Embroidered Fabric Basket Plus Free Embroidery Design

Embroidered fabric pails are great way to organize and decorate at the same time! Use them to hold small potted herbs, sewing notions, breakfast bars, or used as a goody bag filled with fresh fruit snacks and magazines for a sick friend. The options are truly limitless. The BERNINA Exclusive Embroidery Collection #82022 Home at Heart is the perfect collection to pair with the fabric pails. Its natural botanicals and heartfelt messages would be a welcome touch of home in any environment.

Embroidered Fabric Baskets Finished

Materials to Create a Fabric Basket

Fabric and stabilizer measurements are to create two pails, one of each size.


OESD Fusible Woven White

StabilStick TearAway Stabilizer

 BERNINA Exclusive Embroidery Collection #82022 Home at Heart

Mushrooms #82022 –23 (large size)

Sage #82022 –07 (small size)

Download the free Pink Mushrooms Embroidery Design 82022-10 files 82022-10 here.

Fabric and Notions

Isacord threads per design thread chart or color of choice

1/3 yard of 54” – 60” wide canvas or duck cloth

2 fat quarters or 1/3 yard of fabric to coordinate with Isacord threads

Organ 75/11 Sharp Embroidery Needle

Rotary cutter and ruler

Fabric marking pen/pencil


OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth or OESD Ironing Board Cover (Optional)

OESD Loop and Wand Tool (Optional)

Tread to match the canvas or duck cloth


Note: Measurements and instructions are given as follows: Mushroom Design (Sage Design)

Step 1—Prepare the fabrics

Wash in hot water with no fabric softener. Dry on high heat. Iron. Cut the following

Canvas 11” x 22” (13” x 22”)

Basket Lining 11” x 22” (13” x 22”)

Fusible Woven 11” x 22” (13” x 22”)

Embroidered Fabric Basket - fabric

 Step 2—Mark the fabric (Pictures shown are for the Sage Basket)

Mark center of design on canvas 5” (6” – Sage) from the top and 11” from the side.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - mark

Step 3—Hooping

Hoop StabilStick TearAway paper side up. Score and remove paper to expose the tacky surface. Use center markings and template or method of choice to place the canvas on the hooped stabilizer.Place the hoop on the machine.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - hooping

Step 4—Stitch the design

Select design to stitch out Mushrooms 82022-23 (Sage 82022–07). Follow the thread chart to embroider the design on the background fabric and begin embroidering the design. Remove the hoop from the machine when the design is complete.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - embroidery design

Step 5—Press fabric

Remove fabric from the hoop. Remove stabilizer per manufacturer’s directions Press with the embroidery side down using an OESD Pressing Cloth or OESD Ironing Board Cover.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - stabilizer

Step 6—Apply Fusible Woven

Apply the Fusible Woven 11” x 22” (13” x 22”) to the wrong side of the canvas matching top edges and side edges. The fusible woven will help protect the design and support the basket side walls when complete.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - fusible woven

Step 7—Make tubes

Make two tubes, one canvas and one lining fabric, by stitching the short sides of the each of the rectangles together using a 1/2” seam.  Press the seam allowance open.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - tubes

Step 8—Create base

Fold the pail in half with the seam on one side and place a pin opposite the fold.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - pin

Match pin to seam with sides out on each side. Pin in place. Repeat for lining.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - pin to seam

Step 9—Stitch base

Stitch across the bottom using a 1/2” seam allowance. Clip the seam open at the ends carefully up to but not through the seam. Repeat for lining.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - stitch bottom

Step 10—Create corners

Make triangles with the corner edges by aligning the side folds to the bottom seam. Measure and mark lines where the triangle measures 3″ (5 1/4”). There will be 4 triangles created; 2 on the pail and 2 on the lining.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - make triangle

Step 11—Sew corners

Sew across the 4 triangles.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - corner stitch

Embroidered Fabric Basket - corner stitch

Step 12—Trim Corners

Trim the 4 corner edges to 1/4” seam allowance.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - trim corners

Embroidered Fabric Basket - trim corners

Step 13—Assemble the pail

Turn the pail lining right side out and insert into the exterior so that the right sides are together. Match center back seams and pin as needed.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - assemble pail

Step 14—Stitch the pail

Sew a 1/2” seam allowance leaving a 3” opening for turning. Turn right side out through the 3” opening.

Embroidered Fabric Basket - stitch pail

Step 15 – Finishing touches

Position the lining inside the bucket and press. Whip stitch or use method of choice to close the 3” opening. Top stitch around the top edge to keep the edge from rolling.

Embroidered Fabric Baskets Finished

Step 16—Enjoy!

Turn down top edge to create a cuff, fill, and enjoy.

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