Thread Organization – Isacord Thread Trays

I’m getting a jump start on my New Year organization with these new, sturdy Isacord thread trays — they happen to fit perfectly in this deep drawer and stack easily as well. They would also stack nicely on a cabinet shelf, if I happen to outgrow the drawer. The Isacord thread cones snap onto the tray, so it’s easy to lift out without spilling!



Embroidery Thread Drawer BEFORE

Isacord Thread Trays

Embroidery Thread Drawer AFTER

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12 comments on “Thread Organization – Isacord Thread Trays”

    • Hi Janis — The trays have posts that fit into the Isacord thread spools, so any other spools would need to have the same type of spool. For instance, Mettler Metrocor serger thread spools don’t fit. For those I have shallow drawers and I stand them on end so I can see the colors from above. Check with your local BERNINA dealer — you may find other thread storage units there that work with your thread collection, or they can order items for you. I’ve just re-organized my thread stash; I didn’t realize how much thread I had until it was all in baskets waiting to be sorted! Jo

    • I bought my first set of these specifically for my vast Isacord collection. I had tried a number of alternatives, but wasn’t happy with anything until discovering these.

      Most of the embroidery thread cones that look exactly like an Isacord cone except aren’t green (Floriani, Amalfi, Glide, etc.) fit perfectly in these.

      As far as the drawer situation, these _also_ fit perfectly in the Artbin Super Satchels. Which was another selling point for me, because those are easy to transport to a class or a retreat.

      I am currently working on freemotion embroidering/thread painting a quilt depicting trees during the fall color in Maine. Many, many spools of thread are lined up on my work table, as I’m changing colors frequently. These racks make it possible to free up table space by stacking trays of thread in the color ways I’m not using for a particular section of the quilt.

  • I used an empty, clean egg carton to line my desk drawers, so my cones of thread rest upside down and I get lots of thread close to my embroidery machine on the desk. Since my threads have a number on them that I added to correspond to another thread used by my patterns, it’s easier to find.

  • I have the clear plastic carrying cases that hold 2 of these trays. I would like to have a cart with shelves to put these on to make it easier to store them. They stack well but the thread I want is usually in the bottom tray. Any ideas?

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