I have been sewing for 55 of my 63 years and I FINALLY have a dedicated sewing room…hooray!

I learned at my mother’s knee (she made all of our clothes) and went on to make many of my two daughter’s clothes, concert dresses, dance recital costumes, prom and wedding gowns, etc. I made so many things over the years including a huge stuffed teddy bear with hollow arms that I could slip my own arms into and use for signing during storytelling events and many, many more fun projects. These days I’m mostly a quilter, but as I’m now retired I plan to live out my days in my beautiful sewing room which is themed after a favorite artist (I’ve been collecting for years).

I made the curtains, decoupaged the floor and a guest chair, painted an old dresser and covered the sewing chair and the bar-height office chairs at the cutting/ironing table. I’ve been planning for years. All of the wood furniture (Broyhill & Ethan Allen) came from a local thrift store, so this room was done on a very small budget. Please enjoy my happy place!

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