Binding Tips and Techniques

Binding is an age-old technique used to finish raw edges with strips of fabric. It’s not just a popular way to finish quilts, but can also be used to finish garments and craft projects. Learn the basics for finishing edges on any project with these binding tips and techniques from WeAllSew.

All About Binding

Binding 3 Ways

There are many ways to create and sew binding! Learn the basics of the most popular methods in this post showing Binding 3 Ways here at WeAllSew.

feed bias binding

This funny looking tool gives you an extra hand when applying binding to your project. See the Binder attachment in action and learn how it works in the Refine Your Binding Technique tip post.

bias facing tutorial

Erica Bunker shows how to use binding as a clean, stylish finish to garments in the Bias Facing Tutorial.

In this tip post Beth Wood puts a new twist on binding by using it as a way to finish garments and give the edge a “flat piping” look. Find out how this technique is done with the How to Sew Flat Piping tutorial.

Quilt Binding Tips and Techniques

MasterMachineBinding join 6

Learn the basics of sewing your own binding to a quilt edge by machine in the Master Machine Binding tutorial.

fold at right angles

How do you get those perfectly folded mitered corners when machine stitching binding? Check out how it’s done with the Quilting Basics: How to Fold a Mitered Corner tip.

Binding Tutorial - Step 11

What happens to those two ends once you have sewn the binding around the quilt? Faith Jones shows you exactly how to cleanly finish these ends in her Double Fold Quilt Binding Tutorial.

perfect bound edge

Quilt bindings can make – or break – your quilt! Get tips for making your bindings quilt-show ready with these Quilt Binding Tips from WeAllSew.

Quilt bias binding tips

As a Quilt Judge, Annie Smith has evaluated hundreds of quilts! She shares some of her keen insights and expertise in her Quilt Bias Binding Tips here.

No need to take that quilt off the frame to add the binding! Lisa Calle shows you exactly how to add Quilt Binding on a Longarm here at WeAllSew.

How to make a quilt facing

In this technique to finish quilt edges, the binding is turned all the way to the back to create what’s known as a facing. Robbi Joy Eklow walks you through the steps to create a finished Quilt Facing in this tutorial.

Quilt binding with words tutorial

Add a personal touch to your binding with Amanda Leins Quilt Binding With Words tutorial. You can add a name, the date, or a very special message for the recipient of the quilt.

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