Serger Stitches on the BERNINA L 890


The L 890 is the first BERNINA overlocker to come with a color computerized touch screen navigation. This amazing machine teaches you how to use it with helpful built-in tutorials and animations. Known as a Combo Machine—the L 890 can create all your standard serger stitches, in addition to creating combo stitches and coverstitches. That’s three unique stitch groups! There are 27 pre-programmed stitches built-in on this machine, and 100 spaces in the Personal Memory feature for you to create and save your own stitch settings. It is truly the overlocker that has it all.

Machine Featured: BERNINA L 890


3 Stitch Groups: Overlock, Cover and Combo

The L 890 has three stitch groups in the stitch selection tab; Overlock, Cover and Combo. They appear as folders on the main screen. Simply touch the folder to open it and select from a variety of stitches in each group. The machine will prompt you through setting up the stitch with all tensions automatically set to pre-programmed default settings. You can adjust all settings, including tension, for every stitch because this BERNINA has Total Stitch Control.


Overlock Stitches


In the first folder, you will find your standard stitches that can be done on almost every overlocker. These include the Overlock, Flatlock, Rolled Hem stitches, and more. Generally, these are the stitches used for seaming, edge finishes, and decorative elements. Some of the unique stitches found in this section include: blanket stitch, picot stitch, and a super stretch stitch.

Check out these helpful links to the Overlocker for Beginners series by Hayley Grzych to learn more about the various stitches found in this stitch group:


Tip: Always test sew or chain off the stitches on an overlocker before starting on the final project to ensure proper stitch formation.

Combo Stitches

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Combo stitches are unique to overlockers that are classified as Combo Machines—meaning they can be converted to achieve cover- and chainstitches. This machine concept is not new, but the BERNINA L 890 makes the process of moving between stitch groups so easy with the setup Wizard that walks you through the process step-by-step with animations.

The Combo stitch is special because it uses both function of the machine—the overlock seam at the edge, and a chainstitch for construction. The ability to use a chainstitch in your sewing makes this overlocker versatile because it functions similar to a straight stitch on a sewing machine. A combo stitch saves you time sewing, as two actions are performed in one action or pass of sewing. It’s a seam and a finish! Take a look at the inseam of your jeans, chances are you will see a combo stitch used there.


There are four variations of the combo machine stitches built-in on the L 890—stitches: 17, 18, 19, 20. The difference between these stitches is whether or not you choose a wide overlock (left needle) or narrow seam (right needle) and whether you finish the seam with a 3-thread or 2-thread overlock at the edge.

MTC_L890_Stitches_08_cover stitch group_BERNINA_WeAllSew_Blog_767x510px

Cover- and Chainstitch

With a few setup changes, you can have an entirely different function on this machine. Coverstitches and chainstitch do not use a cutting knife. So after a few mechanical changes you can create the professional hem finishes found on ready-to-wear clothing. Also, as mentioned before—the chainstitch works great for seam and hemming.


With two user modes; there are multiple ways to ensure that you are not forgetting anything when changing between stitches. Use the Manual Settings tab to check your setup or launch the setup Wizard to move through all the steps, the L 890 is there for you.


There are five stitches in the group of stitches labeled Cover—this includes a chainstitch, stitch #16. The BERNINA L 890 has three needle positions for coverstitches, which gives you several options for hemming. Choose between a 4-thread (3 needles) coverstitch or select a wide coverstitch or a narrow coverstitch.


If you look inside the L 890 Overlocker you will notice it has three loopers. The cover looper is marked with purple. It threads from the front of the machine, just like the upper and lower loopers used for the overlock stitches. The thread tail comes through the looper eye on the right side of the stitch plate making it easy to see it has successfully threaded—no unusual or complicated thread path here, just easy effortless air threading.


Explore all the things that this amazing machine has to offer by downloading a simulator for touchscreen navigation. I promise you will learn a thing or two by just exploring. If you want a machine that does it all—the BERNINA L 890 is the machine for you.

Simulator Link

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