Going for the Gold!


I have been sewing since high school Home Ec class way back in the 60s, and I got my first sewing machine, a Singer, in college. About 15 years ago, I got my Bernina, the Activa 240, and started making clothing for my grand babies, then I had a small business making baby clothes and felted mittens, and now I make quilts for my family and friends—all with that same Bernina! She is a workhorse for sure!

One comment on “Going for the Gold!”

  • My mother had a Bernina for a long time and she used it almost every day. She made panties to sell, quilts, and clothes for four daughters and one son. Then came the grandkids and there were more quilts, panties and of course the Christmas PJ’s.
    When it came time for me to retire, I knew I wanted a Bernina. Not just for sewing but for quilting my own creations. I’m loving it already and can’t wait to use it more.

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