Susan Beck

Location: Southern California

Hobbies: Besides sewing/textiles/fiber arts, I enjoy reading, writing, and interior design.

Favorite Type of Sewing: I love all types, but my favorite is mixed media -- mixing fabric, paper, fibers, ephemeral mementos, photographs, trinkets, charms, etc.

Susan has a life-long love of creating and began to use needle and thread at about 10 years of age. This eventually led to earning a degree in Clothing /Textiles and a Master’s in Design, and then to working for BERNINA in both sales and education. For the 20+ years Susan was at BERNINA, she learned to appreciate the importance of using quality tools, specifically focusing in on the power of presser feet. As the editor of The Big Book of Feet…A Guide to BERNINA Presser Feet and Accessories, Susan is a strong proponent for using specialty presser to help you sew better, faster, and more creatively!

Susan created as a way to share all types of sewing with both beginners and experienced stitchers, paying particular attention to presser feet and attachments.

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