“Pick” Your Strays Carefully

I never thought in million years having a very tiny crochet hook would prove to be an essential tool to my quilting.  I don’t need it too often, thank goodness, but when those rare moments occur the Soft Touch Thread pick is a tool that I cannot imagine doing without.

As you will notice in the picture below,  my latest project has a nice light background with some dark color accents incorporated into the design. As my imperfect world would have it, I have a dark pink thread under the top. My quilting came to a temporary halt. If you look closely, you can observe the light tinge of pink in between the quilting.

Obviously that is not an intended flaw in my quilt, so what’s a girl to do? This is where the Soft Touch Thread pick came to the rescue. My pick and I began to do a bit of brain surgery on my project. It was a delicate procedure as I didn’t want to pull the top of the fabric, but this surgeon did a fine job.

I carefully inserted the hook near the stray thread that had made its appearance. Grabbing the thread I very slowly pulled the unwanted piece out. Ta Da!

I wish I could say that the above illustration depicted the only place I will need to use this little tool, but somehow I think there are many more “strays” to be found.

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