How to Thread a BERNINA 880 PLUS with Monofilament Thread

If you are sewing with monofilament thread on a BERNINA 880 PLUS, it takes a special threading process. Monofilament thread is a fine thread that requires a slightly different process than usual when threading any BERNINA Series 8 machine. Still simple and still automatic, just follow the steps below.

Horizontal Spool Feeder

Most monofilament thread is wound in a stacked pattern (not cross-wound) and needs to feed off the spool as it spins. It does not feed well coming from the B 880 PLUS spool pins that feed up before being placed in the thread path of the machine. The answer to this is a small, simple accessory, the Horizontal Spool Feeder. This positions the spool so it can spin and the monofilament feeds easily into the machine.

Place the Spool Feeder on one of the spool pins, making sure the small extension on the end is pointing up. The spool feeder should fit tightly and be sturdy as you slide the spool of monofilament thread onto it.

Using a Carrier Thread

Because of the fineness of the monofilament, the easiest way to automatically thread the B 880 PLUS with monofilament thread is to pair it with a heavier thread such as a 40-wt. Isacord thread. Hold both threads as one and thread the machine as usual until you get down to the thread clamp. At this point, clip the carrier thread near the cone and pull if from the needle to remove. Note: Never pull the thread back through the machine as it pulls against sensors in the machine and may cause damage.

Once the carrier thread has been removed, pull the monofilament thread through the lips of the thread clamp and then down and behind the peg.

Pull the thread up to the cutter and cut the thread. Touch the Automatic Threader button to complete the threading of the needle. The Start/Stop button turns green when the threading process is complete.

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5 comments on “How to Thread a BERNINA 880 PLUS with Monofilament Thread”

  • Which brand of monofilament thread do you recommend? Is it possible to also use monofilament thread in the bobbin? If so, should the bobbin case tension be changed? Please advise.

    • I use it in my bobbin when I’m sewing on a quilt label and don’t want it to show on the front of the quilt. I use polyester monofilament. I don’t change the bobbin tension case, but do slow down the speed of winding the bobbin.

  • My 880+ jammed in the bobbin area. I had take it in for service 2 times. I’m using 50 wt thread in the bobbin. Should I reduce the bobbin tension? Or reduce the top tension? I’m so frustrated and want to stitch in the ditch on my quilts.
    Thank you

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