Pick A Piping

If you’re interested in learning about all things piping, join me for the Just SEW It! webinar on June 7 at 10am, 1pm or 6pm Central time. From traditional piping to mini, shirred, and jumbo, you’ll find a style to fit any project. We’ll explore a variety of presser feet that help take the frustration out of creating custom piping, making it simple to add this designer detail to any garment, home dec item or craft projects. Our piping techniques are designed for all sewers, but are especially new-sewer friendly. Register for the webinar at http://www.berninausa.com/.


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2 comments on “Pick A Piping”

  • Was there a project sheet for “Pick A Piping”? I did download the purse project, but thought there was something more. I have searched all over the Bernina site with no luck; “Bernina contact us” says everything is listed just like on the old site. I am having a difficult time finding what I want. I also can not find the project sheet for Judy Hahner’s “One of a Kind Embroidery”.. Thanks for any help!! Love the webinars!!!!!!

    • There wasn’t anything more for Susan’s Pick a Piping webinar, but there should be something for Judy’s One of a Kind Embroidery webinar. I’ll find out where they are ane let you know. Jo

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