How to Bury Your Thread Ends on a Quilting Project

How do you bury thread ends which are too short to thread through a needle eye or when you just don’t want to take time to thread a needle?

BERNINA Brand Ambassador Renae Allen of RGA Design LLC shares a technique she used in tailoring and garment sewing to send threads to the inside. It works great for quilt threads!



How to Bury Your Thread Ends on a Quilting Project_Needle


1. Choose a thread color different from your sewing thread. Fold it in half and thread both cut ends through a needle so there is a loop on the bottom.


2. Reach through the loop, grab the thread ends and pull them through the loop.


Sewing Tip on How to Bury Your Thread Ends on a Quilting Project_Thread


3. Hold on to the ends and while pushing the needle through inside of the quilt and back out a short distance away. The needle and thread loop pulls the ends through the inside of the quilt. If the ends come out with the loop just tug slightly  and trim so the ends pull in and are buried between quilt layers.


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5 comments on “How to Bury Your Thread Ends on a Quilting Project”

  • You said this is for when threads are too short or “when you just don’t want to take time to thread a needle”; however, you ARE threading a needle with the contrasting thread. That part of your tip just didn’t make sense. Or are you saying that once you’ve threaded the needle with contrasting thread, you just keep it threaded and use it more than once? THAT makes sense. I will have to give this a try, especially with threads that are too short.

  • I think I understand to a point; however wouldn’t the too short stitch still want to pop out once you try to pull it through with the new threaded needle…? I suppose I am as someone else stated I need to see the process done to fully process this procedure, otherwise this just doesn’t click.

    • This method for burying the threads works great. Much faster. I use tweezers for those pesky short threads and hold on to the short thread until the loop has pulled it into the quilt back. I also keep small and medium size forceps handy for pulling the needle through thick areas. Marybess

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