Reading Through the Needle ONLINE on your iPad

Did you know you can read our digital magazine Through the Needle ONLINE on your iPad or other color smart device? On the iPad, simply open a Safari window and visit On that page you will see all of our issues with the most current issue appearing on top.

We provide each issue of TTNO in several formats: a page-flip format, and as a straight PDF file. As an iPad owner myself, I would recommend you download the PDF file and view it using a PDF reader app. While you can still open and see the magazine using the page-flip link, the iPad doesn’t allow you to enlarge the page to read the smaller type so using a PDF reader app is the best choice for the iPad.

Open the PDFReader app and touch the computer icon on the lower left side of the screen. Select Browser Download, and a browser window will appear. Navigate to and touch the PDF link of the issue you would like to download.

Once you touch the link, a dialog box will appear. Touch Save Linked File, and the PDF file will then start downloading to your iPad. This may take several minutes depending on your Wi-Fi or or 3G connection speed – the PDF files are between 6.5 and 8.5 mb each.

After the file has completely downloaded, you may view the file using the PDFReader app. The file will be saved on your iPad until you choose to delete it.

Follow a similar process for the color Nook and other mobile devices that have the capability to read a PDF file. Enjoy!

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