Bush fire relief for native fur animals


I have been sewing for native animals caught up in the bush fire.  I have a Bernina 630 but luckily I am able to do this sewing because zig has zagged out can’t move more than 2 mm last Sunday Jan 11th I handed over 33 small to medium size bags then  14th I gave them a further 13 bags bigger sizes, then yesterday Sunday I handed over another 11 bigger and modified roo bags which get collected to our local rescued as animals have been distributed to various rescue centres I believe where Skippy was being filmed I’ll try to upload some photos of the later two hand overs have been given a further pile to sew up and it’s what they have been asking to modify. the first photo are the middle hand overs, the other are the xxl too bags where I had to have a 24mm opening one side and I stitched loops on the back where they can fasten up with some rope or whatever they have if need be.  All this whilst I’ve rested one leg up after an accident caused by miss 3yr old day I dropping my iPad onto my shin causing a week later 4 ulcers and thrombosis swearing every time I move my leg

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