My Sewing Room Disaster!


Okay, so I’m drooling over everyone’s sewing rooms, so inspirational… mine is a complete messy disaster, but I get work done—that’s all that counts right? I’m 23 so you guessed it, my sewing room is in my parents attic-turned-upstairs! I like to sew historical costumes (pictured), doll clothes (doll pictured is waiting for her new dress!), and occasionally clothes for my cat. My room might be crazy (that white cabinet in the background is full of fabric, lace, thread, and buttons) but my sewing table is a mid century Danish modern two leaf table, which was a rocking thrift store find! I guess my sewing motto is like Dr. Seuss “I would sew in a house, I would sew with a mouse, I would sew here and there, I would sew anywhere!”

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