Narrow Hemming with BERNINA Hemmer Feet

Stitch professional-looking hems using BERNINA Hemmer Feet. The fabric is turned and stitched in one operation, using either a straight, zigzag or decorative stitch. BERNINA has five presser feet that make narrow, double-turned hems easy and quick to sew. The hems range from 2 mm – 6 mm and work on light to medium weight fabrics.

Hemmer Feet #61 and #62

Hemmer Feet #63, #64 and #66

The Sole of the BERNINA Hemmer Foot

The channel on the sole of the presser foot is the size of the finished hem. This channel holds the folded fabric in position so the needle can stitch the hem in place. Notice that there are two hemmers that are for use with straight stitch, center needle position only. The remaining three may be used with a zigzag or other decorative stitch up to 5.5 mm in width. These presser feet work on all BERNINA models.

Diagram of hemmer foot soleStitching the Hem

Each hemmer foot has a coil that folds the fabric twice before it goes under the needle for stitching. To get started, double-fold about 2″-3″ of the edge to the wrong side, making the folded piece about the size of the channel on the sole.

folded fabric edge

Using your fingers or tweezers, place the folded edge under the foot with the wrong side of the fabric up. Take 4-5 stitches and stop with the needle in the fabric. Raise the foot and work the single edge of the fabric into the coil. feeding the fabric edge into the coil

Lower the foot and as you start sewing, hold the fabric edge slightly to the left to prevent it from coming out of the coil. Hem the entire edge.

stitching a hem

The finished hem is delicate and precise – a great finish for napkins, tablecloths, blouses, children’s clothing and for any project that calls for a simple, refined edge.

stitched hem

For more  hemming techniques, click here to download the FREE BERNINA eBook, Machine Hemming Techniques.

Find more tutorials here on WeAllSew that include the BERNINA Hemmer feet:

For more information on all BERNINA presser feet accessories, see The Big Book of Feet at your local BERNINA store.

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3 comments on “Narrow Hemming with BERNINA Hemmer Feet”

  • I can not get my fabric to stay rolled as I sew. It keeps unrolling then you can see the raw edge. I’ve have tried so many times with all different weights of cotton. I have also watched a number of tutorials and I just can’t perfect the perfect rolled hem. Any suggestions?

    • Make sure you start with the folded 2-3 inches. Then “as you start sewing SLOWLY, hold or PULL the fabric edge slightly to the left ALMOST CURLING IT to prevent it from coming out of the coil.”
      You may need to keep sewing slowly and and leading the fabric in with a slight twist left.

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