Machine Embroidery Tips, Tricks and Projects

Happy National Embroidery Month!

We’re sharing machine embroidery tips, tricks, and projects from experts. Embroidery has been around for centuries, so what better occasion to highlight this art form than National Embroidery Month.

From hand embroidery to machine embroidery, you can create just about any design you want! Speaking of creating an array of designs, check out the below posts to get embroidery project ideas, tips and inspiration here on WeAllSew.

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Embroidered Bench Pillow


This adorable Bench Pillow is the perfect accessory to brighten any indoor or outdoor space. The addition of “Welcome Home” from built-in lettering on the embroidery machine is the perfect complement to the rose design from the BERNINA Exclusive Design Collection #82024 Life is Rosey. The designs in this collection include the entire alphabet created with roses with lots of extra designs perfect for monogramming!

Embroidery With Word Art

National Embroidery Month - Word_Art_B_880_Plus_Cover

There are so many gorgeous and professionally digitized embroidery designs in the world, why not use them to personalize gifts, clothing, accessories, or home décor? Kate Toney from Tough Kitten Crafts shows you how to take something pre-made and add your own personal touch to it using lettering and embroidery designs!

Ten Tips for Using Stabilizer

National Embroidery Month - stitched design

An important part of stitching beautiful machine embroidery designs is the correct use of stabilizers. There are many types of stabilizers for different embroidery situations. If you are new to machine embroidery, it may be confusing to know which one to use when. There are guidelines to help you decide which stabilizer to use but there is no one answer for every embroidery scenario. It is a matter of trial and error, testing, and experience. Try these ten stabilizer tips to help get great stitching results!

What Makes a Good Embroidery Design?

Fresh Blooms design

If you’re into machine embroidery, you know that there are thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of designs out there. Some are sold in collections; some may be purchased individually, and others are actually free! No matter what type of style you’re looking for, it’s out there: elegant, whimsical, masculine, rustic, floral, you name it and you can stitch it. But how do you know if you’re getting a “good” design? Here are five ways to ensure that the designs you select are high-quality designs that you will stitch over and over again.

Why So Many Hoops?

section of machine embroidery hoops

Every embroidery machine comes with at least one and usually more hoops. Plus there are others that you may purchase to add to your hoop collection. But do you really need multiple hoops? Let’s find out!

Downloading and Transferring Designs to a USB Stick


When you purchase an embroidery machine, most will come with built-in designs that are easy to access and ready to stitch, and that’s great!  But there are so many “perfect” designs to choose from for purchase. Whether you purchase online and download, or purchase designs or design collections on media such as USB sticks or CDs, you will need to get them into the embroidery machine. Take a look at how it’s done!

Using the Wreath Tool in BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.2

Software V8 Series

The Wreath tool is easily the most fun feature of BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.2! You can turn a single design element into a complex arrangement quickly and easily, with just a few clicks. BERNINA Educator, Sylvain Bergeron, shows you how to do it in this tutorial.

How to Digitize Embossed Embroidery


Monogrammed towels . . . been there, done that. To create something a little different this time, digitize the monogram in BERNINA Embroidery Software v8.1 so that parts of the toweling are compressed flat with stitches and the parts that were are unstitched puff up, giving the design a little more dimension. Your guests will take a second look the next time they dry their hands!

More Machine Embroidery Tips & Tricks

Find more machine embroidery tips and tricks in these other posts here at WeAllSew!

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996 thoughts on “Machine Embroidery Tips, Tricks and Projects

  1. So many great tips here and the bench pillow is so perfect for outdoor seating! I’d like to know more about magnetic hoops and how to use them, plus the best way to embroider on velvet. I have a beautiful piece of velvet upholstery fabric that I’d like to embroider to make a pillow. Thanks!
    duchick at gmail dot com

      1. I agree 100%, and slowly. Not a 1 1/2 hour quick webinar. Pick a project, and space it out over several weeks. So much is assumed from how to set up your hoop to putting the file on a usb stick.

    1. I love making kitchen towels with each holiday theme. I have a large family and can give them each a towel to let them know I am thinking of them while we are separated. I can drive them to some people, others I need to mail, but generally each holiday I make 14-15 kitchen towels with the holiday theme. I have also made large medallion style pillows for Christmas embroidered on silk duponi. They turned out lovely. I am wanting to stitch a nice pattern on a denim shirt I purchased and will decide on the design for that soon. I seem to get wrapped up on assembly line stitchign for the kitchen towels and forget about my own projects.

    2. I would love to learn how to create a machine embroidery trapunto design on the Bernina software and then transferring it to my machine and making it. Please and thank you.😁

    3. I’m confused about the software, I’m a Mac user but everything I see is Microsoft spreadsheets. I’ve purchased a few designs and loaded them from my email to memory stick- to Bernina, which works but without quality documentation. Help!!

    4. I would like to learn how to complete a design when there is a glitch in the stitching with the machine, lining it up to the exact spot to begin again. Thanks so much.

    5. I would like to learn like you are using your machine for the first time. So you could learn step by step. Maybe webinars or on zoom, would be great. This way if you had a questions or comments have the answers or explaination.

    6. I can always learn more about stablizers. I had a scrap of Ultrasuede I’d like to embroider and am searching for the right project and advice on selecting a design

    7. I’m am new to the world of machine embroidery, but I’m looking forward to working with my local Bernina dealer to learn all the basics from stabilizers to hoops and designs! I love sewing children’s clothing and am looking forward to incorporating machine embroidery in my sewing! I’ve really appreciated all the tips, tricks and projects Bernina provides.

    8. I would like to embellish my quilts with embroidery. Thank you so much for all the hints and tricks you put on your website for us to enjoy. I have been very happy with the items I have made from the patterns on We All Sew.

    9. I would like to learn how to embellish my quilts with embroidery. Thank you so much for all the hints and tricks you put on your website for us to enjoy. I have been very happy with the items I have made from the patterns on We All Sew.

    10. I still have trouble centering and aligning my project correctly, for example, on a T-shirt. And knowing that I’ve sized the design correctly. I sometimes stitch a design too small but I’m getting better!

    1. I would love to learn more about the software. Especially version 8.2. More tutorials and blog post would be wonderful. I don’t utilize the software as much as I could because I don’t understand it.

  2. I love machine embroidery on my 730e and 830e and I’m always looking for more tips & tricks. For my V8 SW, I’d like to learn more about digitizing “sketching” style designs with very light fill vs heavy fills, as well as how to incorporate the same with a wave effect. For stitching out, I’d like more tips & tricks to for working with ITH quilt blocks and how they are assembled. For DesignWorks, I’d like more tips & tricks for Paintworks please.

    1. I agree that it would be very useful to learn more about stitch density adjustments when resizing designs. I would also like to see embroidery projects requiring multi-hooping and pinpoint placement.

    1. I, also, am interested in digitizing–either clipart and/or artwork. When it’s hard to find exactly what you want, being able to create it would be SO nice!

  3. We All Sew has so many good tips and patterns I have referred to it many times.
    As far as embroidery, I would like to learn some of the basics of thread selections and how to create and save patterns.

  4. I have a B590 and would love to have a easy method to do larger designs that won’t fit in the midi hoop. Also, I’d like to be able to quilt a 12″ quilt block no more than 2 hoopings, like quilting designs that are already mirrored rectangles.

  5. I would really love to learn more of the basics about how to use the great Bernina equipment I already own. The company that sold it to me went out of business before I really learned how to use it well.

  6. I would like to know how or what is best way to stabilize and hoop golf shirts so they dont pucker. and how to embroider a name on a heavy flight jacket so it doesnt pull, i have tried so many ways.

  7. I am a newbie, but I am loving machine embroidery. I am intimidated by the idea of “endless embroidery,” but that is something I’d like to try at some point. A tutorial that makes it seem more accessible would be great!

  8. I’d really like to use my embroidery software. But I got it right before all the lockdowns, and so don’t really know how. So I need to learn to set up the machine and do embroidery with my software!

  9. I have been quilting for 10 years and am so happy with my Bernina 570 QE, and now I would love to learn to do some machine embroidery, which I know absolutely nothing about! – so I am looking forward to learning!

  10. When designing my own embroidery designs, I would love to learn how to critique my own designs and structure and what to consider when applying them to different types of fabric or materials.

  11. I have been a Bernina machine embroidery enthusiast since the Bernina Artista 200 and have loved every minute of it. While I have learn so much over the years, there’s always something new to learn! I would love to learn how to what kind of and how to do embroidery on T-Towels so that I don’t have to leave any stabilizer on the backside that would show. Thank you!

  12. I would like to learn more about how to use embroidery to personalize garments without making them look like “old lady” clothes. I’m trying to say this with respect because I don’t think a woman of any age should have to wear old lady clothes.

    I’m including how to choose designs, placement of designs, and the best stabilizers to use with garments.

  13. I’m really enjoying all the tips and tricks to improve my machine embroidery skills. I’d like to learn more about edge to edge embroidery for quilted projects.

  14. I am relatively new to using the embroidery module of my 590 but would like to understand how large a hoop it will handle, how to use the software (Toolbox) and why Bernina does not offer magnetic hoops. I see people raving about the magnetic hoops as must for continuous designs, but fear the magnetics might interfere with the computerization of my machine. What a blockbuster selection of tools in the prize package!

  15. Learning to love my 880+ – now using the embroidery module. Would like more info on edge to edge quilting. Specifically, how to mark the quilt top. Do you start in the middle, side top, etc? Toni

  16. I’ve been embroidering for a while now, but there is always something else to learn! I would like to be more of an expert when doing precise positioning and centering of embroidery designs.

  17. I would like to learn everything I can possibly learn about embroidery, starting with the basics because I purchased my Bernina 770 QE with the embroidery attachment last year, right at the beginning of Covid-19 and have not been able to attend the lessons that I was supposed to get with the purchase. All lessons were cancelled due to the virus and I have no idea when I might be able to get instruction again. I’m expecting my first grandchild in April and I’m eager to learn and use my machine.

  18. How to use stabilizers in general, have never done embroidery but have always wanted to learn. So with that said everything about embroidery is what I need to learn and be able to teach my daughter who is just learning to sew.

  19. I would love to learn how to do machine embroidery so it looks really professional and neat. But first, I need to learn how to do machine embroidery!

  20. I recently purchased a 770qe Tula Pink edition and I have not been able to attend any classes physically so I am just beginning to learn how to use the machine to embroidery. I love that you have videos to help with this. I would love to learn more about hooping tips, what threads are best to use, and more on stabilizers according to fabric & project type. Thank you so much!

  21. I would like to know how to keep the white from showing through the stitches. I know it is partly how you stabilize and quality of digitizing. But even if those are good, sometimes the white still shows through.
    Thank you

  22. I’d like to learn how to download designs to my Macbook Air and then transfer to my machine. Is it true you can’t use a MAC with the Bernina software?

  23. Thank you so much for the great tips! I am interested in making some labels for the quilts I am making. I would like help with choosing and placing the designs and how to write the wording.

  24. What would you like to learn about machine embroidery?”
    I would like to learn more about how to create my own design and how to center that design for placement. I have only been embroidering for just a couple years now but feel there is so much more to embroidering. So far, the only things I can do is the patterns I purchase. I have only embroidered the “in the hoop” patterns by Sweet Pea because I don’t know how to center and place an embroidery pattern in the hoop/material to have the design come out the way it should.

  25. I would like to know exactly how to use the embroidery on my 590. I brought her home in October, but have so far not been able to take a guide class because of Covid.

  26. I’d like to learn what the best sticky back stabilizer is that can easily be removed with a spritz of water or otherwise easily from terry towels. A sticky back that doesn’t turn into a gooey mess when attempting to remove on terry towels. Thank you!!!

  27. I love anything that makes hooping easier as I have neuropathy in my fingers and its hard to get the fabric taunt sometimes. I’m really interested in the the magnetic hoops. Please tell me more! I love all the instructions I get from your WeAllSew website, so thank you so much for all the hard work!

  28. I have learned so many things since I got my Bernina 770 and my embroidery module. I have tried different designs, free standing hearts and Christmas stars, I tried the three dimensional heart, would like to learn the whole quilt designs.

  29. I bought a Bernina 580 a couple years ago, and have never used the embroidery function, except in the beginner class the dealer offered. I would love to learn how to use it. I’m not sure how to get the design on the usb stick or hook it up directly to my computer. I guess I’m a little intimidated by it.

  30. I want to learn how to digitize my on designs. Working with thick materials. How to modify designs. Feel more comfortable working with embroidery. I just love to see.

  31. Looks like a great prize! I’d love to win it! I’d like to learn how to do the continuous quilting in the hoop. I’ve purchased CD’s with quilt patterns, but haven’t learned how to do this. It would be nice to be able to quilt my own table runners, wall hangings, and other small projects.

  32. I don’t know how to begin but anything for a newbe would be helpful. My dream is to own a Bernina someday. I watch all the tips you have on here and it looks so fun. I have a Brother machine but not real sure how to use it either. Also would like to know about thread choices I should use.

  33. I’d like to learn the capabilities and techniques for the Bernina Embroidery Machines. Have loved my sewing machine would love to learn how to expand my skills

  34. I would like to learn more tips for lettering, both small lettering and large. I use the software to create the lettering, but sometimes have run into trouble getting the letters to look sharp and crisp… I’ve adjusted the compensation in settings, and that helps sometimes… so any more tips on how to achieve great lettering on different fabrics (flannel, linen, fleece, etc) would be greatly appreciated.

  35. I wish the computer part of obtaining & digitizing a pattern was easier.,. Once it’s on the stick its no problem…it’s the computer that drives me Nuts!! Now I hear that the sticks info degrades over time! Its just one big headache after another!! My goal was to simply draw my design & repeat it with my machine… Sounds so simple but never is! I am better off drawing my design with freemotion on the longarm. Thus my embroidery machine just sits there and was a waste of money & time! The main problem is the computer that just keeps updating and it is another waste of money & time! I guess there really isn’t a question that can be answered but thanks for letting me vent about the usual computer blues.

  36. I would like to learn how to get started, what tools I need. I have had my machine for years but have not ventured into embroidery and always wanted to. I would like to learn more about designing custom embroidery.

  37. I really enjoy all the tips and project ideas. I would like to learn more about Color Photostitch. Also, tiling scenes and the best way to stabilize them. Thank you.

  38. I am so thankful for this website, as I just bought my Bernina and embroidery attachment. I look forward to all tips and helpful thoughts, ideas etc. We All Sew has made using my new machine, exciting, and always something to look forward to, and to learning new techniques.

    So, I am looking forward to learning all you have to offer, thread selections, operations, etc, mainly, so that I can use my machine efficiently. Thank you.

  39. I would love to know more about embroidery designs for free-standing items–both about designs that are already available AND how to digitize original ones.

  40. I would like to learn more about tips and tricks for embroidery on pre-existing sweatshirts, sweaters, t-shrits, ball caps etc. I also agree with a previous post: learning how to group and and ungroup effectively.

  41. I am recently retired and really need to learn how to be more proficient in using my V8 embroidery software! Now that I have more time, I hope to spend it doing what I love. I really enjoy the We All Sew patterns, tips and instructions. I compare machine embroidery to getting fresh paper and new crayons when I was a kid. Thank you for the chance to win this yummy prize package! Laurie Lux

  42. I think the hardest part I have is lining the pattern up and getting the hoops to close without moving the location I wanted for the design. That would be a good post. Thanks for all the great inspiration.

  43. I want to learn it all! I’ve had a Bernina 930 and an 1130, so I am super excited to be moving forward with Bernina! Embroidery is my favorite thing to do, so anything to do with embroidery will make my day!

    1. I find that I learn something every time I sign into the We All Sew blog. It is a good reminder of technique to ensure a quality stitchout. I am using Vs 6 software and not planning to update at this time. It would be nice to have webinars that support the older software. I am sure many of us still use it.

  44. I have an embroidery machine that I’ve forgotten how to use! So my most pressing need is to re-learn how to use it. these project have inspired me to dig out my manual and refresh myself and get to work! I’d love to start by learning how to embroider quilt labels.

    1. I find one of the best ways to learn is by joining an Embroidery Club at your dealer. We have one and we are learning about digitizing, sewing on card stock, embroidering artwork pictures (look at Advanced Embroidery for beautiful art digitized for you to sew-Renoir, Leonardo, Mucha, or Van Gogh.) Really a wonderful gift when you give famous art.
      Check out your local dealer for their embroidery groups.

  45. I learn something every time I read “We All Sew” articles. I would like to learn more about magnetic hoops and edge to edge quilting on the embroidery machine.

  46. I just got my mother-in-law’s 440, and can’t wait to learn how to embroider with it. I have a B530, but have never done machine embroidering. Now my mother-in-law’s generosity makes it possible! What would I like to learn about it? Everything!!

  47. I love my 630 Artista machine. I would like to learn more about the difference between art. files and pes. files. When art. files are not available for a design what is the next best choice?

    1. I have trouble with what stabilizer(s) to use. I think it would be fun to do small monthly projects to learn about stabilizers. I also wouldn’t mind a few projects to learn how to digitize.

  48. I’m pretty new to embroidery, so I’d have to say a little of everything. The more I know the better I’ll do. I need information about all the topics mentioned above. Thread types, stabilizer choices, quality of designs, how to move designs to the machine, and so much more. So I’m a sponge ready for all the information! I’m excited to learn!

  49. I would like to learn about the use and best practices for various thread types and weights. What it means when using rayon, polyneon, cotton, glitter, et al. Do you have to have the same type in bobbin.

  50. I would love to learn about embroidering on specialty fabrics like chiffon, metallics, lycra, etc. What types of stabilizer work bests for those types of fabrics?

  51. I would like to learn more about what can be used instead of aerosol basting products in machine embroidery and quilting. The spray adhesives irritate a medical condition, but I want my embroidery to look nice.

  52. Your tutorials are the first ones I go to. I am a confident beginner who also is very addicted to machine embroidery. I want to learn edge to edge quilting, quilt as you go. I am not a traditional quilter, I prefer artsy, whimsical, colorful pieces.

  53. I’d like to learn the tricks to fix embroidery errors, such as broken thread, thread nests, the best way to avoid jump threads and how to cut the ones that are unavoidable. Thanks!

  54. What I would you like to learn about machine embroidery is absolutely EVERYTHING! I am newly retired and picking up my sewing projects from days gone bye on my new Bernina Sewing Machine. I have never machine embroidered, only ever by hand, and would love to learn all about it. Thank you Bernina for offering this great giveaway. Fingers crossed this one is for me. Grateful!

  55. Machine embroidery is very fascinating and Bernina v8.1 is a wonderful software. I would love to be able to do all the functions that are available in the v 8.1 software.

  56. I would love to build my confidence to use my embroidery module. I was so excited when I purchased my Tula Pink 770QE and have taken a few classes. But then the pandemic hit and now I have not used it:(

  57. I would like to learn how to embroider on t-shirts! I have a cute pattern to embroider a pattern on a pocket and then attach the pocket to a t-shirt with the pattern extending beyond the pocket. How do you stabilize the pocket fabric & then the shirt? Thanks.

  58. I would like to learn more about multiple hooping. I want to do some larger things where it requires matching up registration marks. Also need to understand the ability to set up these registration marks in Embrillance software.

  59. I would like to continue to learn more about the machine embroidery software – it has so many little tools…. 🙂
    As far as actual stitching out of machine embroidery, I would like to see more about stitching with cotton threads such as Mettler 60 weight. I like the matte look of cotton as opposed to the polyester.

  60. I would love to learn how to digitize designs for machine embroidery!! I have read the directions in my Bernina software but am a bit timid to try it!!

  61. I would like to learn how to digitize my own watercolor paintings into embroidery designs.
    Your online resources are very good and it would be wonderful to have additional intermediate and advanced online tutorials for the V8 software.

  62. I’d like to learn how to design my own in the hoop project with the v8 software. Also- how to embroider a design on a piece of vinyl to be used on a bag – what type of needle, thread and which bobbin works best.

  63. I’ve been doing machine embroidery for years, but I seem to learn something new every time I take on a new project. It’s great to learn from others with tutorials. Continuous borders would be something I would like to learn how to do with confidence.

  64. I am new to machine embroidery and would like to know more about incorporating embroidery designs into my quilting projects. Really, anything you have to offer would be great!

  65. Can I just say that I love the Bernina Sewing videos, I love the feeling that the videos evoke, The sun shining through the window and the curtains blowing in warm breeze. The jars of buttons the music like I could watch those videos 1 million times because they make me feel relaxed and happy. What I would like to learn more about embroidery Is anything that you’re going to teach me in that design space in your videos with that music playing like seriously I could just go in that room and never come out again.

  66. I am new to machine embroidery (just purchased the 590 QEE), and would love to learn EVERYTHING about it. I was able to do names on stockings for Christmas and am looking forward to many more embroidery projects.

  67. “What would you like to learn about machine embroidery?

    I would like to learn how to enlarge design and split into multiple hoopings to create large wall picture.

  68. I’m just getting started on the embroidery journey so I need to learn everything! Lol. But I’d really like to learn how to quilt with my embroidery machine.

  69. I’m a bit intimidated so have yet to give into my curiosity and purchase an embroidery machine. I’d like to know the basics of what I’d need to know to jump in should I purchase one. It took me years to get to a point where I was comfortable with all my first serger could do and I’d hate to put out the money for an embroidery machine only to have it sitting seldom used.

  70. I would love to have more online help to learn to transfer my hundreds of dollars worth of embroidery programs used in my Bernina 200 that are not usable on my new 790+. I wish I had been told they were not usable as disks or cards before my spending big bucks on the new machine!

  71. I would like to learn more about stabilizers and when to use what one. And how to decided which one to use based on design. Also which fabrics don’t typically need stabilizers.

  72. I want to learn everything I can learn about embroidery so that I can make my work as a professional looking as possible. Using embroidery to quilt. How to use my embroidery software to become more creative. The more I learn the more I realize that there is to learn. I love Bernina and all there tips and techmiques, webinars and classes for that reason. Bernina is great in helping anyone who wants to learn.

  73. A few weeks ago, I virtually attended a Bernina embroidery class. It started with a zipper bag, using my 790, adding additional layers and personalized the bag. The shop that I bought my 790 from closed shop shortly after my purchase. I never had the opportunity to learn all the buttons/options/abilities than are in my machine. I would love more of those classes. How to use the built in abilities to tweak projects.

  74. I would love to learn how to combine parts of embroidery designs with other parts of designs on my Bernina 770 QE to personalize a specific project like a pillow. Maybe add some lettering with a floral design, etc. Thank you for all this helpful information ❤️

  75. I would like to learn about using the right kind of stabilizer, and hooping thick items. I often will use 2 sheets of stabilizer for added stability but then it becomes hard to hoop the fabric as well.

  76. I would like to learn more about embroidering on garments – where to put the embroidery, how to hoop, etc. I love machine embroidery and it has replaced my hand embroidery because of arthritis.

  77. I would really like to learn to digitize as well as many other aspects of an embroidery program as that would allow a tremendous amount of creativity and flexibility

  78. I have not been able to use my machines for almost 10 years, but I recently got both of serviced and I am now ready to re-learn all I used to love sewing, embroidering, and quilting. Can’t wait to get going!

  79. I would love to learn how to create a machine embroidery trapunto design on the Bernina software and then transferring it to my machine and making it. Please and thank you.😁

  80. I would like to know more about using the smaller hoops to enhance garments. Including what stabilizer to use and securing stitches so they don’t come out in the laundry.

  81. I just bought a magnetic hoop to use with continuous line quilting. I’d like to know more about both use of the hoop and tips for line quilting process. Even suggestions for great line quilting designs. Can I design my own?

  82. I love my vintage Bernina – but it doesn’t do embroidery. I’m still embroidering by hand – I would love to be able to recreate the beautiful things that I read about on your blog.

  83. I would like to learn more about stabilizing for dense embroidery designs so your fabric doesn’t pucker. Do you combine different types of stabilizers or use different needles and thread.

  84. I am interested in learning more about the various stabilizers and the appropriate use of each one. Also, I would like to discover designs that interest me. I am new at embroidery and still have much to learn!

  85. I would love to learn more about converting a logo from a photo or PDF type file into an embroidery file. Many times my grandkids play on little league teams I would love to create “goodies” with their team logo, perhaps also adding encouragement ie: Kick it, Ravens, etc.

  86. I whole like more education on use of the embroidery module. I have a 750 QE. When 8 bought my embroidery module, I was told the 750 had been discontinued so the had no workbook for me when I took the free class. The class was geared to the 790, so it was hard to follow with different look on the the screen.

  87. I would like to learn more about choosing thread colors. Designs have colors suggested, but I have a different brand and a thread conversion chart does not help much.

  88. There are so many things to learn for effective embroidery. I’ve had the designer software for a few years and have yet to master it, so I think I’d like to know more about digitizing and using that software … then would be more about stabilizers and what/what to use …. then would be about recovering from a broken thread while in the middle of a project.

    Thank you Bernina!

  89. I’d like to know more about using pinpoint placement. Also would be interested to know if Bernina plans on adding magnetic hoops. Someone else suggested doing projects where you work along. I agree with that idea – I learn better when I’m actually doing it.

  90. I want to learn as much as I can. I am looking to buy a machine for embroidery. I want to learn about hoops and sizes, downloading patterns, changing patterns, making patterns… I’m new and wanting to’learn!

  91. I love the tips and tricks that I get in the newsletter and on We All Sew. I would love to learn how to better use the Artlink software to help me with designs I’ve purchased. I would also love to learn how to correctly size and place designs so that I don’t get them wonky on my fabric. I haven’t mastered pin point placement yet. 🙁

  92. I’d like to learn more ways to hoop with materials other than just stabilizer. Sometimes stabilizer add too much stiffness to your project and polymesh isn’t always the best alternative. I’ve used starched muslin with good success on a project but that’s just one possibility.

    I’d also like to learn some alternative ways to do applique. Many designs have you place a piece fabric which is then tacked down, then you remove the hoop and trim away the excess fabric — rinse and repeat several times. It can tedious and laborious if your design has a lot of elements. I been trying to figure out how to make a printout of the individual elements so I can use the prints as templates to cut the fabric elements to size so I don’t have to trim but I just don’t know enough to make that happen.

    Any suggestions would be very helpful.

  93. I am brand new to embroidery and have been intimidated by it because of all of the options for upper and lower thread, stabilizer type, fabric type, thread type, etc. This is a great source of information and will help me take the leap to try different projects.

  94. I would love to learn how to machine quilt using embroidery . I have an Aurora and have not used my embroidery unit since I have had my machine. Thanks so much!

  95. I’d love to learn how to embroider without puckering and stiffness on baby onsies, tee shirts and sweatshirts (from thin to thicker fabrics). Thank you!

  96. I would love to do more embroidery on clothing for myself. Stabilizing on delicate fabric and how to pick the perfect design for the specific fabric. Thin light weight linen in particular. I don’t want the design to be stiff and not drape well.

  97. Will Bernina ever have their embroidery software compatable with a Mac computer? When I bought my machine the software was only compatible with a DOS computer. Also I would like to know how to embroider towels with a very thick pile. They don’t fit in the hoops very well and I am afraid of breaking my hoop.

  98. My scariest part of machine embroidery is having the right stabilizer. There are so many options and so many possibilities. I have baskets of different stabilizers but never seem to have the “recommended” one. When can substitutions be made?

  99. I’d like more information on using multipositional hoops. My large machine hoop size is 6 x 10. But my small machine only has a 4 x 4 ability, so it is sometimes necessary to split designs to fit.

  100. I would like to learn more about digitizing a design. I just got my machine in the last 6 months. I’m loving everything about it. I need easy instructions.

  101. “lettering Fun Pocket Pillow” EXCELLENT!!!! I’ve been doing this the hard way. This is a fabulous article and if someone is working with lettering please read this. Ungrouping and moving letters! FABULOUS!!
    I can’t thank you enough for this one.

  102. I have been embroidering for about 8 years. I still cannot figure out how to get items hooped correctly, so that I can connect designs. I’d also love to learn how to split designs so that I can make larger designs using my 5×7 hoop.

  103. I would like to see more instructional videos for using the quilt designs on the embroidery on a quilt. ie: where to start on your quilt, how to line up to have the design straight when rehooping so that is starts with the beginning connecting with the ending of the previous to make it continuous.
    Thank you

  104. I would like to learn more about speed control when stitching out an embroidery. Should small details run slower? Can large areas take a faster speed? Where do you draw the line?

  105. I would love to have more on-line webinars on Bernina embroidery software 8.2. I have been trying to learn on my own, but it’s a steep curve. It would be great to have a virtual Master Class on the schedule.

  106. It would be helpful to learn more about metallic threads, needles to use with them, and the best spool holder for metallic threads vs. using a net on the spool/cone. Thanks for opening up this month to the subject of all things embroidery!

  107. I love all the projects that are provided through the Bernina “We All Sew” emails.
    I would love to learn more about embroidering on towels, especially dish towels.
    I’d love to learn more on quilting using the embroidery software . . .

  108. Newbie here, so anxious to learn everything about machine embroidery. Got my new Bernina embroidery machine in Sept., but do to Covid, no classes are being given at this time, so really appreciate being able to learn here. Thank

  109. I would like to learn more about stabilizers and using them with different fabrics. I really wish you would have more information on older embroidery versions. I have the original version 5 and I feel like I’ve been totally forgotten. I love my machine and the software.

  110. I would like to be more confident in my embroidery. It took me 18 months to take the machine out of the box and I only embroider every couple months, mostly names. I would like to learn about digitizing, but don’t think I ready yet, and I would really like to have more classes where I’m actually making something to help me build up confidence. Thanks.

  111. I would love to see an in depth lesson on stabilizers for different applications. I just love making gifts, especially monogrammed items and I always wish about what support I need when embroidering different things!

  112. Wow there is a LOT to learn, and I never actually KNEW about stabilizers before. I need to know all about using them. I also want to learn free-form stuff too..

  113. Great tips. I am helping teach a class for new machine embroidery enthusiasts and enjoy sharing all the tips and resources. I am excited as over half of the students are on Berninas and I am learning more about 830 and 880 machines as I stitch and embroider on my 790 and 590! Keep up the great work.

  114. I’d like V8 software lessons (reasonably advanced) that could be purchased from a dealer but given on line in these times of Covid isolation. I miss the monthly software lessons but am unwilling to travel and be in a classroom at my age of 73. The occasional webinars are nice but recently are often not new material.

  115. I love my Bernina and am ready to jump full into embroidery. I’m such a newby that I want to know first steps to effective and enjoyable embroidery. While I know there is a learning curve, it’s so easy to become frustrated with things don’t go as expected. I love the tutorials on Bernina sites, but still feel like I need hand holding when it comes to learning the embroidery half of my machine! Thanks for simple step by step instructions.

  116. I would like to learn more about free standing lace and in hoop projects. Now that I am retired I have more time to work on my own projects. I was a commercial embroider and had a Bernina E16.

  117. Thank you for the great tips. I learn so much from the blog posts on We All Sew. For instance, I never knew that the oval hoop is the best one for sewing free-standing lace. I would love to see a post on modern approaches to embroidery and tips for embroidering on leather.

  118. I would love a review of the point to point feature (perhaps project/example oriented…I personally learn better by applying the instructions as I go along). I figure it out, but by the time I use it again, I end up having to start all over. I can benefit from anything. My other Bernina was an 180E and 20 years old. Things have definitely changed.

  119. I would like to learn how to embroider cloths and make special monogrammed gifts for loved ones. Plus I would like to learn all the fun extra things the machine can do! 💁🏻‍♀️

  120. I started in machine embroidery on the forst home embroidery machine 25 years ago but haven’t sewn or embroidered for at least 15 yeard. I would love a beginner’s primer since there were no USB sticks,no CD’S, And no conputer hook ups. Also,all the support products are different and I don’t want to take 25 years to figure it out again.

  121. As a new 790+ owner, edge to edge quilting would be great to learn more about. Especially with the perfect placement tool. I’d also like to know more about the digitizing software.

  122. I would like to learn more about how to create my own designs with my bernina 8 software. also learn more about working with different fabrics and leathers.

  123. I would like to learn about choosing embroidery designs and colors for those designs when embroidering on patterned fabrics. Everyone embroiders on solids, but what about patterned fabrics like floral designs or geometric patterns? How can we be sure that it will show up and look good on those fabrics?

  124. I love the embroidery that my Bernina does. I would like to know more about applique techniques. The more I learn, the more I realize that there is so much more my machine will do that I don’t know about!

  125. I would like to learn more about combining designs and quilting in the hoop. Also I would like to know more about the magnetic hoops and how to use them.

  126. My next project is learning to quilt with magnetic frames with an embroidery machine. I have tried before but failed miserably, this time I will put more time into reading & tutorials before I ruin another quilt project. Anything related to embroidery quilting would be great.

  127. I love embroidering and want to master my skills. I’m always wanting to learn more and looking for something new and fun. I have two machines so while one is embroidering I can sew on the other one! But it always seems I’m out of the one thing, so off to store I go! Watching it stitch out is remarkable to me and just love the capabilities!

  128. I would love to be able to learn better how to use the computer, download, digitize. My machine has so much I want to use it all. So glad I choose Bernina!

  129. I would like to learn to use my machine! 🙂 I have done only one embroidery and the last time I tried another project, it didn’t go well. I am afraid of my machine! Help!

  130. What would I like to learn about machine embroidery? Everything I can! Especially: designing my own ideas, making 3D or stand-alone projects, and how to use embroidery in my quilts.

  131. I love to do table runners and just started doing a little quilts. Maybe someday I will get all the quilt blocks done.
    I have done a little appliques, but I love to learn new things.

  132. Love to learn everything on your We All Sew site. Haven’t done any embroidery for over two years. Your site will enable me to relearn what I have forgot. Looking forward to watch and learn what you are going to teach us.

  133. I would like to know more about how to purchase a design, import it to my embroidery software (Floriani TCU) then edit it, save it on a usb, take it to my machine (Bernina 770QE) and then stitch it out, knowing when and in what order to change thread color. I would like to watch an instructional video on how to do this…one that I could refer back to as needed. Or have the instructions written with color photos showing important points.

  134. How to start to organize all my embroidery designs that I have been collecting for years. It takes me forever to find what I am looking for. Had I known how many designs one can accumulate after years of embroidering, I would have started organizing years ago….

  135. I would love to know more about magnetic hoops. I would purchase Bernina magnetic hoops in a heartbeat. Some projects cannot handle any possible distortion of fabric or media and that would really be a bonus. Bernina is such a leader in quality products that it’s worth the wait, but I’m ready to go there!

  136. I love all the beautiful motifs. What is the best way to organize them so I can find the one I want. I have some on a thumb drive, it is hard to hard scroll through to find the right one when I want to stitch it out. Please help.

  137. I would love to learn how to embroider a quilt motif into my simpler pattern. For example, I can stitch in the ditch and machine quilt the borders, then embroider a leaf into some diamonds to complete my favorite Autumn quilt top.

  138. I would like to learn more about lining up an embroidery design or designs repeatedly, in order to create a long border. I would like to know the best way to make sure that they register or meet and don’t jog off track, so that the border looks “seamless,” continuous.

  139. I would like to learn whether or not it is okay to use designs on my Bernina 770 from other places than Toolbox? I trust Bernina products and tend to be a purest when it comes to your products but would like to try some other designs.

  140. Would love to learn how to use my BERNINA Embroidery Software 8.2. I received for Christmas 2019. Then the world shut down and I wasn’t able to get into a class. I especially would like to learn how to digitize.

  141. As a brand new beginner, I’d like 6o learn what tools and threads are essential to embroidery to complement the brand new 790SE on order. Excited to learn a new skill!

  142. I would like to learn how to embroidery with my Bernina 750QE. I bought the embroidery unit separate but haven’t set it up yet. Someone told me to go to YouTube but I like hands on training.

  143. I would like to learn about adding quilting around a design using the Artista V8 software. Whenever I set up the software with the appropriate hoop and design, the stippling extends beyond the hoop. Thanks. Vicky

  144. I’d love to become more confident with embroidery. Choosing the right needles, thread , stabilizer and all the way to combining designs to make my own unique projects!

  145. I am a total newbie. I would like to learn about the thread tension. The first time I tried it was perfect. The second time the thread made a nest on the back. Also want to make my own labels for my quilts.

  146. I have three Berninas and two have the capability of embroidering. I do not know how
    to use the embroidery components. I would love to truly learn how to embroider quilt blocks, pieces of clothing, table runners and just learn to be much more creative with embroidery.

  147. I would really like to learn how to turn my
    own designs into digitized embroidery.
    I think this would be a wonderful process and enhance the quilts I make.

  148. I’d like to know more about everything as I’m new to machine embroidery. Although the one thing that really is an area of interest to me is stabilizers; what type to use with what project and how to successfully use them.

  149. I am without any skill level of success in doing embroidery and appreciate every post that teaches process that moves me forward from the zero skills place to a beginner learner today.

  150. I would love to learn how to do embroidery on t-shirts and other knits without it tending to pucker. I love my embroidery and I am striving to make it look more professional.

  151. Love all the tips and projects! I still struggle with the correct type and amount of stabilizer (tips you gave were great!) so learning that and improve my pin point placement are what I’d like to learn.

  152. I have a Bernina 750 and love it. I want to become more proficient in using the Embroidery module of the machine. Learning how to use the embroidery software . I have seen so many designs that people have digitized and I want to learn how to do that.

  153. I would like to learn how to do embroidery on a garmet either ready made or during the construction process. I’d like to find a way to put my “signature” in the costum costumes I make.

  154. I would love to see portraits turned into embroidery. I did this once with my 180 i joined two different applications and came up with a portrait but i dont know how i did it. and its been years since i have done this.

  155. I would dearly love to learn more, to learn how to use a machine, hooked up to the internet, to be able to create wonderful things. I have an old Bernina 180, bought in 2000…I loved it, but it (the embroidery module) no longer works correctly Due to huge health problems between my husband and myself, I cannot afford to have it fixed, and cannot afford a new machine. I loved that old Bernina, and made so many towels, bibs, etc that I donated to charities for auctions and sales and made gifts and wonderful things. I miss it

  156. I want to expand on using my small hoop. I’d love to get more skilled. I’m making little labels for our church’s baptism hand knitted blankets. The script is ever so tiny snd beautiful. I tried one larger project and didn’t do too well. What is the toolbox?

  157. Confused as to what stabilizer to use on my embroidery projects and need to learn more. A quick reference guide would be real helpful when I change fabrics or thread weight.

  158. Love t to learn everything on my new 770 can do .just got my embroidery attachment a couple weeks ago, But it seems like the classes are tuesdays and thursdays , can there be any mondays or fridays or even weekends end for us working people. Or videos to watch after ? So I’d like to try to make the welcome home pillow.

  159. I would like to learn more about integrating machine embroidery with traditional embroidery – those aspects of machine embroidery which cannot be replicated – such as blackwork. Why is it such a all one and not the other form of art?

  160. I would like to learn more about edge to edge quilting and how to hoop the quilt. I am also interested in using a magnetic hoop to ease movement to align designs. Has Bernina considered offering magnetic hoops?

  161. I learn one piece about embroidery every time I read a blog or comments. I always like to learn about monograms on towels as I don’t do it much. Stabilizer reviews are always good. The next thing I’d like to learn is all about thread: using different threads for embroidery and the effect on the embroidery; tensioning issues with the different threads used with embroidery.

  162. I love all my Bernina machines. Embroidery is what I use to add to my projects. I love the quilting designs . And I’ve used the military and patriotic designs to make quilts for homeless Veterans as I worked at the local VA. Quilts of Valor are another way I can give to our Veterans. Bernina makes it easy !!!

  163. I would like to learn how to split a design and line it up once in the embroidery hoop – I am always just a wee bit off. Also would love to learn how to how to digitize simple designs. Love my Bernina 770QE

  164. I would like to become more confident in my hooping. I would also like to do some in the hoop quilting. I have recently retired from a 41 year nursing career. Now it is my turn to have fun!

  165. I just got my first embroidery machine so I need to learn everything! Projects that I am anxious to learn are quilting embroidery and embelishing clothing. I am so excited to get started on this beautiful art!

  166. I’d like to learn everything about machine embroidery, but especially quilting in the hoop (all kinds) and adjusting density when resizing designs.

  167. I would love to know what to do to keep my embroidery thread from throwing loops into the stitchout. I have tried rethreading top and bottom, changing the needle, changing the size of the needle, using thread nets, of course-adjusting the tension, taking it in to a dealer (3 or more times). I’m at a loss as to what to do now.

  168. I would love to learn more on how to use the digitalizing embroidery software. I tried one of the webinars but had so much difficulty loving in and then there was no close captions for hearing impaired, ugh 😔

  169. I would like to learn more about hooping hard to hoop projects, lining up in the hoop, and stabilizers. I always enjoy the little tips and tricks I learn from the posts. Often it’s that one little tip that makes a difference!

  170. I would love to see more project based classes for learning one step at a time especially now that Covid has made classes almost non-existent. Learning by seeing and following is fantastic.

  171. I would like to start from the beginning on how to embroider. My first embroidery projects was on thick fleece, one for my granddaughter which was perfect and the second one was for my best friend which was a disaster. I ended up hand embroidering. Whenever I embroider I hold my breath and pray for success. How can I get to a comfort zone with embroidery? It should not be this hard, should it? I know I need to keep at it but stop for quite a while before I attempt another embroidery project. I guess I’m asking for how to set up your machine and embroider for success on all projects.

  172. I would like to learn more about using my Bernina embroidery software version 8.2! The corona virus hit about halfway through my dealer’s classes, and I’ve never been able to finish them.

    I would also like to learn more about when to use which stabilizer. There are so many different kinds on the market and everyone recommends a different way they should be used.

  173. I can’t figure out how to use a guide with my #43 couching foot on my Old Bernina 330. I constantly sew along side my yarn without the guide in place. I’d also like tutorials on building up thread – again using FME.

  174. I would like to learn more about using specialty (heavy)threads in the bobbin and more tips and tricks for embroidering with metallic threads. I’d also love to learn about free motion embroidery.

  175. I would love to learn more about stabilizers, the difference between cut away & tear away and why use one over the other. Also the difference between toppers and when to use them. I just think it would help my embroidery look better.

  176. I would love to learn how to use the mega hoop to continue a linear design such as a table cloth border. I have tried using this hoop in the past with little success.

  177. Webinars on software always appreciated and the ability to watch later. I really want to learn how to make entwining monograms. Thanks for the neat give-away.

  178. I also would like to see proper use of smaller magnetic embroidery hoops. My fabric and stabilizer seems to shift a little and design is off. Stabilizer usage on onesies would be another great topic.

  179. Having an embroidery machine has been a wonderful experience. I love to create personalized gifts and home decor. My biggest challenge has been embroidering with metallic thread. Help!

  180. I would really like to know how to choose a stabilizer to prevent my design from puckering around the edges. I know my Bernina Sewing Machine has the capability of a strong motor, and beautiful stitch quality to handle anything. Bernina educators are top-notch and I have enjoyed events in the past and learn information that was invaluable at events. Bernina stands behind their products, so I am looking forward to more education in the future.

  181. I would love to learn how to embroider on tubular items. Like a shirt cuff, the top of a house slipper, shirt pocket (without taking the pocket off). But anyway I love my Bernina 790!

  182. New to machine embroidery, just purchased an 880 Plus so I have EVERYTHING to learn. Love all the tutorials and information on your website. Also recently purchased a Q20. I am in heaven. Thank you.

  183. A more detailed description of what stabilizers to use on the various fabrics and better centering would be useful. A finished professional look is what I am wanting to do.

  184. Years ago I worked at a sewing factory. I worked in the embroidery department. So I always been interested in embroidery. Would love to learn more. I would love to buy a machine but can’t afford it but still interested. Thanks.

  185. As wonderful as the new, impressive, fabulous Bernina sewing/embroidery machines are, some of us are still using older models. I’ve just gone from Artista180E to Auroa 430 which uses a computer to utilize the embroidery unit. I would love, love help in figuring out how to coordinate using my embroidery feature!! When that’s accomplished, I have a lot of Monograming to do!

  186. A tutorial one how to deal with tension issues. I rarely use my B79 embroidery unit because every time, it nests up. I use the recommended thread weight (top and bobbin), I always clean my machine, new needle. Etc. I’ve come to discover that my machine only likes one brand of thread and only in cotton, quilting weight. Better maintenance tips.

  187. I’m loving machine embroidery more everyday. I want to continue to learn more about the V8 embroidery software and become proficient at creating my own design combinations. I would like to see a tutorial on troubleshooting “birdnesting” and “thread bunching” as I seem to have the problem quite often. There are no clear fixes in the manual. I am so thrilled with my new hobby!