How to Free-motion Quilt a Dinosaur Motif

How to Free-motion Quilt Dinosaurs

Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Triceratop . . . What’s YOUR favorite dinosaur? These amazing reptiles fascinate young and old alike and are a great pattern to embellish your quilt blocks and borders.

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How to Quilt a Dinosaur

I have five grandsons who all love dinosaurs! Dinosaurs come in all shapes (just one size—huge!) Once you learn the basic pattern, create your own dinosaurs by extending the legs or shortening the neck and tail. Add a few palm trees and plants to fill a quilt block and your quilt will become an instant favorite!

How to Free-motion Quilt Dinosaurs, step two

Begin by stitching a large scallop with a tapered edge to create a tail.

How to Free-motion Quilt Dinosaurs, step three

Working from right to left, stitch a straight line then add two rectangular shapes to create short dinosaur legs.

Stitch a vertical curved line to create the dinosaur’s long neck.

How to Free-motion Quilt Dinosaurs, step four

Add a squared shape to create the dinosaur’s head.

How to Free-motion Quilt Dinosaurs, step five

Stitch a messy spiral for the eye.

How to Free-motion Quilt Dinosaurs, step seven

Complete the neck by stitching a wavy line down to the dinosaur body.

Add scallops to create the scales on the dinosaur’s back.

How to Free-motion Quilt Dinosaurs, step eight

Stitch scallops or triple scallops all the way to the end of the tail. To begin another dinosaur, stitch a horizontal line and continue with the large tapered scallop as above.


Create your own dinosaurs by changing the proportions of any of the above steps and personalize the scales for even more fun!

Pro Tip—Doodle your dinosaurs for 5-10 minutes before quilting. Doodling improves muscle memory for smoother stitching—and who knows, you might discover a “new” dinosaur!

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