How to Free-motion Quilt Lucky the Dog

FMQ Lucky Dog

Lucky the Dog is a whimsical motif sure to bring a smile to all the pet-lovers in your family. He’s a great beginner motif, comprised of simple wavy lines, and would be a great addition to any quilt border. I recommend doodling Lucky the Dog several times before you begin quilting. Doodling helps you learn the motif so you can stitch without hesitation.

I’m Lori Kennedy and I consider myself one lucky dog because I have two BERNINA sewing machines.  I piece and appliqué on the fabulous BERNINA 770 QE and I do most of my free-motion quilting on the easy-to-learn BERNINA Q 20.

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FMQ Lucky Dog - Step One

Begin by stitching three or four closely spaced wavy lines. End with a long vertical line.

FMQ Lucky Dog - Step Two

Add three more wavy lines to create Lucky’s head. Stop on a downward line.

FMQ Lucky Dog - Step Three

Add a small, rounded nose.

FMQ Lucky Dog - Step Four

Stitch up and over the top of the head, adding a curl to create a floppy ear.

FMQ Lucky Dog - Step Five

Stitch down and over the top of Lucky’s body. Add a curl to create a tail.

FMQ Lucky Dog - Step Six

Stitch down and underneath the motif to begin the next design in the border.

Add a clover for St. Patrick’s Day or choose your own flower for Lucky to admire. Of course, Lucky needs a few friends, so stitch a row of shaggy dogs for him to chase!

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