My new sewing space


Husband helped me by taking a vacation day and driving me about 3 hrs away to the oh-so-lovely IKEA store for a table, couple cabinets, shelves and drawer/file cabinet thingie. Some think crafting, sewing, embroidery, etc. maybe be way too expensive but my husband says it is worth it as sewing it my therapy of sorts. I have a chronic pain syndrome and days that I can actually get up and actually do sewing keeps my mind off the burning and pain! So to us it is totally worth every penny invested!

Thank you for getting me show my little therapy room.

One comment on “My new sewing space”

  • Your room turned out terrific!
    We are so similar, about a three hour drive from the closest IKEA, and my husband is ready to drive me there and as soon as I’ve decided on all of the pieces for my space.
    I also have a chronic pain disorder, and a little “play” time in my room does a world of good. Best wishes with your health!

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