My First Bernina


My first Bernina is an 830 Embroidery machine. When I first got it, my son asked if I could do a special design for a Friend’s Christmas present. I hadn’t even taken a class yet but I agreed to do it. I read the manual, watched some on line videos and completed the project. My son told me, when his friend opened his present, he was teary eyed as he said, he hadn’t gotten a Christmas present in a long time, and he has never received a personalized one. Never underestimate the value of a home made gift. I’ve had my Bernina 830 about 10 years now and it’s true when said “time flies when your having fun” I also never pass up and opportunity to show off my granddaughters. This is Baptismal dresses made from grandma’s Wedding dress.

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  • My first Bernina is a 830. I learn to use her at Quilt and Sew in Fredericksburg Va. Kiki and staff made learning emb and special projects fun and I gain a whole quilt family.

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