Giant Pouch Liners & Bat Wraps 4 Down Under


Posting again – Not sure the original post “stuck”. When I heard that my crafting skills could help the marsupials and one of a kind animals in Australia I was ready to help. I was able to make 6 large, 6 x-large, 7 xx- large pouch liners to help the bigger kangaroos and 18 bat liners. All of this was made from fabric on hand. I’m glad my talents and my stock on hand was able to help the fragile ecosystem in Australia. Thank you to all the care givers of the animals.

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    • I’m in Michigan. Right now our Hub sent the final projects to Australia today. Australia has requested a pause until they can get counts. On Facebook the groups name is “Animal Rescue Craft Guild”. All the information is in the announcements and files tabs.

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