My first Bernina


Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my mom’s old Bernina. When I was a kid my mom had a Bernina and that’s how I learned to sew( Well I thought I was sewing lol) I’d make dresses for my dolls with my mom’s help. They were never anything fancy, but to my child’s mind they were amazing.  It ignited that creative imagination in me. I just wanted to design and sew. After the Bernina finally died I lost that drive for a little bit, but  now we have a new sewing machine in the family and I’m rediscovering that sewing bug. There’s just so much that these new sewing machines have to offer. We make all sorts of dog toys for our babies, and dresses for the summer, and recently, my sister got into trying her hand at handbags. Everyday is a new project. It’s really enjoyable.

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