Faux-Sashed T-Shirt Quilt


After spring cleaning is finished, there are sure to be an abundance of extra T-shirts. This faux-sashed quilt will have strips around half of the blocks to give it a sashed effect with less work. The angles of the strips give it a fun and playful look!

Materials to Create a Faux-Sashed T-Shirt Quilt

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Instructions to Create a Faux-Sashed T-Shirt Quilt

All seams in this project are ¼” unless otherwise stated. Finished quilt size: 54″ x 67.5″

1. Cut graphics from the front of the t-shirts. Lay 14 inch square right on top and cut around the ruler with rotary cut and mat.


2. Cut 20 14” squares of Easy-Knit interfacing. Fuse Easy-Knit interfacing to back of squares. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for fusing.


3. Select 10 of the t-shirt squares with smaller graphics on them. You can also use this method if the t-shirt is too small to trim to 14 inch square. Trim the blocks down as desired. Be creative with your cuts. These will be the ten blocks that strips are added to.


4. Add strips on all four (or more, depending on how you cut the shirts) sides until you can trim the block to a 14 inches square. Some will need more than one strip on each side and some will be good with just one strip on each side. Starting on a different side each time will add more interest to the quilt.


Example of block with many strips.


Examples of one strip per side.

5. Now with the strips added to ten of your blocks, lay out all twenty, with every other block having strips added.


6. Start with the rows and stitch the blocks together, four blocks to a row.


7. Stitch rows together. There are a total of five rows.

8. Prepare quilt top for quilting by basting all layers together with pins or spray.

9. Quilt as desired. It is recommended to use 100 topstitch needle and silicone lubricant because of the spray basting and the fusible interfacing. Always test stitch before you start your quilting. Some options for quilting this project are walking foot quilting, free-motion, rulerwork, or longarm.



10. After quilting is completed bind your new t-shirt quilt your favorite way.


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6 comments on “Faux-Sashed T-Shirt Quilt”

  • I just found my daughters gymnastic t shirt so ready to cut. A great idea for doing hers. Good timing Narsha. Thanks and stay safe and well u all. Judy harris

  • Sew awesome, but as a sewing educator it is important for safety reasons and to prevent damage to your needle and machine to never sew over pins…..I know “to each his own” …. but it can be a costly mistake especially when the needle snaps when it hits a pin and goes flying in your face. Anyway, thank you sew much for the pattern and great project……I’ll have to check out what else you have….

    • You are so correct. If you could have seen my face when I realized I had stitched right over those pins…. I hope you will enjoy this project and the others as well.
      Thank you.

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