The Big Book of Feet

BERNINA Big Book of Feet

It’s all about feet! If you own multiple presser feet and accessories for your machine, The Big Book of Feet can help you get the most use from them. If you don’t own many presser feet, this book offers a glimpse into all the fun you can have exploring practical techniques and creative embellishments using specialty presser feet and attachments for your BERNINA machine. This book is fun to read just to see some of the possibilities that specialty presser feet can bring to your machine. Just like reading a cookbook when most of your meals are take-out, you can whet your appetite for all things sewing with the beautiful photos and fun ideas in the pages of this book.

Feet, Accessories, and Techniques

The 250 pages of this book covers all current BERNINA presser feet and accessories with techniques, from appliqué to zippers. Find out how these feet work and why they do what they do. Most presser feet were designed for a specific reason but often have multiple uses, making them even more valuable in your sewing room. Each presser or accessory has a Technique Settings chart. The chart gives you an at-a-glance look at the settings needed for the techniques specific to the foot. Spiral-bound, the book lays flat when opened, making it useful to keep by your sewing machine. This is especially helpful when using an unfamiliar presser foot or accessory.

The BERNINA BIg Book of Feet

Reference and Resource

The Big Book of Feet can be used as a reference when sewing with the feet you own. It can also be a resource when struggling with a particular technique. The answer to success may be a using different foot or adjusting the machine settings. The presser feet and accessories are organized numerically with indexed techniques for easy-to-find information. Plus, there are full-page inspirational photos and step-by-step and in-process technique pictures.

The Big Book of Feet - photos

Investing in Yourself

BERNINA big book of feet

Your collection of BERNINA presser feet and accessories are an investment in your passion for sewing. The Big Book of Feet will help make that investment pay off. The more you know about your tools, the more fun you’ll have with them. And, the more satisfaction you’ll feel about as you build your sewing skills.

Available at your local BERNINA store, The Big Book of Feet has all you need to know about  BERNINA presser feet & accessories in one volume!

The Big Book of Feet


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9 thoughts on “The Big Book of Feet

  1. The Big Book of Feet looks as though every Bernina owner should have one but having invested heavily in two Berninas and a shed load of feet I think it should be free!

    1. I agree!. I have invested over $13,000. in my Bernina 730E . I have even more if you count all of the embroidery designs. Bernina is a top machine in my eyes, but sometimes our eye see more than our “belly” can hold. I believe if Bernina invested in sending customers “freebies” once in awhile, we would buy newer machines from time to time. The “BIG BOOK OF FEET” would be an awesome way for Bernina to show us they value our business and give them out free, or give us a chance to win one.

  2. my foot “bible” is very well used & loved. I am glad that it has the binding. Lots of post it notes in mine as well as regular notes in it as well. It has def. been well loved.

  3. I laid out plenty of money buying an 880, extra feet, extra hoops. My local Bernina store went out of business and the other one never does feature demos. The books that come with the machines offer very little help, so I get no support. The website is absolutely useless, and there used to be an app where I could track the feet I own that no longer exists. Bernina should offer this book at a huge discounted rate. It would drive business and make people purchase more accessories.

  4. I agree, I have two Bernina machines and loads of feet so why isn’t this book free! Can anyone tell me what a edge stitcher plate is? I have seen it recommended for use with the walking foot. Thanks

  5. I have found the Facebook group for 790 owners to be very informative and would recommend checking to see if there are other specific Bernina model groups on Facebook.

  6. I agree with the above comments about the book should have been free with the purchase of a Bernina or a free gift from time to time. You spend a great deal of money for a Bernina sewing machine and it would have been a prefect item to include, free, with the purchase. I am new to Bernina and didn’t find a great deal of help with learning about the different feet (and that would be nice and I might even purchase more feet).

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