My Sewing Haven


My sewing room is definitely my sewing haven.    Almost five years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s.    That word will knock you off your socks, believe me.     So, I decided to retire, my husband then retired, we moved out of the city, built a house in the country where I grew up and one of my main wants was my very own room, for sewing and a play room for the grandkids combination.    I  have seriously taken up quilting, my last project a queen size quilt which I free motioned quilted the entire thing……….but, the ONLY reason I was able to do this was because my dearest husband built me a sewing table with a pop up extension to use when quilting.    I also sew quilt tops for our church to donate to LWR, which sends these quilts all over the world to needy individuals.  Other treasures in my haven are antique pin cushions, which we sniff out when going to estate auctions.    You NEVER know what is in the bottom of a box of junk that goes to the highest bidder for a dollar.   My wall mounted thread holder came from such a place along with the antique scissors.The other half of this special room adorns the grandchildren’s artwork, letters and self-drawn birthday cards that I have framed and placed on the wall where they quickly put a smile on my face.    Special events like “playing kitchen”, coloring and drawing, playing games and putting together puzzles take place in this special room.

What I love most when in my sewing haven is it’s a place where I have happy, content thoughts, great feelings of accomplishment and lots and lots of love.    There is  only one complaint that I heard from a granddaughter ………”you should have made this room bigger!”

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