How to Position Quilt Designs

Looking to learn more about Computerized Quilting on a Domestic Machine? Look no further! Below are some tips and tricks for positioning your quilt designs, including Pinpoint Placement.

Computerized Quilting

Absolute Check

Absolute Check is an embroidery feature on all current BERNINA 5, 7, and 8 Series machines that allows you to check the position of any point in your embroidery design on your fabric. This is a great feature to use when placing a quilt design in a specific place on your quilt. Watch the video to see how to position the feathered wreath embroidery design by first centering it in the solid block and then checking the outer stitches of the design to ensure the stitching does not stitch into the pieced blocks.

Pinpoint Placement

Pinpoint Placement is an embroidery feature on the B 880 PLUS, B 790 PLUS, B 590 E, B 700 E, and B 500 E BERNINA machines that allows precise placement of an embroidery design. It also allows the design to rotate and re-size as needed to fit into the space. Watch the video to see how to position and fit the quilt design on the quilt. Note that the Freehand Embroidery Foot #24 is shown in the video to give a better view of the design placement for the video. Typically, the Tear Drop Embroidery Foot #26 is the first choice for machine embroidery.

Learn More About Computerized Quilting

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Continuous Line Quilting

Multi-Hooping and Pinpoint Placement

If you are interested in learning about Continuous Line Quilting, view the recording of Debbi Lashbrook’s webinar, Multi-Hooping and Pinpoint Placement.

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