My Love Affair with Bernina


I fell in love with Berninas when I was in high school and college.  I saw one demonstrated at a local shop and began to lust (in my heart). I did not get one until many years later.  Then, my first Bernina was a Bernette Chicago 7.  I wanted to do machine embroidery and was just learning quilting.  It became my go-to-class machine.  It soon became clear to me that I wasn’t going to be happy doing machine embroidery with this machine.  It turned out a good product, but I wanted to be able to use all the sizes of hoops.  So, here came my next machine, a 770 with the embroidery module plus paintworks, crystalworks, and cutworks. <sigh> So many ideas, just need more time.  I still have this machine and it’s my workhorse, always set up and ready to go.  However, I decided I didn’t want to take chances carrying it to classes. So, when I met a nice 560 in a conference workshop, guess what I came home with. I still have the Bernette, but it is the 560 that goes with me to classes and other group sews. Am I happy with my Bernina family? You bet. And I would love a golden presser foot to celebrate our affair.

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  • My First Bernina
    My early memories are of my mother sewing on a Singer treadle and later my dad modifying it when electricity came to the farm about 1953. In high school, I sewed on a trouble-free Singer 15-91. After high school, I got a sewing machine in a contest for nominal shipping but it had problems. After settling my husband’s estate in 1974, I purchased my first Bernina, the 817. This machine sewed a lot of clothes for my children and myself over the years, mending jeans, and baby quilts. I still use it mostly for sewing quilt blocks. I have kept it clean and oiled and it has never been into the shop. It has been totally trouble-free. It was my only machine until a few years ago when I thought I wanted more bells and whistles. I had seen Bernina demonstrated at the State Fair so knew this is what I wanted. I looked at new but suffered from sticker shock, then discovered affordable second hand machines. Someone had a 580, they wanted to sell and I got hooked on embroidery. Last summer, I upgraded to the 880 from an estate sale. Recently, I upgraded it to the Plus. LOVE IT!!!

    I will try to attach some photos of my 817 and Christmas projects made on my 880+.
    Thank you.

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