BERNINA Stitch Regulator Tips and Techniques

Welcome to our 125 years celebration of the BERNINA company! We’re celebrating by bringing you lots of inspiration and today we’re focusing on basic free-motion stitching with the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) tips and techniques. As a bonus we’re giving you the chance to win a bit of BERNINA gold, scroll to the bottom of the post to find our anniversary giveaway!

BERNINA Stitch Regulator

If you’re not familiar with the BSR accessory, click here to find out everything you need to know about the BERNINA Stitch Regulator!

12 Steps to FMQ

Before using the BSR you’ll need to get ready for free-motion stitching. Follow along with Lori Kennedy’s Twelve Steps to Free-Motion Quilting before you start to stitch.

freemotion quilting

Be sure to also read our Top 5 Tips for Successful Free-Motion Quilting before you sit down to sew with the BSR.

learn to use the BERNINA stitch regulator

The key to using the BSR or any foot for free-motion quilting is to move your fabric at a steady, even pace. Kerby Smith passes on some solid tips to Find Your Natural Stitching Speed here at WeAllSew.

Fast easy machine stitches

The BSR can help keep your stitches even when you are quilting large areas with fill stitches. Lori Kennedy shows you how you can create Fast, Easy Machine Quilting Fills that are perfect for use with the BSR.

How to Free-Motion Quilt Swirl Designs - closed swirl

Learn how easy it is to create stitched swirls using FMQ from Amanda Murphy! Visit the Free-Motion Quilted Swirls video tutorial here.

How to Quilt Feathers

Free-motion stitching pretty feathers is a breeze with the BSR. Learn How to Quilt Feathers in this post from Amanda Murphy.

Free-Motion Quilting Exercise Tips - BSR

With any kind of stitching, BSR included, practice makes perfect! Hone your skills with these fun Free-Motion Quilting Exercises from Annie Smith.

BERNINA Stitch Regulator Tips and Techniques

Learn how to make different patterns in this four-part series that takes your FMQ skills with the BSR beyond the basics. Find the first Free-Motion Quilting Series post from Megan Bohr here.

August 125 Years Golden Anniversary Giveaway!

Golden Anniversary Giveaway
One lucky WeAllSew reader will win a BERNINA 125 Anniversary foot #1! Coated with 24K gold, the special edition Reverse Pattern Foot #1 sparkles and shines with a value of $125.00.

All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question, “Do you free-motion stitch with the BERNINA Stitch Regulator, or with a different foot?” The the giveaway is open through Friday, August 17!

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by August 17, 2018 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Good luck!

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106 comments on “BERNINA Stitch Regulator Tips and Techniques”

    • I have the BSR and am ready to give it a try. Just bought my first Bernina and I am still learning to use it. Cannot wait to continue my sewing/quilting journey with such an awesome machine. I have the Bernina 770QE special edition. I will be taking a class on how to free motion quilt.

  • I have a 1080 that I use to quilt with at sewing retreats and in my 24 foot camper! I use the darning foot to do free motion quilting. I also in a B740 that lives in my sewing studio at home. I use that mostly for clothes construction.

  • I’ve used the BSR for a long time, but I’m finding that I use it less these days, as my quilting has improved over time (finally!). Besides, I’m really loving the #72 ruler foot, which means I can’t use the BSR at the same time. 😉 Still, I don’t want to be without the BSR — it’s great!

  • Do not have a BSR foot, would love to have one. I have used the darning foot to quilt with and actually have used my walking foot. Love my Bernina .❤️

  • I got my Bernina 790 PLUS only two months ago; This machine is great, and I have so many things to learn that I did’nt yet use the BSR! But of course, I will as soon as possible!

  • I use my stitch regulator and I use other feet. It depends on what I am quilting. I wish I could have it for ruler work (or its equivalent)!

  • Love my BSR! Would be beyond thrilled to add this special edition 125th Anniversary foot #1 to my collection! Thanks a bunch for the chance to win! ☺

  • I’m researching info on using the BSR foot. Gathering info, looking at other’s work and working up the nerve to try it. Why is it so hard to start… it’s not like anyone is looking over my shoulder? I gladly admit that I keep getting distracted by all the lovely embroidery patterns….can’t seem to stop buying them.

  • The Bernina 770QE is the best quilting and free motion machine ever. I use it all the time. I have learned so much from We All Sew articles. Keep up the fantastic work.

  • Just finished my first quilt w free motion quilting and using the BSR on my new 880 Plus to quilt the daisies and leaves. I’m so happy with the results. I would never have quilted it as well with a regular free motion quilt because I’m a novice. Learned about this amazing machine at the Bernina class “Fear No Fabric” with Sandra Swick. Highly recommended!

  • Hello. I just purchased B770QE. And I’m so excited to start quilting with BSR. Just started ruler quilting but have quite a bit of experience free motion quilting on my Virtuosa 153.

  • My birthday is the 16th and this would make a spectacular gift! I do FMQ with my stitch regulator and also use a ruler foot for working with the rulers. I love the quilting part of the process.

  • I use the BSR for free motion but still haven’t quite mastered the hand motion. Recently purchased a ruler at my Bernina store. Loved it. Need to practice.

  • I used to use free motion or darning foot, but since getting my BSR a few years ago I use it all the time. I not only quilt with it, but use to embroider pictures. Perfect. Love my BSR

  • I am learning to use the BSR and have tried the darning foot as well. Truth is I am learning to free motion quilt as I was primarily a hand quilter. I figure since the BSR came with my machine, I might as well learn to use it.

  • I use the BSR for free motion work. Still learning, but what a fantastic invention. It has taken a little bit of time to figure out my best working speed. Hoping that we will eventually be able to do ruler work with it.

  • My main reason for purchasing a 770QE was to get the stitch regulator. It has saved me so much not having to send my quilts out to be quilted. I started practicing on ones just for me & my family and have proceeded to do some for gifts. I JUST LOVE the stitch regulator!

  • I don’t have a BSR, so I use my #24 foot for my infrequent FMQ. I love my old Bernina, but I often look longingly at the new models with their many bells and whistles.

  • I started FMQ when I purchased a used 550QE and learned to use the BSR. I’ve progressed with my quilting and now have a Q20 with 2 BSR’s! Love the Bernina BSR!!! I now can FMQ on other machines without a BSR but find using the BSR so much more enjoyable and I can relax while quilting.

  • The BSR has a learning curve to it. Although the instructions sound easy, you have to get your brain in the right mode to get it working. There are two settings – use a quilt sandwich of scrap fabrics to practice. After about 10 or 20 minutes, you’ll find the settings that work best for you and you’ll be able to confidently attack your quilt. I wouldn’t hit the quilt without a practice session because if you haven’t used it in a while your hands can forget what they’re supposed to do. It works beautifully after that.

  • I’ve only made 2 quilts so far. I used the BSR on the 1st one to trace the designs on the fabric. On the second one I just made large swirls. Took awhile to get the hang of it, by the time the quilt was done I felt much more confident. Guess I’ll have to make another quilt now.

  • Love my Bernina! I like to embroider nice quilt designs in open blocks then use the BSR to fill in the rest of the quilt, sashing and borders using techniques learned from Lori Kennedys’ site. She shows so many options!

  • I started free motion sewing with the BSR with my 830 and 580. After awhile and doing more quilts I broke down and bought a sit down Q 20. I take the BSR to my quilting group with my 580.

  • I use the BSR most of the time but I am also looking forward to using the new ruler foot with my 820. I love the extra throat space for quilting. It is fun to play with designs and free motion.

  • I’ve just started to free motion quilt on my B530. I bought a BSR and, although I need a lot more practice, I’m really enjoying learning to free motion quilt with the BSR.

  • I use my Bernina stitch regulator for free motion stitching. I’m not as accomplished with it as I’d like to be, but it’s helping me get better! I’m really glad I have it.

  • I love my BSR. I use it to do all my quilting but am still learning to be steady and even with my stitches. I’m starting to do designs now for different looks.

  • I use several different techniques when free motion quilting. The Bernina BSR is always an important part of my free motion quilting. This foot is amazing… it jumps you free motion skills light years ahead. It adjusts to your “rhythm “ and helps you achieve stitch perfection. The ability to free motion with a zig-zag stitch is such a bonus, and a wonderful technique to use when thread painting! I can’t even imagine trying to fmq without my Bernina BSR.

  • I free motion with the open toed quilting foot but some days I like to use the stitch regulator just for fun. It really is fun to play with. I have been doing free motion since I purchased my 1st bernina, a 1010 . Love bernina

  • I have just begun “playing” with my BSR. I am enjoying the process and trying to quilt a little each day. It is fun to see the improvements I am making!

  • BSR.….How do I love thee…..let me count thy ways….it is so cool, what did I do before I had it? I used any foot that worked on the project I was making….but I love my BR.

  • I am just beginning but I use the BSR. I just don’t know enough to know if that is what I will continue to use but at this point I am happy with it.

  • I love my BSR. There was a learning curve and it took lots of practice but I’m finally there! I would love to receive this beautiful foot. Thank you!!

  • BSR is a dream attachment. I got it when I bought my 750 QE… and I was afraid to use it for a time. When I put it on my machine and started quilting with the BSR, it was like a dream come true. Smooth stitches began appearing on the quilt. It works like magic!

  • Bernina has many options depending on which machine one has. I use the BSR on my Bernina 880 since it came with my machine and then also foot # 72 with the free motion rulers. I also like free motion foot #29 on my Bernina 350. All these presser feet and now I’m discovering there are other selections too. Thanks!

  • I love my BSR. When I was first learning to free motion quilt, a seasoned quilter told me how to free motion quilt…she said, ” get yourself a good glass of wine, put the radio on or listen to the Hallmark channel, put the pedal to the metal, and go like a bat out of _______!”

  • I like using both a stitch regulator foot and a ruler foot when I quilt, it depends on what I am doing–free motion for overall designs or custom quilting using a ruler.

  • I use the open toe embroidery foot. I have both the BSR and ruler foot at home…in their packaging. I am a beginner quilter, life long beginner quilter, that is trainable and persistent. Luck would have it, I am going to the Houston Quilt Festival this year, and taking two classes with Sue Nichols. The first class is the Bernina quilting with rulers course followed by the BSR class. Yes, I’m going to be using my BSR and ruler foot by the end of the year, and I will begin to knock down my UFO quilt stack. Yeah me!!!!

  • One of my three Bernina machines is the Aurora 440. I choose it because it had the stitch regulator and I LOVE it! Although I make a lot of quilts I am also doing more fabric art now. The stitch regulator is sssssooooo nice!

  • I love using my BSR for free motion quilting. I started quilting small projects and have worked my way up to a lap sized quilt. I have a Bernina 750qe, and find myself trying new projects all the time, garments, crafts, applique, and mending. I have gone outside my comfort zone, and LOVE it!

  • I just borrowed the BSR from a friend so I could see how I would like it. I couldn’t believe it! So much better than the darning foot. I just finished my first king size quilt and the BSR really helped me get it done! I have a 740, I wish it would have come with it! Definetley on my wish list!

  • I use the open toe darning g foot. I have a 930 and a 180 and don’t think the BSR will work on either of them. Would love to have one as I do all my own quilting on my machine. I can’t afford to send them oit to have them quilted.

  • I first learned with the BSR, then moved on to the darning foot. Most recently I am using the new ruler foot. I love all three and use them all. The BSR helped me be successful, kind of like training wheels on a bicycle and now I can still use it and also I have learned to use the others. Makes quilting fun because you can do just about anything.

  • I use the #24 foot most of the time. I have a BSR and I use it sometimes when I have tension issues or if I am sewing back and forth. I have found when I sew back and forth that I don’t take my foot off the pedal and I get extra stitches, but the BSR prevents that. I don’t really like the home machine BSR, but I do have to admit that I have used the Q20 BSR several times and really find that it is amazing.

  • I do free motion on my Bernina 153QE. I use my quilting foot, which doesn’t have that cut opening. I’ve had my machine for 15 years and it’s been a solid, trustworthy machine. I hope to upgrade in a couple of years, if financially able, so I can learn even more on the newer models. I’ve got my eye on the B590. I’m going to keep these videos you’ve shared to help me improve my techniques, too! Thank you!

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