BERNINA Made to Create Studio: A Series of Online Lessons

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing a series of online video lessons created around general sewing, quilting, embroidery, and sergers from BERNINA Made to Create Studio–a series of lessons available at your local BERNINA store. We’ve chosen some of the best of these lessons from 2019 to share with you here on WeAllSew! For more lessons like these, visit your local BERNINA dealer.

Combining fun into everything that is being taught, BERNINA Made to Create Studio is truly exciting. This educational platform utilizes BERNINA sewing machines and accessories. Rather than being in the classroom learning from our BERNINA educators, we bring the fun to you! Each lesson contains information on how to complete the project, ways to practice, and a video to follow along.

Follow along to the tips and tricks provided, use the listed materials, and the end result will be completed projects or technique samples and sewing knowledge gained! The lessons are supported with videos and step-by-step instructions. All the lessons will post based on categories: quilting, sewing, overlocker, and embroidery. Here is a sneak peek as to what you will find!

BERNINA Quilting School

Use up some of those leftovers scraps to create this adorable heart mini quilt or mug rug. This tutorial will walk you through how to make a quilt sandwich using the constructed quilt top, set the sewing machine up for quilting, and utilize the BERNINA Stitch Regulator to quilt your masterpiece!


BERNINA Sewing School

Not only are there quilting tips and tricks coming, our educators will give you some fresh ideas when working with the classic BERNINA presser feet. There are also foot feature projects that demonstrate the functions of the chosen presser foot. A great example of this is the technique project created with Invisible Zipper Foot #35. Stay tuned, because this presser foot is not just used for garment sewing!


BERNINA Overlocker School

Another great benefit of BERNINA Made to Create Studio is that lessons on the serger machines were created and will be shared on our WeAllSew blog. Like this Flatlock Pillow tutorial from Jaime David.


The technique lessons will explain step-by-step how the machine should be set up and how the stitch should look when stitched out.


BERNINA Embroidery School

The next area that BERNINA Made to Create Studio will cover on the blog is embroidery. Looking for a new idea? You will find it with these lessons. One particularly exciting lesson discusses how to create a 9-patch pillow with appliqué and heirloom embroidery.



BERNINA Software School

Finally, BERNINA Made to Create Studio will explore software. Learn to use your BERNINA Software to its fullest with these step-by-step lessons and handouts.



Are your ready for the lessons from BERNINA Made to Create Studio? Set up the sewing machine, settle in, and prepare to learn something new!

BERNINA Made to Create Studio Online Lessons

Equilateral Triangle Table Runner

Free-motion Quilting with Rulers

Fusible Quilt Label

Faux-sashed T-Shirt Quilt

Free-motion Quilted Placemats

Heart Mini Quilt

How to Quilt Feathers with Free-motion and Rulers

Free-motion Couching Techniques

Modern Heart Table Runner

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34 comments on “BERNINA Made to Create Studio: A Series of Online Lessons”

    • I am looking forward to these classes also. I have purchased your machines and want to learn about all their carefully thought out improvements on these wonderful machines. I am excited also. Thankyou you for thinking of your customers after their machine purchases. It proves you care after the purchase also. thanks thanks so much!

  • I am so excited to know that Bernina offering videos and downloads on just about every aspect of sewing, software and embroidery! Can’t wait!

  • Hurray!!! I am so delighted to hear that these most favorite 2019 BCS classes will be available to all Bernina Owners & not just those who are fortunate enough be able to pay for these monthly virtual classes and who to live close enough to attend these at a dealer that offers these BCS Classes in their stores!
    My Bernina dealer offered several of these “Virtual” BCS clubs at their store on a monthly basis (or their predecessor Clubs which I attended for over the past 6 yrs). Unfortunately, due to the shortages in staff, they announced in Dec 2019 they were no longer able to facilitate the BCS monthly classes due to staff shortages. Unfortunately, there are no other local Bernina dealers near enough for me to travel to.
    On behalf of all Bernina Owners I would like to encourage Bernina to offer an option for those who cannot get a Bernina Dealer Location to attend these “Virtual” Creative Studios Classes. With today’s technology and the options of paying for online classes there must be a way that 2020 BCS classes could be made available as a “Long Distance” option! I believe these BCS Classes should e available to all Bernina owners…. I would support a “long distance” option so that I would be able to continue attending these educational classes! I really miss the Bernina Family social“ aspect of the in store classes…. but I really miss the educational Bernina Knowledge. I can honestly say that I always learned something new at each of the four monthly clubs I attended over the past 6 yrs. I have contacted a few Dealers that offer the BCS programs but they do not offer a “Long Distance” option either. I am so very disappointed that I am missing out on these 2020 BCS classes!
    I do applaud Bernina’s efforts to provide some of the most popular 2019 BCS classes free on We All Sew!
    If this is possible for 2019 BCS classes, I wonder if Bernina would consider providing the current year BCS classes to be purchased online??? Something or think about???
    Does anyone know of any Canadian Dealers that offer the 2020 BCS monthly classes for “Long Distance” customers… I am really interested in the BCS Software classes… as I am still learning how to use the software!
    Warmest Regards


  • Well it is welcome news that Bernina will offer online video lessons. The projects and topics looking interesting and fun! But there seems to be one issue here – at least in the USA-nearly every state has some form of shutdown in place including retailsnstores and we have no idea how long this will last. An even beyond that we’re told social distancing will continue-so sitring as a group in a small classroom ar a dealership is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Has anyone at Bernina been watching thw news lately? This seems luke an ill conceived roll out at this time. It would certainly be more helpful to avail these online lessons to Bernina vustomers from the safety of thier homes.

  • All of these ideas and lessons sound great. I’m hoping the lessons will pertain to all levels and types of Bernina machines not just the newest ones.

  • Megann Freese: Are you going to include DesignWorks lessons? I hope so! Am I understanding correctly that videos will be included with each lesson?

  • I am very interested in Design Works and Software Inspirations. When can I expect to see these on your site. I personally have had two close friends purchase V8 software and we need these lessons online. Here in Phoenix metro, I have to drive over 25 miles to attend a class in person. Now that were are social distancing, this is a perfect time for Bernina to support their customers that have invested so much money in your product. Thank you
    Carol Diezel

  • An idea for those are not making masks (yet?) – I hope everyone will help with the making of masks. Elastic, esp 1.4″, is getting hard to come by. Fusible mesh (mid-weight) for lining masks and wire (maybe 4 gauge) to make nose pieces are getting scarce. If you have a stash of any of these that you are not using, will you think about contacting local people who might be able to put you in touch with others who are making masks?

    And I don’t like to be negative, but with the stress that so many people are under with the COVID-19 epidemic, I am surprised that the email did not more clearly address,from the beginning of the email, the idea that Bernina is bringing this classes online to help everyone who cannot go to their local dealer to take classes right now.

    Bringing classes to everyone is a great idea! But many people will turn off at “visit your local Bernina dealer”, thinking, “Yeah sure, like that is going to happen – not!” I almost stopped reading. Here we are all supposed to stay home, unless it is essential to go out for groceries or medical care, or to a job that is considered essential to the community. But then maybe I am more sensitive since my local Bernina dealer went out of business, and it is about 80 miles to any other dealer. I hope everyone will stay safe and not take chances.

  • I have been looking for the Mug Rug shown above and I can’t find it. Can I get the pattern or the link to it?
    I LOVE that little FUN project!

  • Any chance you will be offering a Q-Matic class. Training is really hard to find. It would be awesome so have some help epically on borders and corners

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