I will be Threading the Needle and cleaning my Bernina so that I can start a new quilt project. I am making Christmas presents and using metallic thread to brighten up my projects. I love metallic thread and the special needles that it requires.

    29. I finished 2 dresses for my 5 yo granddaughter, so my next threading the needle project will be for the volunteer organization Relief Crafters of America. New projects needed will be posted Aug. 1st.

    30. I will be threading my needle for yet more masks. The grandkids need more for school in the fall. I picked fabrics according to each one’s hobbies and color preferences. Maybe (🤞) this will be the last batch!

    31. I have a stack of UFOs I plan to finish in the next three months. First, the child’s backpack I started before my sewing room became face mask central.

    32. Baby quilt and wall hanging, receiving blankets. burb cloths and bibs for my new grand baby are the next projects I’ll thread the needle for. Thanks

    33. I just sandwiched 4 quilt sets and will start quilting the quilts. They are for grandkids. I use isacord thread and sometimes Wonderfully thread on my three Bernina machines. Also working on a quilt along to learn new techniques.

  2. My project is the Splendid Sampler that I have been working on! I would LOVE to win the needles and thread – thank you for the opportunity.

  3. I’ll be quilting “Hocus Pocus,” a pattern by Margot Languedoc, for a fundraiser. I hope to help raise funds for our local historic mill rebuilding. Thanks for a chance to win!

    1. Nice local rebuilding. I’m in Wetumpka (of HGTV fame if you’ve watched.) Our art guild raised over $150,000 in grants to renovate an old brick building downtown–it’s now a gorgeous art center/gallery. (the “We heart Wetumpka” building if you’ve seen the show.) Our next big fund-raiser is an Arti Gras on Mardi Gras–so I’m planning a New Orleans theme quilt to donate.

  4. When I rode with an all girls mounted quarrille team a life time ago, we would “thread the needle” with our horses. Next I will be making the Starry Night Santa and threading a lot of needles.

  5. I’m looking forward to finally having a day to play with my q16- I’ll be finishing up a quick little throw I’ve been slowly working on-
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. My next project is making American Doll Clothes, I will be using different fabrics (stretch knit, etc.) which I haven’t sewn with before so the needle guide is a big help. Thanks

  7. My next project will be to make more masks! I thought we were finished with masking, but we will soon be traveling, so I am going to refresh my supply with some cute embroidery!!

    1. UGH–I’ve had it with the mask-making. After hitting 500, I just stopped. I figured everyone had 10 or more by that time. But when traveling, you have to be prepared! Cute idea to add embroidery. I used up a lot of scraps and made a lot of novelty fabric ones–leopard, big fish, seahorses, music, you name it. It makes wearing them more fun.

  8. I recently moved cross country from NJ to CA and will be “threading the needle” to make curtains for my new sewing room. I picked up some great sewing/quilting themed fabric at a local quilt store which isn’t so local for me, lol! But I’ll be back!!

    1. My next project is what I call an instant gratification one. It’s a simple pillowcase! However, I have fabric and pattern to make a cottage stars tablerunner on my cutting table.

    1. Kudos to you–I hate that kind of stuff, but it’s mainly because I always have to alter. The hemming is a breeze with Bernina hem foot!

  9. My next thread the needle project is with the Oesd Patchwork zipper pouches that make great stocking stuffers Christmas is just around the corner!

  10. I will thread my needle when I sew hooded bath towels for my grandsons. I purchased several dinosaur prints which will border the edges of the towels and hood. I think I will use a serpentine stitch.

  11. What is that next project that I will be threading the needle for? I have so many projects lined up, including an embroidery project honoring my beloved family dog that passed away a few days ago, a quilt for my children, a corset for myself, and a vest for my husband. I wish everyone the best of luck with their projects, and in this giveaway!

    1. What a fascinating list, especially the corset. I could use one, but it’d be too big and break the machine. Sorry about your dog–I know that’s painful emotionally. Sounds like you’re keeping busy and honoring his memory.

  12. I need to finish a blouse that I started sewing last weekend. So I’ll be threading it up with red thread and sewing the collar onto my blouse. Then it will be button hole and button sewing time.

    1. My next project is a Blackbird Designs applique wall quilt. As a tribute to Barb Adams (one half of the BBD team) who passed away on July 4th, many friends are stitching a quilt for a Blackbird Designs Quilt-A-Long — #BBDQAL — on IG and FlossTube.

  13. My project to be completed now is a double sided quilt for a young boy whose entire family will be going to Africa for a long term mission assignment! The six quilts that are being prepared for the children is to give them comfort from home while away! Their mom it’s a doctor and delivers baby’s!

  14. I have so many projects going on right now, so I feel like I’m also changing threads! But the project I will be working on next is a Halloween quilt!

  15. My local club is having a Christmas theme show at the museum. The first of two quilts is at the longarm and expected back next week. My favorite part is the hand sewn binding. It’s a chance to slow down, contemplate, review all the seams and focus on the finish line.

  16. I am threading up to put binding on a potholder and a baby quilt, plus I am making a row by row quilt that I cut out the pieces to row 5 yesterday.

  17. I will be working on a purse. I managed to ruin 1/2 of the purse so I have had to take it apart. I am getting ready to cut out the pieces I need to replace. Thank goodness I had multiple yards of the fabric.

    1. Threading the needle with variegated thread to quilt a recently-pieced quilt top in corals, greens and grays for a June bride (a belated gift).

    1. I thought it was supposed to be the other way around! Didn’t the young girls thread the needles at the old quilting bees? But if it gets her to sew, it’s worth it!

    1. Can’t have too many burp cloths! There are some cute boy patterns out there. I made some bubble pants with an appliqueed frog on the bib part!

  18. The next project I will be threading the needle for will be entries for our county fair next month!! Time is drawing near! Need to finish a flannel applique quilt, a table topper, a stuffed toy,l adies garment and more!!

  19. After a wonderful customer experience getting my bernette academy replaced at a local shop after an issue came up with the machine, I’m very ready to thread my needle for a new Darling Ranges dress!!

  20. I will be threading my needle for an online retreat tomorrow. My quilting and sewing are helping me handle having just put my husband of 57 years into Memory Care for Alzheimer’s.

    1. As an AF wife, I’ve done lots of patriotic projects like my “Salute the Colors” quilt and “Running with the Stars” runner, also “Stars and Strips Forever” and flags, too, like “My Country Tis of Thee.” I get excited around July 4 to show my patriotism. It makes me happy that others do, too.

    1. That’ll be fun. Someone showed a quilt in the Wetumpka Kelly Art Guild show with fans made of taffeta on a purple background. She had hand-embroidered every fan with fanciful embroidery. Gorgeous but it took her 40 years to finish!

  21. My project that I am working on is a table runner with Bobbers on the water and a fish border. I will mainly hand piece this project. I will practice my free hand quilting to complete the project. Excited for my creativity to flow!

  22. My next project will be a tote/purse that peaked my interest here on WeAllSew. Can’t wait to get started. I didn’t know there was a National Thread The Needle Day! Thanks for sharing the needle info.

    1. Hmmmm, so does he get it in the fall or at Christmas? I did a Valentine’s lap quilt for my husband office/TV room, but I didn’t get the label finished until his birthday in May. (I wrapped it twice–hahah!)

    1. Nice that you’re doing something for yourself/your home. Somehow I’m always the last on my list. I hate to say how many years I’ve put off my pillow shams!

  23. I will be threading the needle to complete the reproduction of my grandson’s baby quilt that was destroyed in a house fire. Everyone was safe and well. Yet, this 35 year old grieved for his lost quilt. Thankfully, he rejoiced when I told him I could reproduce it.

  24. The next item I will be “threading my needle” for is the fourth block in Corey Yoder’s Spring Brook Blossoms Block of the Month quilt.

  25. Will be changing thread color for the t-shirt I am making for my granddaughter from her college shirts! Tanks for another great giveaway!!!!

    1. Fortunately, Bernina has such a great hemming foot. I’ve done miles of hems…for myself (5’2″) and my mother (4’10”). I think I could hem in my sleep! I know your friend appreciates it–or at least SHOULD!

  26. I’m threading my needles to smock my 3 granddaughters Christmas dresses- I’m hoping starting early keeps me from sewing Christmas Eve. My Bernina and I have spent many late nights right before a big event!

    1. A couple years ago I found a bunch of machine covers for different seasons….but I’m not away from it often enough to cover it…and never got them made. Good for you!

    1. I recently bought a quilt-as-you-go set of placemats that are cute, but I can’t decide what colors/fabrics to use. Your comment reminded me that I need to do that.

    1. Love, love, love Kaffe! I have a couple designed in his style, but haven’t cut them out yet. I’ve been collecting his fabrics for a couple years.

    1. I’ve recently made several soft cuddly bears out of vintage chenille bedspreads! People are falling in love with them. Alas, no granddaughter to give one to!

  27. Next project I will be “threading the needle for” is quilting a quilt that has been waiting for me to get some confidence in quilting to tackle! Free motion with my stitch regulator on my Bernina 770 QE❤️

  28. The next project I will be threading my needle for is actually for my first ever quilting project! Nothing to big or fancy just yet, gonna start with some 2.5 x 2.5 pieces of fabric and make (or try to make) a holiday pot holder or 2, I am trying to build up my material supply and found some fat quarters on sale in halloween colors 🙂

    1. That’s nice and cuddly for them. My friend wanted to use my 12″ Platter hot pads for her CAT! I was a little shocked, but she says when her cat sees something like that, she curls up on it!

  29. I am so often surprised and yet grateful when I see that other Quilters, and those who sew, applique and embroider have the same questions or dilemmas that I have. The sewing community at Bernina always has so many participants that are willing and able to help out with answers. I am so thankful for the assistance. I makes me able to continue with the joy of sewing! Thank you all for your kindness.

  30. So many sewing projects, so little time! Here’s my immediate to-do list: embroider a quilt label for the Double Wedding Ring quilt I have made for my sister’s wedding next month. Sew baby projects for a craft show that will hopefully take place the first week in December. I’d like to try a strip quilt for charity. Any of the above would be enhanced by the goodies in your package that I would like to win!

  31. My next needle project will be a bag I’m making as part of a zoom Bag Boot Camp at my dealer’s. Will be using a variety of fabrics and techniques – needle and feet changes to make the most use of Bernina features!

    1. I just did a “Running with the Stars” quilt runner–well, actually two–I made one 42″ and another 84″ for a bigger table–it was a July 4th project.

    1. What does it look like? I can just imagine a big spider web and pumpkin spider. Oh, wait–I did that as a wall hanging using bias tape. HA!

  32. I’ll be making a quilt for a bunk bed. Our grandson had Grandpa make him a full size loft bed, so we have the bunk beds now and his sister needs a matching embroidered design quilt for her top bunk. This gets the kids off the air mattress! We are choosing designs from mermaids, butterflies, flowers or a mix. So excited!

  33. I’ll be sewing small items for sale to raise money for our local food bank. Love my little bit “senior” Bernina 200E. A quilt for great-granddaughter waiting in the wings. Appreciate all the informational articles that arrive each week.

  34. As soon as I finish sewing, quilting, and embroidering all the items for a charity auction kitchen basket, I will thread the needle for free standing lace bookmarks to give as Christmas gifts. It will be the first time I’ve used metallic thread!

    1. Good luck. Be sure to loosen the tension and use a metallica needle. I love metallic thread, but it’s not as flexible and breaks easily. Also be sure to slow down the machine. Great idea, though. I made a bunch of lace angels as Christmas ornaments one year. I even framed three on a piece of royal blue satin–so pretty. The new embroidery designs are just scrumptious!

    1. How sweet! My mother and grandmother painstakingly made me lots of Barbie clothes. I’ve made dolls, too. My mother even got a bunch of ladies together who worked on dolls once a month instead of playing bridge. At the end of the year they gave them to a Christmas toys for children charity. I always thought that was a great idea but never have found anyone to play dolls with!

  35. My next project is more of my “quarantine quilts” for a few more friends. I made bunches of these simple lap quilts last fall/winter.

  36. My next project will be a receiving blanket, bib, and burp cloth for a soon-to-be new arrival in our family, but first these will be entered in our local county fair.

    1. Double the pleasure, double the fun–I love to put things in the fair that will become presents. If they win, you can either stick in the ribbon or put a note that it made a ribbon–such fun for them to share.

  37. I will be finishing a king size quilt for my bed. I love my Bernina B770. I also like to make small projects like mug rugs for my friends.

  38. The next project I’m working on is a border on a Round Robin quilt. 7 of our quilt guild members have been swapping some wall hanging sized blocks around for the past few months. Gotta love our needles and thread!

  39. My next project to thread the needle for is to complete a group of hand-pieced blocks discovered at an estate sale. They will make a small quilt that will be a tribute to the quilter who began this project–likely in the 1930s.

    1. OH MY–that’s work. I have a wedding ring with star in the center from Quiltworx and have collected the fabric, but I haven’t gotten brave enough to start the huge project yet. Good luck!

  40. “What is that next project that you will be threading the needle for?” I’m threading the needle for the Sweet Pea’s adorable geometric pouch.

  41. I am working on a 3-month project from Tula Pink called linework. It is making zippered bags of different sizes. The materials and ribbons are mostly black and white and the ribbons are from Renaissance Ribbons. I found on Annie’s.

  42. I am planning on threading the needle to make some Halloween kid quilts for charity.
    Hope this will help me get better at sewing and quilting.
    The right needles and threads can make a difference. Thank you.

    1. How fun! I’m sure they’ll love them. I did a simple one called My Monster for a young nephew–it has 3 eyes and “sharp” 3D teeth. Last year I made a pumpkin quilt called the Jackson-O-Lantern Five and sent it to his family of five.

    1. WOW–that’s a big project! I have a longarm that gets that big, but I haven’t been brave enough to tackle the piecing of a king yet. Good luck! Is your machine pink? I haven’t seen one.

    1. The next project that I’ll be “threading the needle” will be completing a denim quilt from Bonny Hunters book about green quilting. I will be using a denim needle and polyester thread to attach 9 1/2 by 9 1/2 squares into 9 rows of 7 squares. The final quilt will measure 63″ by 81″ without a border. I plan to not create a quilt sandwich and to just burp the demin flimsy and backing.

  43. The next project for me will be making bibs, baby quilts and baby clothes for a first time bay coming into the family we hope (it’s an IVF process), so we are still waiting patiently to here. Prayers for the long process, but I’ll keep myself busy sewing till it happens.

    1. I am experimenting with jelly roll rugs and now I understand why a jeans needle is recommended. So that is what I will be threading. Thank you.

  44. My next project is a “Reading Pillow” for each of our granddaughters. The project includes a pillow plus a pocket in the front to add a book or two. The top has a handle so they can carry the pillow with them. I am so excited to get started.

  45. The next project for me will be making bibs, baby quilts and baby clothes for a first time baby coming into the family, we hope (it’s an IVF process), so we are still waiting patiently to hear. Prayers for the long process, but I’ll keep myself busy sewing till it happens.
    First time Grandma 🤗 💗 👨‍🍼 👼🏻 ✞

  46. I’m very new at using my Bernina but am excited to try on my own the things I learned in my three classes. I’d like to try pintucking and embroidering on a summer sundress for my Granddaughter!

  47. I’ll be threading my needle to work on are Advent Calendars for my Daughter’s family & my Son’s family. Thank you for a chance on your give-away!

  48. My next project that I will be threading a needle for will be a quilt for my daughter made from Kaffe fabrics and a baby quilt for my new grandniece

  49. I have a quilt that is waiting to be FMQ. A huge star with each star point sewn in a separate (self-made) fabric – blue or orange or yellow, etc. I pretty new to FMQ, but am excited to add the skill to my sewing repertoire.

  50. I can’t wait to thread my Bernina machine needle again! I’m in the process of moving, so we’ve been apart for several months now and I miss my machine. Next project will be a picnic quilt, something sunny and scrappy!

  51. My next project will be quilts for my grandchildren, both will use the same color fabrics but my grandson’s will have some blue work embroidery designs, and my granddaughter’s will have red work embroidery designs.

  52. I will be threading the needle to make a Christmas tree quilt to donate to the Christmas market at Community First! (a community for formerly homeless persons in Austin, Texas.)

  53. I will be “threading the needle” for my first sew-along with Ricky Tims making his Kaleidoscope quilt! It will be my first quilt too!

  54. My next “threading the needle” is a quilt known as Journey and 2 art quilts – a sun picturing my granddaughter and a moon picturing my grandson. Thank you.

  55. I am finishing a “phd top”. It is the morning star design and I plan to quilt each block separately with a border between each one. There are 12, each measurers 22 inches square. Hope to finish it this weekend.

  56. I’ll be Threading the Needle to make a cover for my husband’s new longbow. (He’s an archery instructor, coach, and tournament judge.)

  57. I’ve been using BERNINA machines since 1976. The last 23 years I’ve been a full time Tax Preparer and haven’t been able to sew as I would love to. My next thread the needle project will be for my youngest granddaughter who turns 3 next month. As I did for my own children, a new Quiet Book is on my list for her. Back then, I had a Bernina 830. Now, my Bernina 350 will be threaded and buzzing away for Frankie!!

  58. Next item under my needle will be a charity quilt for the Carmi Children’s Home to be auctioned at their Fall Festival in September. Can’t wait to get started!!

  59. I will Thread the Needle for stitching in the ditch of a wall hanging I am finishing. Then, I will move on to a sewing a cotton repurposed fabric quilt square for an organization giving a quilt away.

  60. My next “threadingthe needle” project will be constructing two quilt tops on my Bernina 590, after putting Sunbonnet Sue embroidery on my Bernina E16.

  61. Next time I sit down to sew I want to finish a wall hanging which is being quilted using my BSR. Have had problems with shredding thread. Your tips in this article have been very helpful! Thank you for all articles!

  62. The next project I will be threading a needle for is a paper pieced wedding quilt. I need to have it done by August 24 so I will be threading a bunch of needles!

  63. My next “Threading The Needle” project will be a first for me. I will be machine quilting a Batik two tone “HUNTERS STAR” queen size quilt on my Bernina Aurora 440 QE. Very excited and anxious.
    Thank you

  64. My next “Threading The Needle” project will be a first for me. I will be machine quilting the top of a Batik two tone “HUNTERS STAR” queen size quilt on my Bernina Aurora 440 QE. Very excited and anxious.
    Thank you

  65. This post is so informative. I always get confused as to what needed to use.
    Thank you so much for explaining the difference between the needles and how to use them properly.

  66. Wow, Lots of comments! I’m threading up my needle this week end to quilt up a big manly quilt and one Cancer Care quilt. Looking forward to a couple of hours with my machine!

  67. My next project is to learn to free motion quilt so I can finish three wall hangings. I realize this is a long term project and I need to practice, practice, practice!

  68. I have several projects in progress, two wall hangings I’m just starting to cut out—one is appliqué which I’ll be “threading the needle” multiple times in different color threads. Exciting to think about new threads and fabrics. Especially thinking about fall colors.

  69. My next project is a Blackbird Designs applique wall quilt. As a tribute to Barb Adams (one half of the BBD team) who passed away on July 4th, many friends are stitching a quilt for a Blackbird Designs Quilt-A-Long — #BBDQAL — on IG and FlossTube.

  70. I will be working on an art quilt that will be suctioned off online to benefit The Advocacy Project ( which works with people worldwide who are in areas of conflict, or where people’s lives have been affected by inhumane circumstances. Many thanks!

  71. My next threading the needle project is a Mickey Mouse quilt for a friend’s newborn and a second quilt for her first born…. running a little behind, but now I have some time! Thank you.

  72. I’m threading the needle to do free motion quilting on a large appliqué quilt for a friend. I don’t mind changing colored spools of thread to complete the quilt; threading a Bernina machine is easy-peasy! Thank you for your offer and a chance to win.

  73. I will be “threading the needle” for the Zip ‘N Go cross body/wristlet clutch by ENDesign.
    Thank you for the giveaway and a warm congrats to the winner!

  74. I am finishing a quilt top that needs quilting, I have embroidery projects and many other quilts/quilt tops to make, as well. I also sew for charity purposes regularly. I would love to win the giveaway SEW I can continue with all that I do and share, as well! I have many needs for all of the items in the giveaway!

  75. I’m using the V9 trial version and the enhanced photostitch with a pic of my dog. So great what was done with it. Much better output!!!

  76. We All Sew posts like this are so helpful to me! For a number of reasons, I had to stop sewing all day every day (sob!), so there are a million things I have forgotten. Now that I probably will be able to sew all day every day in the near future again, I need these tips and tricks! Thank you!

  77. I’ll be threading the needle to continue making Patchwork Tree Skirts then following it up with baby receiving blankets. My plan is to keep my machine very busy since Christmas for crafters is right around the corner.

  78. I’m excited to learn how to work with rulers on my just finished quilt top. My new Bernina is adding all sorts of new adventures in sewing! Thanks to Ladyfingers Sewing in Oley, PA.

  79. I will be threading the needle for anything for babies. We are expecting our first great grand babies!!! After finishing two Christening dresses I will be threading the needle for a baby quilt….oh, I mean TWO baby quilts!!!!

  80. My next project that I will be threading the needle for is for a repair of a down comforter that my young Chocolate Labrador nibbled. Oh, but we do love her!

  81. I’ll be threading the needle on the book bag on the Bernina weallsew page. I have my books cut out and am working on cutting the letters for books. So excited abot this project.

  82. I will be threading the needle to finish one of several unfinished quilt top sso I can move on to learn how to quilt them on my new mid-arm.

  83. The next thing I’ll be threading the needle on will be teaching my granddaughters and grandsons to sew with just needle and thread and fabric.

  84. Expanding my needle and thread knowledge during my next project: an EMS embroidered design quilt for my daughter, a 911 dispatcher.

  85. I will be threading a needle for some UFOs! I must finish three quilts before I start another. I am trying not to buy any knew fabric until l finish something.

  86. My next project I’ll be threading the needle for is to re-do two pairs of pants pockets so my phone will fit without falling out every time I sit down. Most women’s pants pockets are too shallow, too narrow or both!

  87. My next projects are some traditional table runners that I will use to begin free motion quilting with my new B770 QE. I can’t wait to give it a try!

  88. I will be threading the needle to sew a dress for my nephews wedding. I haven’t made a dress for over 10 years, so this will be fun! The fabric is a beautiful blue scuba crepe, which should be challenging!

  89. I’m working on a big applique for a Zelda inspired quilt…still deciding if I’ll be threading a hand sewing needle or machine needle for this one!

  90. I will be threading the needle on my new Q20 – trying some edge to edge quilting on some lap quilt tops I had finished and never took to get quilted. I am sew excited!!

  91. Up next on my “threading the needle” project list is completing the pieced back for my Serendipity quilt. It’s a beautiful quilt. And I can’t wait to see it finished. Thank you for the giveaway!

  92. I’m finishing the quilting on a “SEW” panel. I’ll start work on a Christmas quilt next. I keep my thread ready for the next project!

  93. I am just starting to make a quilt to celebrate our town’s 300 year anniversary. I plan to dedicate my Bernina 200 to just this project. It has so many features that will come in handy
    I would like to win needles and thread for use on this very special project

  94. I will be sewing a beautiful linen print blouse/tunic called the Magnolia from Linda Lee’s Sew Confident program. Linda likes to use a Universal needle for most of her projects and I find that a size 70 – 80 gives a very nice stitch.

  95. I will be “threading the needle” for a small medallion quilt I’m working on. I have finished the schoolhouse center and working on blocks for the outer borders.

  96. My next threading the needle project will be a replica of my favorite quilt from my Native American great grandmother who lived to be 117🤗

  97. The next project I’ll thread a needle for will be mending. Not sexy, but the waiting mountain is high enough I’ll be excited to get some of those clothes back in my closet!

  98. The next project I will be threading the needle for is masks for my 16 year old granddaughter who just got her first job and has to wear a mask to work.

  99. My next threading the needle project is a lap quilt for my husband . This quilt should be nice and cozy for him since it’s with different colors of flannels.

  100. Current project for threading the needle is machine embroidery on a quilt top before I begin the quilting followed by starting more stand alone embroidery designs for the holidays. Love my Bernina 880 Plus, so versatile.

  101. Amazing how we can learn of each other’s joys and sorrows in such brief posts! My next project to thread a needle for is a long overdue quilt for my son. Of course, I still need to thread for some unfinished projects as well.

  102. I am making place mats for my grandchildren in Denmark. I am embroidering them with pictures of all their favorite interests or personality qualities.

  103. I just finished “sandwiching” 2 quilts I made while quarantined. I’m anxious to thread the needle of my 770QE so I can start quilting them.

  104. The next project that I will be threading the needle for is a quilt. I am a beginner quilter and the bug has bitten me hard. My fingers are crossed to add some great things and start a stash!!

  105. I am threading the needle to teach my 8 year old grand-daughter how to sew her first project which is a pillowcase! I hope to pay it forward for another generation to sew.

  106. I plan to “recycle” a UFO, a quilt I fell out of love with during piecing. I’ll be making a wall hanging with embellishment, thus using a lot of thread and having lots of fun on my Bernini machine.

  107. So many fun projects have been listed–it feels like a virtual quilting bee or sewing bee. I’m threading my 790 over and over and over again to finished up a 3D Butterflies Fly Free quilt pattern I want to finish and publish this weekend. It has 32 3D butterflies, each of a different color batik and other darker color machine-appliqueed bodies–so I’m having a great time using up all my old threads. I stippled background on longarm but quilted inside each wing and the triangular side pieces (echo) on the sewing machine–again using lots of old threads to match all the colors. Trying hard to use them up before they get all dried out! And just using all those colors makes me happy–like having a 128 box of crayons.

  108. Next time I will be threading the needle;will either be to finish new covers for my old metal glider or finishing an embroidery as a Christmas pillow or wall hanging.Not sure which will win out!

  109. My next project will be a donation quilt for my quilt guild that will go to a child at the Ronald McDonald House in Dallas, TX. My goal is for every quilt I make for family or friends that I must make a donation quilt for charity. Thanks for the opportunity.

  110. My next threading project will be to continue on a Dinosaur embroidery/appliqué block for my grandson’s quilt. I am using a variety of threads, cotton, rayon, and variegated thread combinations. I have already finished 8 blocks with this last one to complete the main blocks. My Bernina works wonderfully with all thread types. I also got the multi thread holder which keeps the various colors organized.

  111. I’m trying to love my serger!! But I’m also working on a quilt top that’s close to being done, just needing the right backing. And THEN hoping to quilt it on my Old Girl, my Bernina 830 Record.

  112. I need to start working on Christmas ornaments for my daughter and her family. I have been making one for each member of the family (4) for quite a number of Christmas now since the children were young. Cannot stop now!

  113. I will be threading the needle to learn more about edge-to-edge quilting with my 770 embroidery module.
    So excited about the possibilities!

  114. My next sewing project is free motion quilting, “Peppermint” a collage
    quilt by Laura Heine. Can’t wait to try some colorful threads!

  115. It’s going to be a while before I thread any needle smaller than the yarn needle I’m using to weave in my ends. I’m about halfway through one of two afghans that are in my crafting queue, then there are the traditional Christmas mini crocheted stockings for the grandkids and crocheted snowflakes for family and close friends. After all that is done I’ll think about donning some extra strength reading glasses and try to get back to that rather complicated cross stitched nativity I started a few years ago. Or maybe it will be the pillows I intend to make for my children and grandchildren out of my late husband’s shirts.

  116. I will be threading the needle to make Christmas stocking for my son’s family – those who are now here and those who are to come. It’s a huge project, to say the least.

  117. I’ll be threading the needle to make 40 tote bags to be used for the Veterans Stand Down project of Daughters of the American Revolution for homeless vets in our community.

  118. My next project is place mats and napkins for Christmas gifts might make some face masks as it looks like we will be needing them for a while.

  119. I’ll be helping a friend thread the needle on her sewing machine as I teach her to sew her first quilting project. She’s super excited 💞

  120. I will be threading many needles to make embroidered microwavable foot warmers for my granddaughters roommates. Thank you for the possibility of winning!

  121. The next project I will be threading the needle for is a skirt for my daughter to wear to her brother-in-law’s wedding. I also need to thread the needle to sew on the binding for a quilt “Build, Bang, Boom,” I pieced for my grandson.

  122. I have to make a birthday gift for a dear friend who gave me my first Bernina. It was her mother’s and I cherish it and my friend. I often think that her mom is watching over me when I am sewing.

  123. I plan to thread my needle so I can make a dress. I am enjoying the resurgence of dresses with gathered layers in the skirt. I would love to thread my needle with some of your prize winning thread. Thank you.

  124. My next project, for which I will be threading my Bernina’s needle, is a table mat for my sister. This year my 3 sisters & I are making table mats for each other – the challenge is we have to use curved piecing and/or applique. Thanks.

  125. I’m finally getting back to to my disappearing pinwheel quilt blocks after taking a break from quilts to make a few new tops on my new L460 serger! Then I need to make a new cover for it!

  126. as I sit here with a broken elbow and limited use of my dominant hand, i dream of hand-quilting my latest top, a throw made of jelly roll strips and 5-minute flying geese that i’m calling “There’s Always One”

  127. My “next threading the needle “ is two part actually. Sew another dress I learned from class at Bernina Dealer where I bought my Bernina 435 Sewing Machine. Second is to take class at Bernina Dealer again on “ how to “ for beginner quilters , will make a placemat. I am so excited on both of these. Couldn’t do any of these without the proper equipment!

  128. I recently bought a pattern to make scallop edged fabric baskets. I’ve chosen the fabric and am planning on starting this weekend! The baskets will hold odds and ends in my sewing room.
    duchick at gmail dot com

  129. My next “Threading the Needle” project will be to quilt a friends quilt for her daughters wedding on my BERNINA Q24. Love all my BERNINAS!
    Thank you for the information.

  130. My next project is finishing a beautiful Ohio-star quilt top hand-pieced by Aunt Pearl of Moberly, Missouri in the 1950’s. I will be adding the border on the top and including my own (machine-pieced) stars on the back with fabric closely matching some of those Pearl used on the top. So excited to tackle this one.

  131. I’ll be making a set of holders for a friend’s and her husband’s oxygen masks for their small plane – will sew the cases and embroider their names on them, not in that order!

  132. I’m super excited to start my first clothing project on my new Bernina L 890 serger. This is a big step up for me as my old serger was riddled with problems and this one has given me the confidence to walk on the wild side!

  133. I tore a favorite pair of jeans so I want to repair them by embarrassing sometimes over the tear. So I will need to thread my machine with embroidery thread.

  134. “What is that next project that you will be threading the needle for?” My plan is to sew some cloth books for the grandchildren. Also, a back cover for both desk chairs.

  135. Next project I’ll be threading the needle for is a Table Runner that I am quilting with Bernina Rulers & trying my hand at Ruler Work. The table runner also includes 4 placemats to make it a set for the dinning room table.

  136. My next project is a “remembrance” quilt for my granddaughters and their cousin. Their other grandmother died last year of covid complications and I will be using material of hers and of the things she loved.

  137. I will be threading the needle on my 770 to embroider a satin garter belt for my cousin to wear on her wedding day with her new name and wedding date.

  138. I’ll be threading the needle to make a t-shirt quilt for my husband who retired from the school district in May. The t-shirt quilt will wrap him in the memories of the smiles and hugs that kept him always going back for more!

  139. The next thing (besides mending!) that I want to get going on is shirts for my grandsons. I found some cool fabrics that I think will make some awesome shirts for them. My favorite is a dragon print for my dragon lover! Thanks for the chance to win!

  140. Best part of this giveaway is all the fun ideas I just got reading through the comments. My next project is a simple apron pattern using extra-cute fabric.

  141. My next project is a Christmas quilt for my son using Tula Pink Holiday Homies flannel. I will be using Holiday Homies embroidery on the quilt. It will be my 5th quilt top, 3rd machine free motion quilting and 3rd time using my embroidery module. So excited!!

  142. My next project is a cover for my new Q20! I’m using the Bernina Batik fabric and a grunge with stars for the lining with bosal soft and stable as the batting.

  143. The next project I will be threading the needle for is a paper-pieced quilt for a friend’s granddaughter whose name is “Wren”. I’m paper-piecing “Wrens”. Although it’s time consuming, it’s a fun creative project.

  144. I’ll be threading the needle to repair a neighbors American and MIA flags. He has a tall flagpole and the winds here are very strong, enough to shred the ends of the flags.

  145. Will be working on two block of the months that I joined this year (June and July). At this point it seems as if it will be in the ugly quilt gallery once complete.

  146. I will be making a first day of school dress for my daughter who is a first grade teacher (and has been in person in the classroom the entire last year through COVID)

  147. 2 memory lap quilts with matching pillows. Made out of the person’s clothing. They are being made for a friend. I will be surging them and putting the seams on the top and using pockets from jeans and shirts also for hiding treasures in. I also will be using pictures on some of the squares of the person.

  148. Normally I would be working on another baby quilt for donation. However, my husband got a little jealous and said to me the other day, “You are always sewing things for everyone else– when are you going to make me an outboard motor cover I asked for last year?” Needless to say, my next project will be his outboard motor cover! Kathy

  149. Love having all this needle info in one place! Thank you! My next project(s) will be a sunflower quilt for one daughter and a sheep quilt for my other daughter … both to be Christmas gifts.

  150. I’ll be threading the needle to complete the Peacock from Juliet van der Heijden’s delightful Animal Quilts book of paper pieced patterns.

  151. Today I am finishing the binding by hand on a small charity quilt. Next project should be putting some practice fabric on my Mid-arm quilter to practice some new fmq designs. I’ve used my walking foot on my sewing machine to quilt on the last two projects instead.

  152. I’m working out measurements and sizes for a couple of 4 Patch Posy quilts that will be given away. They are fun and easy to sew. Using up fabric that’s been in the stash toooo long!!

  153. I am currently on vacation and not anywhere near a sewing machine, so all I can think about is what I will be doing next. Am going to finish a quilt I started over a year ago that is a king size for my daughter. It’s full of diamonds and I need to make the back!

  154. My next project to ‘thread the needle’ is to continue working on a block of the month from Keepsake Quilting – it’s called Courtyard and i’m loving the fabrics. Would love to win the grand prize so i can use the items as i do the quilting on my Q20!