Circular Embroidery Attachment #83 Tips and Techniques

We recently asked our readers during National Sewing Month in September, “Which presser feet or accessories would you like to learn more about?” and noticed right away there were lots of comments about the BERNINA Circular embroidery attachment #83Circular embroidery attachment #83 Tips and Techniques

This unique attachment allows you to sew and embroider perfect circles or semicircles and is easily screwed directly to the free-arm. Read on below to find tips and techniques to get started using the Circular embroirdery attachment.

If you need an idea of what you can make using this fun circle-making attachment, check out our tutorial for How to Make a Circle Tree Quilt just in time for the holidays!

Tips to Use Circular Embroidery Attachment #83

Learn the basics of setting the Circular attachment on to the bed of your machine with the Sewing Circles tip post here.

Circular embroidery attachment #83 Tips and Techniques

Watch a quick video tutorial to help you get started sewing perfect circles! Click here to find out How to Sew Perfect Circles.

Circular embroidery attachment #83 Tips and Techniques

Find out what comes in the box with Circular embroidery attachment #83, and find a detailed explanation of all the parts and pieces in this post.

Stitch it! Almost any stitch or technique can be sewn in a circle as easily as a straight line if you have the correct tools. Click to find the free, downloadable BERNINA eBook Accessory Spotlight: Circular Embroidery Attachment #83.

Techniques to Use Circular Embroidery Attachment #83

BERNINA Circular Embroidery Attachment #83

Making a perfect turned edge appliqué circle by hand can be a bit daunting. You have to turn the edge, which is longer in circumference than the finished size of the circle, which can cause some unpleasing pleating to occur. Learn the easy way to appliqué circles using Circular embroidery attachment #83 here.

How to Create Yo-Yos with the BERNINA Circular Embroidery Attachment-Yo-Yos

Making yo-yos entirely by hand is time-consuming! Speed up the process by using the BERNINA Circular embroidery attachment #83 to create the gathering stitch of the circle. Learn the steps for making a 2″ yo-yo using the Circular attachment here.

Circle Quilt

There’s no easier way to quilt perfect circles than using the Circular embroidery attachment #83! Learn how to accomplish this unique circular quilting technique here.

Denim needle punch tutorial at WeAllSew

Check out how fun and easy it is to add this unique texture to your denim using the BERNINA Punch Tool #45 and the Circular Embroidery Attachment #83!

Circular embroidery attachment #83 Tips and Techniques

In this Just SEW It — Sewing Circles BERNINA free eBook, learn all about fun techniques you can accomplish with the Circular embroidery attachment #83! From basic circles and mandala patterns to circular lettering, find it all in the Sewing Circles eBook here.

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  • This is the first Bernina item I owned. Many years ago while wondering through a yard sale, I saw this unique piece of sewing equipment. It was in the original box without instructions. My quest for how to use it led me to Bernina in Stitches in Johnson City, TN and to one of the Loves of my life – the “World of Bernina”! Love my machine and all of the attachments, but the #83 has a special place in my heart. Yes! They showed how simple it is to create beauty in circles and introduced me to Bernina. Love my machines, the shop and the years of learning new things from Bernina!!!!! Thank you!

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