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I live in a small 1,000 square foot house, which is quite perfect for me. However, I’m a serious crafter, so I have to be very thoughtful about what goes into my 10’x 12’ space. I’ve gotten this space arranged in perfect working order & now the organizing begins! I want it to be tidy, clean, pretty & efficient. I wanted you to see the beginning arrangement & I will be back once I’ve gotten everything tidied up.

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  • Oh, I will be watching you very closely. I am downsizing and yes I fear my new craft room will only be 10×12 too. I wish you good luck planning sand executing this job. I will be watching you carefully in hopes for useful tips.
    Best Wished, Deborah

  • Love your organized small space I recently moved and downsized from a 4 bedroom home to a small 2 bedroom , actually the house is 670 square feet plus a nice partial basement , my new sewing space is about the same size as yours and is a lovely space off my kitchen but needs to be neat because it has the door to outside that I use the most , so I’m working hard on storage ideas that still good fortunately the basement stair are here as well so I can have storage handy there as well for totes of my stash

  • I too have have downsized from a large home to a 1000sq foot home. Love the freedom of
    not maintaining such a large home but a real challenge to get my sewing room just right. i see a
    sit-down Q20 or Q16 in this space and am excited to see how you arrange everything.

    • Yes, I came out of a 2,500 sf house & I basically got rid of everything that didn’t have real meaning to me. It is so freeing & I love living with less. Just what I need & easy to take care of. I have the Q20 & it fits perfectly In between my IKEA book shelves! I have a scathingly brilliant idea to share in my next pic post once I’ve organized so, stay tuned!

  • I too downsized to 10′ x 12′ 2 years ago. I got the space pretty well set except 2 things: I can’t fit a shaped ironing board which is nice to have sometimes. I use ironing blankets on my cutting table; and I am always reworking what things live in the room and what things are stored in the attic.

    **Oh and what to store in the top of the closet? I wish I could make better use of that top shelf!

    • Yes I have an extra wide ironing board for quilting so I don’t have it stored in there now. I found I didn’t use it much since i got one of those wool mats. I just set it up in the living room outside the door when I do need it. I like the ironing blankets too tho. I’ve struggled w/the wasted space in the top of the closet too & I may have just found a solution. Now to figure out how to show you the pic.

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