My First Bernina


In the early 80’s I was taking a beginning quilt class and my machine kept jamming.  The Owner of  the shop showed me the Bernina 930 Record.   I have been sewing, quilting without my machine jamming.   Yay!  I have been a Bernina Girl ever since.  Currently I am sewing and creating machine embroidery on my B780.  Love my machine.

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  • I also have this same model of Bernina that I bought new. I absolutely LOVE it. I wanted an embroidery machine so I could try something new and where did I go for a new sewing machine? To Bernina! I have now purchased an 830 because of the Bernina reputation and my first Bernina machine – the quality and ease of maintenance. The 830 is a different bird and has taken awhile to get used to a computer sewing machine and I still have a lot to learn! But I am still learning. You cannot beat the Bernina machines! Mary Buva (master quilter) told me NEVER to sell this machine as it is the workhorse of Bernina. I can take it all the way a part and clean and oil it. Can’t do that to the 830. But I still LOVE my 930!

  • My first Bernina was a 930, also, and I have a B780, now! Last year, I found two used 930s and bought them both. Both have been tuned up and work great, after all these years.

  • This was my first machine too, loved it and fell in love with sewing. I don’t have that machine anymore which was a mistake, but couldn’t afford more than one machine. I have MS now and don’t really sew much because I don’t have much use of my left side and hand. Miss being able to use my BERNINA like I used to. Great machines.

  • That was my first Bernina as well and I still use it along with my Virtuosa 153. That 930 is a real workhorse, I have lost count of how many quilts I made with it, sewing the patches and quilting them too. No way was I going to trade it in when I bought the 153!

  • This is my first Bernina, too! I bought mine just last year from the original owner who showed it such loving care over the years.I still have the original manual with all the sewn samples inside and the original presser foot box. This is an awesome machine. I can’t imagine using any other brand.

  • This was also my first Bernina – (top of the range at the time). I taught sewing classes on it and out of 6 students each class – I would sell(upgrade) a new Bernina to at least one of the students.
    I have since bought a 200E and a 440 QE which are my main machines – but I still use my 930 at my beach house. It still sews as well as when it was first new. I love it and will never stop using it.

  • In 2007 I took a class to learn to quilt by hand piecing and quilting. I wanted to make quilts faster so I took a machine quilting class in 2008 and my instructor let me use a Bernina 440. I fell in love with that machine and my husband bought one for me. I still have my 440 on which I do most of my sewing. I love the speed control on my 440 because it gave me the ability to start sewing slow and then as I gained confidence I was able to increase my speed. Also, by having the BSR I started FMQ on small projects until I was confident enough to tackle queen size quilts. I will never get rid of my 440.

  • I inherited a different brand of machine from my mother, I had no sewing experience whatsoever. As I tried various projects it would jam and gave me nothing but headaches. I lived across the street from a Bernina dealer so I walked over and bought my Bernina 1008. I was amazed at how easily I could sew… Swiss perfection! I’ve been collecting presser feet and now have quite a collection. I love my Bernina!

  • I bought my Bernina 807 in 1979 and it’s still going strong!! Before that I had a singer machine that frustrated me so much I used to say “I have to stop sewing now before I throw this dumb machine out the window.” The tension was a continuous problem it ruined many a sewing session! I had been sewing with knits from a store called Stretch n’ Sew, & they sold Bernina machines, & I finally decided I needed one. At this time I was pregnant with my third son, and with the new machine I made more and more of their clothes, & mine too! I remember I paid $500 for it, & at that time it was the most expensive thing I had ever bought for myself!! It was such a pleasure to sew without being frustrated……except for when I sewed a right and wrong side together!! HAHA I think I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth!!

  • I had already had a kenmore and a singer when I took stretch and sew class and that is where I discovered bernina
    when I saved enough I got my 930 and I love it today would love to get a new one because I was told parts would start becoming scarce i worry about that
    but I do love my machine something new would be nice but can’t beat this machine well worth the money I spent The added feet to my collection is so much fun to work with

    some day I will have money to get a newer model

    everyone enjoy your Bernina

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