My First Bernina


My first Bernina was purchased in 1974 with insurance money from my husband’s estate. This machine sewed clothes for my children and myself, patched jeans, sewed baby quilts. I still use it for sewing quilt blocks. I have kept it clean and oiled and it’s never been to the repair shop. About twenty years ago, I saw the Bernina demonstrated at the State Fair. I decided this what I want when I upgrade, but suffered from sticker shock when I saw the new prices. Then I discovered like new second hand machines. Bought a 580 and the world of embroidery opened to me. This past year, upgraded to the 880 from an estate sale and had it upgraded to the Plus. LOVE IT!!!

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  • In 1975 I was managing the fabric dept of a large box store. I became pregnant (surprise) with my 4th child. I had become close friends with the buyer of the dept and he suggested I make store samples for all 21 stores as I wasn’t able to work much with a new baby and I could do this from home. He would get the vendor to supply the fabric and I would select the pattern. The first thing he handed me was a bolt of t-shirt knit. I was sewing on a 1953 straight stitch sewing machine. Realizing that I would have to sew each seam twice I went looking for a new machine. The Bernina dealer had a Bernina model 830 opened up in a showcase so that all the mechanics were visible. That sold my husband. She also allowed me to take one home to try out. (She knew it was not coming back). Later I went to work for her selling machines and teaching classes. Ultimately my husband and I bought the store from her. He passed away in 2000 and I continued to run the store for an additional 4 years until I was old enough to retire. So I saw the Bernina line grow from the 830 thru the model 200. We put a lot of 801’s in schools and sold a lot of 900’s to people who didn’t think they could afford a Benina but badly needed a machine to sew for their family. That was back when people sewed their families’ clothes.We won several incentive trips due to the fact that I felt everyone could afford a Bernina but it did not have to be a top of the line. Not everyone even wants the features of a TOL.
    I kept the 200 and had it updated to allow me to use a usb stick for my embroidery. I mainly sew on a 1530 as it has a beautiful straight stitch due to the oscillating hook system. So you can see Bernina has been a big part of my life. That baby that I had in 1975 has now become a father to 3 little girls ages 9,12, 3. So I’m still sewing clothes on my Bernina.

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