Denim Again


I had a pile of old jeans languishing in my closet and some pieces of northwoodsy flannel taking up space in my sewing chest of drawers.  I saw a blog video using old jeans and flannel, along with a charm square pack, for making a serged quilt and was intrigued.  I washed the flannel, cut apart the jeans, and cut the required number of 8″ square from each, together with the triangles for the corners and row ends.  Then, after layering the flannel and denim squares wrong sides together, I stitched a charm square in the middle of each one (quilting done!!). After laying out my rows, I started serging, using red and gold thread in the needles and denim blue and gray in the loopers, and putting flannel sides of the squares together.  Before long, I had a 54″ x 54″ quilt with a finished back and decorative front, ready for binding.  It’s perfect for snuggling on the sofa with a good book!

One comment on “Denim Again”

  • I really want to make this. There is no batting? It gets cold in Montana. Will it work to insert a thin batting between the denim and the flannel? How were the edges of the charm squares finished? Were they turned under before stitching, zigzagged over raw edges. or allowed to fray? This is going to be my winter project. I an signed in a being 80, but that was five years ago–86 next month, and looking for ways to use up all this fabric before I die!.

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