Connecticut Crafters Sewing for Australia


Our little group got together yesterday and created Joey pouches. We had a blast sewing, eating, listening to music, joking and being useful. This is the first time we have come together to participate in a campaign like this but it won’t be the last. We will be sewing and creating crafts to donate or auction off to help animals in need all over the world. We have a finally found our purpose! We created Joey pouches from flannel and other fabrics that were donated by the community at large. We made approximately 50 pouches to send for the relief program. We had a variety of sewing machines, knowledge and skill level. It didn’t matter because everyone was able to help. We setup up “stations” and each person had a task. Some cut fabric out of the provided patterns. Then we setup an assembly line. Some sewed the first round, next the folded tops, another sewed the French seams. We even had a “ironing department” as one of the ladies called it. We were a tiny factory setup in my home.

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