National Embroidery Month: Machine Embroidery Tips & Tricks

February is National Embroidery Month! WeAllSew is celebrating with a month-long event sharing our best embroidery tips, techniques, free projects, and bonus giveaways! Visit us every Friday during the month of February to find out what each week’s fun prize package includes, and enter the giveaway. To kick off the first week of National Embroidery Month we’re sharing our best tips and tricks for beautiful machine embroidery.

Machine Embroidery Tips & Tricks

If you’re new to machine embroidery you may feel a bit overwhelmed not knowing where to start. Here’s help for machine embroidery newbies, an intensive series of posts explaining all the basics from stabilizers to needles/threads and how to hoop your project. Start by visiting the first post in our Embroider-along here at WeAllSew.

Adding embroidery to any item of clothing gives your wardrobe an immediate update! Find out how to Embellish a Shirt with Embroidery in this tip post.

Embroidered Jeans Materials

Speaking of embroidering your wardrobe, did you ever wonder how to add embroidery to tight spaces like a sleeve or pant leg? Wonder no more with this Embroidered Jeans tutorial!

mark center

When you want to place an embroidery design in a very specific location, try the technique of using a paper printed template. Learn how in our How to Use Paper Templates tutorial.

Aligning Centers for Hoopless Embroidery

Join us next week when we’ll share tips, techniques, and tutorials for creating beautifully embroidered monograms in celebration of National Embroidery Month!

National Embroidery Month Week 1 Giveaway

This contest is now closed, thanks to all our fans for participating in our giveaway. Congratulations to the winner of our Week 1 National Embroidery Month Giveaway, WeAllSew fan bayareajewel!

One lucky WeAllSew reader will win this embroidery package containing one set of 6 assorted Isacord thread spools, one Tula Pink Hardware 5″ Snips, and one package of 10″ wide Stabil Stick TearAway stabilizer.

Isacord 1000 meter thread spools


Tula Pink Thread Snips

Stabil Stick


All you have to do is post a comment below and answer the question, “How do you like to use machine embroidery in your sewing or crafts?” The the giveaway is open through Thursday, February 7th.

The giveaway is open to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. One comment per fan. Comment must be submitted to the blog by February 7, 2019 at 11:59 PM Central Time. Winner will be chosen randomly. Winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to contact to claim the prize.

Good luck!

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287 comments on “National Embroidery Month: Machine Embroidery Tips & Tricks”

  • I look forward to following along this month to pick up new tips! Using a paper template is an awesome one that I can use now. I love to use my Viking Epic to embroider names on hand-made baby bibs as gifts for a newborn. I also love to personalize tote bags and small quilt projects with the name of the recipient. Adding my initials and date to a quilt is one idea I want to incorporate!

    • I use my 880 embroidery attachment to make appliquéd quilts, in the hoop projects, embroidering on quilts and clothing…….absolutely love it!

    • My favorite use of embroidery is to highlight my quilts. Making fancy tags to including quilted designs in the quilt
      my favorite is to use quilting to finish my quilt.

    • I have been machine embroidering about 3 years now. I’m looking forward to learning new techniques as well as correcting some things I may be doing wrong, or learning a more efficient way of doing things.

    • I use my Bernina 640 & 830 to embroider quilts and quilt labels mostly, but I have monogrammed my husbands shirts. Each year I always make a new FSL ornament for Christmas.

    • I just got my embroidery module for my 770 QE. So far I made a fun tea towel apron for my grand daughter and embroidered her name on it. I made a feathered star table topper and quilted it with my embroidery module. I can see that I will find many ways to incorporate embroidery in many of my sewing and quilting projects. It is fun and amazing to watch the machine work!

    • I’m rather a machine embroidery novice and have just begun to explore all the possibilities my Artista 180 hold for me. I’ve been online looking for tips and instruction. This could not have come at a better time for me! I like to personalize gifts I make for other folk with embroidery and can hardly wait to become more knowledgeable about my machine and what it is capable of doing.

  • I love to embroider gift for family and friends.I stitch hand towels for my Doctor,Vet, mail persons and on and on as thank yous for their service.I got my first embroidery machine in 1999 the Deco 600

  • I am very new to ME. I’ve done one quilt in a class with Claudia Dinnell, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ and have done various small projects. I still feel a little intimidated! And I do need Thread!

    • I was terrified at first too. It does get easier with each use but I still have to check my notes when I am starting a new project. My hope is that with enough use it will get easier.

  • 1st, I must say, this is an awesome series you’ve got going on with embroidery! Such a wealth of information!!! 2nd. I embroidered my first pair of jean legs last week to rave reviews and embroidering tea towels for holiday and birthday gifts is always fun! Im fairly new to the embroidery world so I’ll try anything anyone puts in front of me. Experimenting with my Bernina 770qe and my Bernina 700 is my therapy!

  • I love to come up with gift ideas that will allow the addition of machine embroidery in some way. Always makes the gift a little more special! Love using my Bernina 880 plus to do just that!

  • I love embroidery for just about anything. I embroider many dish towels so I always have a small gift for a dinner invite. I love embroidered pillows. I would like to do more on clothing like the jeans.

  • I’ve had my Bernina 765 for a couple years and really want to start using my embroidery unit on a number of projects. Hoping to go through all of your tips and sew-alongs.

  • What great timing! Just returned home from my local Bernina shop. Had recently tried my first attempt to embroider on my 790 and made a mess of it! So now I have the right thread (Isacord), the right needles (embroidery) and the right bobbin thread. Can’t wait to try again!

  • I love using machine embroidery to embellish garments. Right now I’m putting a unicorn on my granddaughter’s shirt! My husband has some “Baseball” tees I’ve embroidered!

  • Through the years I have put machine embroidery on clothes, towels, and quilts, and made lovely ornaments for gifts. I am currently making several quilt tops with machine embroidery including the Bernina 125th anniversary quilt.

  • I embroidered special napkins to go along with the 40 placemats I made for a very special family vacation at the beach. The project was a challenge as it was one of my very first projects, but a challenge with love it was. I look forward to honing my skills so I can do gifts for family and friends.

  • I love making mug rugs to use and for gifts. I embroider a design using the stabilizer under the design and free motion quilt after adding a heat resistant stabilizer.I finish using a cotton print back with matching continuous bias bindling.

  • I love to applique and monogram children’s clothing and other items. I also like to embroider on clothing, towels, etc. I have a Bernina 790 plus and love it.

  • I have had the 590 for about 6 months now. I use the embroidery on just about anything I can fit in a hoop.
    I design and make bags, and being able to customize them makes each one unique.
    I am currently doing the Family Alphabet, it has been my biggest challenge of yet.

  • I use my embroidery module to quilt “in the hoop”. It is a fun way to finish up a quilt.
    I have also made mug rugs in the hoop. I look forward to learning more and exploring more techniques.

  • I have been loving Sue’s classes on embroidery. Learned so much, and have sent my sister the things I have embroidered on. Thanks for great education.

  • Placing the grandchildren’s name on pillowcases and on kitchen towels, adds personalization. Wanting to branch out for clothing now using my 770 QE.

  • First, I love my Bernina 830E. Great machine. I use it to embroider clothing, tea towels, placemats and anything else that works. I enjoy giving embroidered items as gifts. I.e. hostess gifts, baby gifts, gifts in general. Love this blog article as revisiting information is always a good idea.

  • I use my Embroidery Mar to create blocks for quilts for Linus Blankets among other items. I just love to experiment with different threads and materials also.

  • I like to use embroidered items as gifts. Christmas gifts includes, two sets of embroidered pillowcases, 2 fleece throws, neck scarf, cork coasters (birthday). And this month, baby showers gifts – tag toy dino and an embroidered Panda peep. Also did a baby blanket and quilted it. Next I’m starting an embroidered quilt.

  • I use my embroidery machine, a BERNINA, for everything. My latest is embroidering on cardstock, making my own cards. Everyone loves them. I am always learning new techniques.

  • I’m just getting back into embroidering and plan on using designs on the custom bags and purses I make. It’s been a few years so I’m looking forward to reading these articles to help me remember. Thanks!

  • Ooooo! My favorite thing is to make FSL jewelry for my granddaughter and for Christmas presents. I’m making a pillow as a gift to my nephew and his partner for their wedding. partner’s

  • I embroider tote bags, towels, kitchen items, pillows, etc. on my Bernina 700 to give to family and friends. I recently purchased the Anniversary addition 880 plus. I’m excited to learn how to quilt in the hoop and am looking forward to using the jumbo and mega hoops in my embroidery.
    Thank you for this series on machine embroidery.
    Planning on learning a lot from your expertise.

  • I started embroidering quilt labels, but since then I’ve branched out and made some FSL, monogrammed a couple of towels, and experimented with several other techniques, including ITH appliqué. It’s addictive and such fun!

  • I love machine embroidery! I just started a quilt in a 2 day seminar from Claudia of Claudia’s Creations. I have embroidered on: bibs for friend’s new babies, hooded towels for new borns, and gifts for friends. I can’t wait to learn more!

  • I have had an embroidery machine for years, but didn’t do a lot other than free-standing lace. What I really like is embroidery and piecing on quilts and that’s why I bought the machine. My first quilt combining the two is at the quilters and I’m pulling fabric to make another!

  • I love making gifts for family and friends. I also have a lot of embroidery on fabric that I will have to make a quilt or find a use for. Just embroidering just to embroider!

  • My embroidery unit is still new in the box after XX years. 🙁 I would like to learn by starting with simple one-color designs and monograms when I get a place where I can set it up.

  • I am a newbie x 10 – have had my new 770QE for 1 month and I am immersed in learning new techniques after only doing the very basics for years. I am 76 years old and living proof, you can teach an old dog new tricks!!!

  • I just bought my 1st embroidery machine. I decided to be smart and bought a dual machine, sewing/embroidery. This way I can do some quilting and regular sewing and then embellish them with some nice embroidery designs. I have never won anything and am hoping that this may be the one 🙂
    Thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • I’m so excited about this as I’m really new to machine embroidery. I love adding machine embroidery to any of my projects including handkerchiefs, dresses, bags, and hats to name a few. I enjoy the challenge that each different fabric style and weight present.

  • I love to make dish towels & bath towels for family & friends. Embroidery them makes them more personal & extra special. I can’t wait to learn how to improve my embroidery experience through the tutorials.

  • I enjoy embroidering for my church the table runners, slashes and towels. It’s always nice to give a personalized baby gift to new moms. I also enjoy personalizing clothing items for family and friends. I have seen the joy that embriorey has brought to the lives of those I know and care for.

  • I am fairly new to the embroidery world. Purchased a wonderful Bernina 790 and am on love with it. So far I have embroidered names on a baby outfit and dog bed cover and blanket as well as some cute designs of dogs and babies I purchased on line. I will read every word you have to offer on your tips and techniques. Thank you!

  • Purchased my 6th Bernina just last week, 790E+, after just purchasing the New 590E not even 7 months ago! Also added the serger and coverstitch machines. Ha! Love them so much and the support is fantastic thru your websites and the great dealer I found, Finch Knitting and Sewing Studio in Leesburg, VA. Didn’t like embroidery at all 6 months ago, I was a garment sewer, however my daughters were getting around the age for grandbabies and thought I’d get a head start on learning, instead of diving in over my head as usual … well …. nothing in the house is safe now! Trying to graduate from tea towels! I’m in heaven!

  • I use Embroidery in lots of different ways. I make a lot of bags & enjoy placin a design on it. I also quilt it’s always nice to have embroidery in my quilt as well. I also like makin free standing lace ornaments for my Christmas tree. Too much fun!!!

  • I love to use machine embroidery to make ITH gifts for family and friends….zip bags, key fobs, finger puppets, stuffies, to add monograms and designs on shirts, towels and tote bags, appliqué, FSL, etc.

  • Machine embroidery is my passion. I just bought a Bernina 780 and have only touched the surface of all of it’s features. I successfully downloaded my first design yesterday and am excited to learn more. Thanks for all of your handy tips!

  • I just purchased the module for my 770QE and have lots to learn but so far using for names and monograms on my granddaughters’ dresses and aprons. Can’t wait to do more!!

  • I am the new owner of a Bernita embroidery machine. I have been sewing all my life and have made all different types of garments and crafts, but I have never used an embroidery machine. I have started a sewing business and would like to add embroidery to make special items. I am anxious to learn from the ground up.

  • I started in 2005, but my machine broke and I was down for about 10 years. This year my husband bought me a new machine. It’s back to the learning curve for me. I’m greatful to have found this on my phone today!

  • I started in 2005, but my machine broke and I was down for about 10 years. This year my husband bought me a new machine. It’s a new learning curve for me.

  • I use embroidery to give my crafts a little pizzazz and make them more personal and unique. I especially like to use flowers and butterflies to give things a whimsical feel.

  • I just purchased my first embroidery machine, a used pe150. I’m learning all I can and hope to add embroidery to clothes for my granddaughters and to incorporate into quilting projects.

  • Love this idea of helping people like me who need to learn so much more. I have done embroidery for my Granddaughters mostly but also done ITH designs for myself. thank you.

  • I like to use a machine embroidery in my sewing by adding a custom label to my quilts as well as in the hoop embroidery projects for making gifts for my friends and family. Love my Bernina 770 QE.

  • I used my 170 embroidery machine for years and years and now my 770 machine with embroidery. I’ve embroidered swim towels for the grandkids, tons of t-shirts, a polar fleece blanket and a polartec vest and winter coat with snowflakes, Christmas ornament for coworkers and neighbors, blocks for quilts, borders for quilts, quilt labels, bags, baby onesies that I have purchased. It is fun. It is easy. I used to make knit tops and things for my grands and EVERYTHING was embroidered when they were little.

  • I discover new techniques every time I try out a project or take an embroidery class at my local quilt shop. The new Bernina 590 makes it easy to be successful in completing one. I like to personalize small zipper bags and labels. Using the group and ungroup technique in the embroidery function opens up so many options and possibilities.

  • I love to use machine embroidery to make personalized wedding gifts, quilt labels, wall hangings, and additions to quilts. I also use Bernina’s software 8 and am so happy we have an awesome instructor, Linda Humphreys, right here in Cortez, Colorado.

  • I use embroidery to give my family’s clothing a second life, especially my kid’s. Small holes, stains, etc are covered by cute patterns. Using the paper template tip is a great way to place patterns right where they need to be for best coverage.

  • Owner 790 Plus and 350. Embroidery? Honestly, I was scared…I live so many miles away from a dealership and no one locally embroiders. I thought every little noise was a sign of doom. When my husband asked me (a year ago) to embroider his boat name on vinyl seat covers….I declined but eventually… compromised by adding lettering -not using the module. I was wrong. The machine’s abilities grew with my self-confidence…or when my self-confidence grew, so did my comfort level to try new things. Last week, another set of seat covers. This time, his boat name is “loud and proud” across the top panel. On the back panel is a lovely crab. No issues, no jams and no fear. BTW: my husband used my 350 to create tuck and roll panels, then assemble the seat covers.

  • I use embroidery on so many different things from clothing to crafts to quilting. Although I don’t consider myself a quilter, it seems that often my projects turn into wall hangings, table runners, or small quilts and then of course I have the challenge of quilting them with the embroidery.

  • I am very excited to see that February is going to be in embroidery month! I haven’t even open the box for my embroidery module for my Bernina 770 QE. I am just getting acclimated to my sewing machine and starting to feel more comfortable so maybe it’s perfect timing for me in February! Thanks for all the ideas!

  • I was gifted an Artista 180! Have had one class for the embroidery machine. I quilt and am interested in making labels for my quilts and learning to quilt on the embroidery machine!

  • I am very new to the Bernina world, including embroidery. I will be using my new machine skills to make thoughtful and useful Birthday and Christmas gifts for my family and friends. My family and friends enjoy receiving gifts that are unique and made just for them!

  • I have had success with embroidery in making quilts. The designs give the quilt a lot of extra pizazz and color. I love making quilts for friends. The embroidery adds such a nice extra personal touch.

  • I love to use embroidery on quilts, especially those I have made for my grandchildren. I have also embroidered many other things, including designs on shirts and table runners, lots of bookmarks and hot pads for little gifts, etc.

  • I got my first Bernina almost 45 years ago and still love it! But after experiencing the fun of machine embroidery I bought a 765SE and am really enjoying it. I can believe how versatile it is, and I’m always finding something new it can do. I am also having fun teaching my granddaughter to see, using both machines.

  • My embroidery machine is my amazement maker. Almost every project amazes me at rhe beauty and utility that comes with a great machine, some threads, stabilizer and a bit of my time! Such fun.

  • I personalize and jazz up everything with my embroidery machine. Clothing towels sheets quilts hats — you name it. Not to mention totally embroidered quilts and wall hangings table toppers and runners. So much fun!!

  • Since I’ve taken up quilting, my embroidery machine is used mostly for embroidering labels. I haven’t tried quilting with it, but plan to try it before long.

  • Just getting into embroidery and have a lot to learn. I’ve made a couple pillows for gifts and also edge to edge quilting on a small quilt. it’s fun!

  • I make all my quilt labels with embroidery and I just started embroidered blocks. I embroider plain fabric with beautiful designs and plan to use them in a quilt.

  • I have used embroidery in quilt tops, wall hangings, little onesies pajama tops for young children, and tags/ornaments for Christmas presents. I am sure I will be using the embroidery for much more as time goes on and as I learn how to do different things…

  • My 830 is my fourth Bernina sewing/embroidery machine. The joy of Bernina embroidery is endless. I embroider custom personalized kitchen accessories for my daughters and daughter-in-law, dear friends and myself. I make items that match kitchen colors and styles, i.e. hand towels, placemats, potholders, etc. Also, I embroider quilt blocks, and incorporate colors to match each one’s decor. The possibilities just continue to multiply. Sewing/embroidery is such a rewarding passion.

  • it is still a bit intimidating but also very satisfying to overcome your fears. I was given a jpg file which I converted into an embroidery file to attach a logo which we are using for this event onto 11 aprons. they are all stitched out but there is still a lot to learn.

  • Just upgraded this fall to a Bernina that would take the embroidery unit. After an intro class at the shop, I have done a few appliques and even ventured into ones that added fabric. Then we had to leave to care for a relative and my machine stayed home 🙁 I had made Christmas stockings, gifts and even added a design combination that my granddaughter selected using the Bernina software to flip and place the heart cherries that she wanted on both sides of an ice cream sundae. Can’t wait to return home so that I can continue attempting to hone my skills.

  • I like to embroider on towels,pillow cases and other linens, purchased and home made items of clothing, blankets, totes, netting, toilet paper, aprons, cards, you name it. If it fits under my machine it is a viable item to be embroidered.

  • I think about machine embroidery with almost any project. I have done embroidery on quilts, pillows, garments, free standing lace, applique, and on and on. I love to try new techniques and products. I am a pattern aholic.

  • I’ve had fun by quilting a quilt with embroidery, making personalized wedding towels, fun dish towels, baby quilts, pillow designs and much more. There is so much to do with Bernina. I’d like to learn more about using the stitch recipe and changing personalized stitches to embroidery designs.

  • I love using my embroidery machine as a service to others–I create gifts for our Women’s Ministry at church and also our Children’s Ministry. I also use my machine for quilting. Right now I’m working on a baby quilt for a special friend’s first grand child–as a surprise for her.

  • I love putting embroidery on quilt squares, on garments for my granddaughter and on doll clothes. I gave everyone (13 people) an embroidered towel for Christmas.

  • I have been reading /studying the embroider alongs. I have learned so much! Thank you for the wonderful information. I’ve finally been able to embroider t shirts without puckering!

  • I am an absolute beginner at machine embroidery. I purchased a Bernina 790+AE in September. At the end of November, my daughter suggested we make our gifts this year since they had spent quite a bit on their home over this last summer. The first week in December I pulled out the embroidery unit for the first time and got to work. I made an embroidered red truck with a Christmas tree in the back for my husband, a beautiful Christmas pillow for my daughter, a reading pillow for my granddaughter and some monogrammed golf towels for my son-in-law. My son-in-law was especially happy with his gift. An avid golfer, he said he had never actually spent money on golf towels – he said he used whatever worn out hand towel that was available. It helped a bit, too, that I did them in his college colors.

  • I’ve mostly used my embroidery to quilt my quilts. I’d like to start using for other items. Thank you so much for having the embroidery “lessons” I really need these lessons, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • I use embroidery on baby blankets and burp cloths for newborn gifts. I monogram towels or napkins as gifts for friends and family each Christmas. This Christmas I made chef hats for my grandkids and embrodered their name on each one.

  • I’m a newbie to the embroidery machine. I’ve learned to embroider text and am excited to learn so many new things as I pick up new tips, techniques, and skills during Bernina Embroidery Month!! Yay!

  • I love decorating items for my grandkids. My grandson has requested I make a patch for his neighborhood bicycle gang. He’s 8 years old. Scary that he thinks I can do anything.

  • Before I purchased my Bernina 830, I never thought embroidery would be an important skill. I’ve had my machine for less than a year and hope I live long enough to get to all the projects I want to try! I designed and personalized 10 Christmas stockings this season (one took 4th place in a challenge), made 23 personalized cosmetic bags, 2 decorator pillow covers, and many other projects. OMG…. I’m having the time of my life!

  • I have used embroidery designs on quilts, Christmas stockings and I love to make free standing projects!!! Christmas ornaments are my most favorite free standing project. This is a wonderful giveaway you guys are doing! Thank you so much!

  • I’m still very new with machine embroidery however I love making embroidery panels to use in quilting. ❤️ I’ve fallen in love with machine embroidery ❤️

  • I like to add little bits and pieces of embroidery to purses, shirts, quilts, everything! I recently tried some baseball hats which my kids really liked. I also do embroidery for the baptismal bibs at my church. The more I do, the more ways I find to use it!

  • I’ve had the Bernina 880 Anniversary Edition for about 4 months and am still learning about the embroidery module. So far I’ve embroidered kitchen towels for my sisters and friends and they love them. Want to try embroidery on t-shirts next! I’m in love with this machine and all the possibilities you can create with it!

  • I love being able to make labels for my quilts and also monogrammed towels for wedding gifts. Love being able to use my Bernina to make special gifts for my grandkids.

  • I have three granddaughters that live in the south and monograms are big here. I also do a matching embroidered design on a shirt or dress for each holiday and season,

  • I have never used a paper template before but it sounds like a great idea and should save time in the long run plus confirm perfect placement. Thanks!! I love using embroidery and make many gifts with embroidery as well as some quilts.

  • I love machine embroidery for many items and also use it on most of my quilts and quilting items (most are given away to nonprofit animal rescues to help them raise funds for their veterinary bills) to add that “extra” touch.

  • I have always wanted to embroider and when I bought my Bernina 790 and software I was so thrilled. I take monthly classes for embroidery and software which helps tremendously. One of my favorite things to embroider are baby blankets, I personalize them with the baby’s name, date of birth etc. I had a favorite blouse that had a stain on it I couldn’t remove so I embroidered over the stain! I have recently finished a tile wall hanging and I’m so excited to start another one. I LOVE my Bernina, and I love your tutorials.

  • I am a quilter and love to make my labels using my embroidery machine. Also, I love adding embroidery to my quilts, particularly baby quilts. There are such cute animal faces for ME that are appropriate for baby quilts.

  • I love to use embroidery for quilt blocks, items for my grandkids, towels, clothing, just to numerous to list. I love my Bernina machines and look forward to many years of sewing and embroidery.

  • I now have a 790. Have been embroidering since mid 1990. Love to play with all the different colors & brands of threads and then beautify clothing, towels, pillows, hats, bags and whatever else needs some color and excitement.

  • “How do you like to use machine embroidery in your sewing or crafts? = I love my Bernina – in fact I love it so much that I have 2. My first Bernina was the 200 which I still use during the holiday season when I’m busy making free standing Christmas tree ornaments that I give to family and friends. My second Bernina is the 830 which I love for its large throat and hooping ability. I quilt and am able to hoop and quilt using the embroidery designs especially made for quilting. The last quilt I made using this method was a queen size quilt I made for our grandson’s wedding. In addition I love making greeting cards, table runners and other home decor, baby gifts and it goes on and on. Love my Berninas.

  • I do a lot of embroidery for gifts like towels, napkins, quilts, table runners and more. I used to do a lot of sweatshirts but I don’t do much clothing anymore.

  • Being able to make beautiful labels and add extra touches with embroidery is my favorite. All the beautiful designs available allow me to make professional decorator items. Right now I totally enjoy the in the hoop projects. Seeing how others utilize the embroidery inspires my creativity.

  • I love, love embroidering with my Bernina 880 Plus. I use my Bernina 880 to embroider all sorts of things, bath towels, hooded bath towels for grandkids, dish towels, purses, quiet books, greeting cards, pin cushions, quilts. The list is endless. I especially love in the hoop projects.
    This looks like a great adventure in embroidery, I look forward to following along.

  • I love to place designs on towels. Such a nice quick gift. Or put the grands names on the border of pillowcases. And always, create quilt labels in my embroidery module.

  • I use it in teaching machine embroidery in three shops. As an educator, the excitement and willingness to learn is worth the time spent prepping for class on my Bernina 790+. Joy equals machine embroodery!!!

  • I love to use embroidery to make gifts of all sorts whether there is an occasion or not. This past Christmas everyone in the office got an in-the-hoop embroidered star ornament or a kitchen towel with a design that reflected the person and their interests. Hmmm…I looked around my house and realized that I really do give away everything I make. Not an embroidered item anywhere in the house. Have to do better!!

  • I am fairly new to embroidery but I love it not only for making quilts but for using it on bags. A whole new world world is opening up with all the possibilities!

  • I have used embroidery for many of my friends and family for Christmas and birthday gifts. Even my church has received some of the beautiful embroidered banners and baptism napkins. I use my Bernina 580 which I totally love!

  • I have embroidered towels & Christmas ornaments. Knowing which stabilizer is the best to use in a given situation continues to be my biggest challenge.

  • I like using machine embroidery for so many thing that I can’t imagine not having one.
    I like to make quilts, so quilt labels are one of the first things I make so it’s there for posterity. After the label has been embroidered I like using open style embroidery patterns to machine embroider the blocks. The look fantastic!
    And or course I like embroidering towels for gifts, napkins, tablecloths, Shirts, etc.
    I just plain like and enjoy using embroidery on almost everything!!! Even my socks!

  • I use machine embroidery on clothing projects as well as linens, kitchen towels , teabag and tissue holders for purses and in some of my quilting.

  • I have been getting acquainted with machine embroidery on my 830 for the last couple of years —- learning curves vary with each of us and I think I have finally got the bobbin threading down! I am currently using my embroidery to create unique center panels for a quilt pattern I am writing —the first used three related embroideries to create a mystical statement regarding Christmas fantasies and snow on a hand dyed fabric that co-ordinated well with a Blank Quilting fabric line. In process at the moment is a bear themed panel to similarly pop an Elizabeth studio fabric. I am learning more and more and have some ideas to use FSL designs to create some wonderful overlays. Next on my wish list will be digitizing software. The sugar bowl money is earmarked!

  • I love to put a little nursery picture and a bible scripture along with the child’s name and birthdate on the baby quilts I make for family and friends! I love the lessons on We All Sew! I have learned so much and I gain new courage to try new and different things! Thank you and keep up the great lessons!

  • I love embroidering on my 790+. As I type, I’m embroidering a quilt block for a surprise quilt for a friend who served in the military. 52,000 stitiches. I’ve embroidered t-shirts, denim shirts, polo shirts, bibs, quilt labels. I’ve done in the hoop projects. I have the V8.1 software and have taken a class at the Bernina Creative center. Just love embroidery.

  • Have had my 830 for many years and was using for quilting. Just starting to teach myself how to use it to embroider and use it for some fun projects I hope.

  • I recently used an embroidery motif in place of an applique on a table runner I’m currently making. I intend to also quilt it with my embroidery machine. It will be the first time I have done that.

  • I always embroider something for my daughters & daughters-in-law for Christmas. They especially like jeans. I have the 830 since the year it was introduced.

  • I use my embroidery machine to embroider animals, flowers and whatever on the quilts. I also use my machine to quilt my the quilts I make. I also make mug rugs for friends as well.

  • My favorite thing about the bernina embroidery machines is the pin point placement.
    It is the reason I purchased my 590, and it makes hoop placement less stressful!!

  • I love to use embroidery to decorate kitchen towels, do monograms on bath towels, clothes and purses, put names on headbands, decorate shirts with designs. I made basket liners for the baskets under the reading nook bench …..”warm and fuzzy” for the blankets, “toys”; “etc, etc, etc;” and “random stuff” all in different fonts. I do decorated pillows for Christmas and gifts all year long. I really love using my Bernina 830!

  • I like to use my embroidery for items provided for church fund raisers as well as baptism garments. I also like to use embroidery for baby and children items. I look forward to learning more and experimenting with on my own clothing.

  • I like to use machine embroidery to make hand sewn gifts personal, like embroidering names on pillowcases, a baby’s name on a blanket or quilt, & initials on cuffs. I also like making pillows with embroidered pictures to match a home’s decor. I notice the colors used on existing decor items in a room, then choose my threads from that for the embroidery. I also like to add embroidery to store-bought clothing, as well as to many crafts I create!

  • I love to use machine embroidery in my quilting projects, and I also occasionally embellish clothing with it, mostly on jacket backs using large embroidery designs. So much fun!

  • I like to add embroidery designs to totes, oven mitts, dog scarves, pockets, and sometimes its just necessary to make something because of an embroidery design calling to be used. I have done embroidery as the focus for quilt blocks and the guilt is built for showcasing the designs. There is always more to learn and experience.

  • Machine embroidery has added a whole dimension to my sewing. I add it to towels, placemats, t-shirts, jeans, pillowcases, and my favorite thing is to incorporate it into quilts. I’ve started a burlap Christmas banner using one of the freebie sets given away by OESD. Embroidery opens up the creative process so much more to my sewing. My imagination dreams up so many projects!

  • I am new to embroidery. Made my first embroidered gifts at Christmas but could have been better. Looking forward to learning more about embroidery. M

  • I am a new owner of a B500. So far, I love using embroidery for my quilt labels. I am getting ready to make some FSL pieces for my sister for her birthday. I am excited to learn more!

  • I embroidered tea towels to give as Christmas gifts. I also embroidery labels for all of the quilts that I make. Someday I would like to use embroidery in the blocks for a quilt. I’ve seen a few, and they are so lovely.

  • I thought I had bought over my skill level (B790) but after a few classes and some practice I have found this machine to be a masterful partner. I embroider and make fabric gift bags, wine totes, kitchen towels, bibs, baby blankets, aprons, mug rugs, quiet books and more. I joke that this machine can do everything but bake bread. The more I learn, the more I love this awesome machine. As a retired woman, this machine offers me intellectual and creative challenges. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about what designs I want to try. Bernina dreams drown out political nastiness, health worries and anxiety about children. Who needs a therapist when you can have a Bernina?

  • I am just getting started and I am excited about incorporating embroidery in my decor as I redo my home. I have planned tasteful embroidery on eggshell drapery for my bedroom to go over doors that open to my back patio where I have hummingbird feeders here in Las Vegas. I’ve purchased the drapery material and am in the process of finding the art work that will include not only hummingbirds, but orioles. I have orioles that visit my hummingbird feeders during nesting season. Yes, folks, orioles in Las Vegas. That’s just the start of my plans and I’ll wait to share the rest as I use my Bernina 880 Embroidery and software to just HAVE FUN in my retirement!!!

  • I have had my 770qe for two years but just got the embroidery module. Today I took an all-day class at Save’s Bernina and am fired up to embroider everything! Can’t wait!

  • I have embroidered on shirts, made embroidered quilts and used my embroidery software to digitize logos and other designs for various uses. I love my 880 Plus and my Bernina embroidery software!

  • I dislike using paper products so I make cloth wine bags to use when taking a bottle as a hostess gift. I embroider ‘Enjoy!’ Orca bunch of grapes on the front of the bag. It’s like giving two gifts!

  • There are no limits to what I use Embroidery for. I personalize towels for gifts, use embroidery on clothing, pillows, add it to quilts, make my tags for quilts, and use it on bags. I just upgraded my embroidery machine and I plan to use embroidery as quilting motifs.

  • I love making home decor such as placemats/ napkins, embroidering towels, clothing and more. My husband asked if everything had to be embroidered? What kind of question is that??

  • I love my Bernina 790! Absolutely love the We all sew website! So many great tips and trick on here.
    I love monogramming and embroidering seasonal pillows for my front porch bench!

  • I am new to embroidery and my Bernina 790 pro. I want to add freestanding birds and butterflies to the wreaths I make. I am looking forward to the journey.

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