My 801 Sport


This is my little 801 Sport that I got in the 1980’s. I still sew on it occasionally and it’s still sews as beautifully as it did when it was new. It makes gorgeous buttonholes!! My mom helped me buy it by paying half. I took smocking lessons at The Berry Patch in Fort Worth and she and I together made many beautiful dresses for my daughter. Mom upgraded to a Bernina 1130 when she retired. I kept this 801 Sport, but bought a Designer 1000 in the 1990’s. I now have a Aurora 440 QE. I still love sewing on my Berninas!!

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  • I have a Bernina 807 that I bought in 1979 when I was pregnant with my third son. I bought it at a Stretch n’ Sew store in New Jersey. I made so many of my boys clothes on it & 3 years later for my baby girl, Amy with those great Stretch n’ Sew patterns. I still use this machine now 39 years later, & I’ve never had one second of tension problems like I had with my Singer machine!! My mom had a fancy Bernina which has been passed down to me, but I haven’t experimented with it yet……I might need some lesions!

  • Love my 801 Sport, but it seems that it only sews at a really fast speed now. I cannot use the foot pedal to sew slowly- it’s all or nothing. Has anyone else had that issue and if so, is it something that can be adjusted/repaired? Thanks for any input!

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