My Sewing Space


I added a large room to my house to serve as my art studio. My sewing area is the main space in the studio. To make it easier to sew large projects and to save money by not buying a sewing cabinet, I constructed my sewing table myself from leftover strips of Pergo flooring, a second-hand dining room table, and plastic storage drawers. It has worked out fantastically. The Pergo surface fits perfectly with my Bernina and acts like Teflon, allowing the fabrics to easily glide across as they are being stitched. I have an ironing surface to the left of the sewing table and can get to it on my roller chair for quick pressing of seams. My cutting table is just to the right of the sewing table and is raised on bed risers so I can stand and cut fabrics without straining. The large windows create ample light and nice views.

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