Tips for a Smooth Move with Your BERNINA!

 Here’s a note from Kimberly Einmo, author, designer, and international instructor:

Is there a household move in your future? Whether you plan to move across town, across the US, or even overseas, a little planning and and proper packing will ensure your BERNINA arrives at your new destination in perfect condition ready for you to sew! Being a military wife, I’ve “been there, done that” many times. I’ve lost count of all our moves (including two moves across the Atlantic in the last year alone!). Let me share a few great tips I’ve learned to help ease the transition:

  • My best advice? Even if you hire a moving company to pack your household items, I suggest you pack your BERNINA sewing machine or serger yourself. The most important thing is to use the original box and foam packing material in which your BSM (BERNINA Sewing Machine) was shipped. It may seem a little tricky to get everything in place like it was packed at the factory, but if you have any questions, your friendly, local BERNINA dealer will be able to show you how everything goes together.
  • Take photographs of your machine from various angles before it is packed. (Trust me on this one!)
  • If there is a lot of lint build-up in the bobbin casing area, now is a good time to clean it properly. Lower the presser foot onto a piece of fabric (which also protects the feed dogs) and put the needle in the down position into the fabric.
  • Gather all your accessories and most importantly, be sure to pack the power cord. (Ask me how I know.)
  • If you are moving overseas, you will need to know if your BERNINA has dual (110/220) voltage and dual (50/60) hertz. This is IMPORTANT! Most of the newer BERNINA machines are dual voltage, but not all. In fact, many of the older models are not. If your BERNINA is NOT dual voltage / dual hertz, you should not run it using a transformer in foreign countries with 220v. Not sure? Check with your local BERNINA dealer and be sure.
  • Don’t seal the box! You must be willing to show the movers (or moving foreman) your machine and the box contents to make sure your BERNINA is actually inside the box. There are many liability issues involved here, and the foreman should record the serial number and other information on your machine. This is good protection for both you and the moving company. In my experience, however, once the foreman sees how well you have packed the original box with your machine and accessories, he will be happy to seal the box as you have packed it and have it loaded with the rest of your household goods.
  • If you have the original sales receipt for your machine, hand carry it with you along with your other important documents.
  • Watch the movers load the box with your precious cargo (I’m talking about your BERNINA, not the wedding china. OK, maybe the china too). Make sure they keep the BERNINA box right side up as indicated on the box. Don’t allow them to pack it upside down. Insist upon this.
  • When your shipment is delivered at your new destination, I’m sure your BERNINA box will be one of the first you’ll unpack. First, check for signs of damage on the outside of the box. Take photos of any signs of damage or water marks. Unpack the box and plug in your BERNINA. Give it a test run to test for problems or trauma (seriously). Most moving companies only have a limited window of time for you to file a claim (such as 90 days) so you’ll want to make sure your machine is working just as it did when you packed it as soon after your move as possible. Don’t wait until later to sew a few test patterns or use the embroidery unit if you have one.
  • If there is a problem, take it to your new BERNINA dealer for some TLC (this is a good time to establish a rapport with your new dealer anyway). Tell them you moved and ask them to write in detail any service they perform on your machine on the receipt. You’ll need a copy of this receipt if you file a claim.

Nothing makes a new residence feel like home as much as getting your sewing space set up and ready to go. I hope these tips help you if and when you find you are relocating. Good luck with your move, and just remember it will soon feel like home once you’re sitting behind your BSM stitching again!


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  • Thank you so much for this post. I have been searching everywhere for a straight forward answer on dual hertz sewing machines. Most manufacturers don’t have it stated on their website so it makes for a tedious task. I am also a military wife and will be going back Stateside from Germany next month, but foresee us returning here or another overseas location and want to make the best purchase for all locations. Bernina research here I come.

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