A Quilt Made Out of Handmade Dresses

Hello again, I am Macy, and I am back with some tips on how you can take things you love and make them into something spectacular.

An example of how I did this is: I made a quilt out of old handmade dresses, here is the story behind it. When my grandma moved, I found some of her dresses from when she was a little girl. I knew she really loved these dresses, but she would never wear them again.

So I put my quilting skills to work. First, I removed the skirts off of the dresses that her mom, my great-grandma, had done cross stitching on years ago. It was very hard for me to cut something up that meant this much to my grandma, but I also knew that I had a vision that I was going to accomplish.

Once I had the skirts cut up, next came the pattern that I had created. Then I was able to put it all together into a masterpiece. My grandma was so surprised when I gave her my wonderful creation. She has it hanging in her house for all to see.

If I would have not made the dresses into a quilt, they would still be stashed away. A moment I will never forget was when I gave my grandma her quilt. It was a very special moment for my grandma and me; her because she loved the dresses so much, and me because I knew this was a moment that neither one of us would ever forget. I hope my article gave you some inspiration to go make something out of those things I’m sure we all have but also love and cherish.

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