Double Needle Machine Embroidery with Embroidery Foot #15

Here’s an easy way to make a simple embroidery design extra special. Stitch an outline design using a double needle instead of a single needle. This only works with simple outline designs digitized with a single or double run such as the design shown in this post. This design is from the Classic Line Quilting collection #12345 by OESD.

stitching a double design


Presser Foot, Stitch Plate, and Double Needle

First, select the presser foot, the needle and the stitch plate. Usually these are pretty standard for machine embroidery but in this case, they are all different from the usual. The stitch plate to use is a 5.5 mm or 9 mm, depending on the model of BERNINA machine you are using. The presser foot is Embroidery Foot #15 because the sole is open enough to accommodate a double needle, size 3.0/90 or smaller. If it applies to your machine, select the foot, needle, and stitch plate from the appropriate selection screens.Foot #15, wide stitch plate and double needle

Double Needle Threading

Thread the machine for double needle stitching using two spools of thread. Click here to learn more about threading your sewing machine for use with a double needle.

Embroidering with a Double Needle

Look for straight stitch, outline designs that are fairly simple. Before starting to stitch, turn the handwheel to make sure the needles will clear the foot while stitching. Reduce the speed of the embroidery machine and stitch the design in the same way as with a single needle. The photos below show a design stitched with a single needle and then the same design stitched with a double needle.

single needle design


double needle design

For more information about BERNINA machine embroidery, see The Big Book of Embroidery at your local BERNINA store.

The Big Book of Embroidery

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    Thanks for the wonderful article. I do have a couple questions though. Would I thread my 880 Plus the same way as described in the section on how to thread a double needle that is embedded in this article? Also, would I need to use the stitch plate with the purple square or would my regular straight stitch plate (the one with no color) work? I have a horrible time remembering which plates do what! I need to write them down! Thanks!

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