Modern Heart Table Runner


Table runner? Wall hanging? You decide! The Summer Skinnies Pattern by Ribbon Candy Quilt Company gives you the opportunity to practice appliqué, quilting, and a new way to attach binding all while making a fun new decoration for the home.

Materials for the Modern Heart Table Runner

Download the handout here.


Step 1: Trace shapes onto fusible paper

Tape the pattern together and place over a light box.

Place the fusible web with adhesive side down over the pattern and trace with a permanent marker.


Step 2: Piece the fabric for the applique

Starting with the blue fabric strips, place right sides together and stitch with a quarter inch seam allowance using Patchwork Foot #97D. Press after each strip is added.

Stitch a red strip to the bottom of the blue, and continue to stitch additional red strips to the bottom of that. Press after each strip is added.


Modern_Heart_Table Runner_Strips_sewn

Once strips are pieced together in random size order, measure with the heart applique shape to make sure that you have enough strips pieced together.

Step 3: Prepare applique fabrics

Fuse heart applique to the WRONG side of the strip set. Fuse the star applique to the wrong side of the white fabric. Cut out the applique shapes on the drawn lines.



Step 4: Fuse shapes to background fabric

Fuse the heart strip set and the star to the background fabric.


Step 5: Stitch borders

Stitch the left and right borders to the background fabric. Press border away from background fabric.

Then stitch the top and bottom borders. Press border away from background fabric.

Step 6: Prepare fabric for appliqué

Place the background piece over a piece of batting that is 3” larger on all sides.

Step 7: Create Custom Crazy Blanket Stitch

Create a custom Crazy Blanket Stitch using Stitch Designer on the B 880 PLUS or 790 PLUS.


  • Open Stitch Designer.
  • Select Snap to Grid option.
  • Select Create New Stitch Design.
  • Touch screen to start design.
  • Go down 2 grids, touch the screen.
  • Over 5 to left, touch the screen.
  • Back to center, touch the screen.
  • Down 2, touch the screen.
  • Over 3 to left, touch the screen.
  • Back to center, touch the screen.
  • Down 2, touch the screen.
  • Over 2 to the left, touch the screen.
  • Down 1, touch the screen.
  • Confirm the design by touching the green check.

Step 8: Appliqué star

Stitch the star shape using Clear Applique Foot #23 and the newly created Crazy Blanket Stitch.

Step 9: Appliqué heart

Select stitch #1329; adjust stitch width to 5.5 and stitch length to 4.5. Attach Open Embroidery Foot #20D.


Stitch heart shape to background and batting. Stitch around the entire heart shape.


Step 10: Embellish heart

Select star stitch #906 from the B 790 PLUS. Stitch a couple of rows of stars as an embellishment on the blue portion of the heart.


Step 11: Quilt

Layer the appliqued top, batting and backing together.

Attach the BERNINA Stitch Regulator to the machine and quilt on the background fabric and borders as desired.


Step 12: Binding

Trim off excess backing and batting even with the quilt top.

Attach the binding to the back of the quilted top using Patchwork Foot #97D.

Wrap and press the binding to the right side of the quilted top. Clip in place with the Wonder Clips.

Attach Lap Seam Foot #71 to the machine. Insert the binding into the foot and stitch around the top. As you near the corners, slide the binding out of the foot and stitch with the binding under the foot. Turn the corner and stitch for a few inches, then re-insert the binding into the foot.


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