Embroidering everything!


At Sew Expo 2010 (Puyallup, WA), I attended a sewing / embroidery workshop which featured the new Bernina 830 as the machine we used in the workshop. After the workshop, I called my husband and told him all about how much nicer that machine was than the one I owned at the time. What I didn’t know was that shortly after that call, my husband drove down to the local Bernina shop and ordered one for my birthday (which falls shortly after Sew Expo). The morning of my birthday, he walked in with two large black boxes with “Bernina” clearly written across them (machine & embroidery module came in separate boxes). Yes, he’s the BEST husband ever! I immediately “tested” the machine by embroidering a pair of pants for myself and a sweatshirt for him (see photos, below). The machine has served me well over these past 7.75 years.

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