My Favorite Thread Storage Boxes

Why do I love my Sulky Slimline thread boxes? Let me count the ways:






  1. They hold 104 spools of thread!
  2. They’re translucent, so I can easily see what colors are inside.
  3. They’re skinny, so they fit in odd little spaces between my storage bins.
  4. They have handles, so they’re easy to pull from the shelves and easy to carry.
  5. They’re compact – no wasted space.
  6. The hinges come apart, making two trays of thread to place next to my machine – awesome!
  7. They holds the spool securely – I can even turn the trays upside down – but…
  8. They release the spools easily – just pull the end of the spool up and slide it off the pin.
  9. Did I mention they hold 104 spools of thread?
  10. I just found out they come sized for larger spools, too!



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