Kitchen or Sewing Room?


I am a 22 year graduate student. Graduate students are only part time employees but work well over 40 hours a week and are not allowed to get a second job. When the stipend was leaving things a little tight I broke out my old Dressmaker sewing machine, which I bought for a dollar at a garage sale and that my dad helped me fix it several years ago. My mom had taught me to sew when I was young but growing up I loved to craft but sewing just wasn’t my interest at the time. I spent the majority of my time outside working with my animals. But now I needed some extra cash so I started up an online boutique called Flying S Photography and Creations making things like clothing, stockings, tree skirts, decorative pillows, boot rugs, and much more and it is slowly taking off though I still have plenty of room to grow. My sewing room is on my kitchen table in my tiny apartment and any sewing project would not be complete without my trusty sidekick, Koda. My apartment is always cluttered with various projects and fabrics lying around my house waiting for me to get to it next! I have gained a real passion for sewing and can definitely thank my mom for that. I hope to someday teach my future children how to sew as well to maintain an art that seems to be falling to the way side.

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